Best M4 Magazines in 2021 [All Capacities Covered]

Whether you have the AR-style or M4 rifles, you will find that magazines are one of the most accessible products to begin customizing your gun. There are many different choices on the market and we’ve put together a list of the best M4 magazines that you can get your hands on.

Before we move on to the best M4 magazines, we’ll go through the benefits of having extra mags and how to pick the best mags.

Perks of Having Extra Good Magazines For Your M4

Extra mags can come in handy in different situations such as competition and tactical use. Having spare mags are absolutely crucial in a self-defense situation too because the last thing that you want is to run out of ammo.

Even if you are just shooting at the range, it’s preferable to have spare mags or mags with a high capacity. The reason is simple, if you spend less time reloading, you will be spending more time shooting, which is exactly what you should be doing at the range.

In addition, having extra mags also allows you to use a variety of bullets and you can label them to keep them organized. It’s a good idea if you are using your M4 for multiple purposes like hunting, plinking or target shooting.

How to Pick The Best Magazines For Your AR 15

In order for you to identify which are the best M4 magazines, here are some things that you should pay attention to.

The company that manufactures the mag plays a big role in ensuring the reliability of the mag. When choosing the top mags for your rifle, it is advisable to buy from reputable manufacturers because their products are proven to work. Manufacturers with veteran owners and military contracts are usually the top choice.

Use of Material

Most mags are made with steel, aluminum or polymer and the weight also varies depending on which material you pick. Steel and aluminum mags are usually heavier compared to polymer ones but they are also stronger and don’t crack as easily. On the other hand, polymer mags are not prone to dents like metal mags.

Top Quality Parts

The third and final aspect to consider when buying M4/AR mags is the quality of the parts. There are four components that make up a magazine and they are the body, the spring, the floor plate and the follower. The most important component is the follower and the top mags usually have followers with anti-tilt design.

Best M4 Magazines in the Market 2021

With a better understanding of why you need spare mags and how to choose the best M4 mags, we now move on to the 5 best M4 magazines that are available on the market.

1. Magpul PMAG Gen M3 Window Magazine


  • Polymer magazines
  • Removable floor plate
  • Four-way anti-tilt follower
  • Clear polymer window on each side
  • Reinforced materials for feed lips and mag catch
  • 30 rounds


The first product on the list is the third generation PMAGs by Magpul. This company has been around for a long time and has a good reputation for making top of the line M4 and AR components such as this PMAG.

This 30-round PMAG comes with a clever window design on both sides, allowing you to see the number of rounds in the mag without removing it from your gun. The polymer PMAG is also an extremely durable option that is able to withstand all forms of impacts.

A consistent curve design is incorporated inside the mag to ensure reliable feeding. In addition, the innovative follower also ensures a smooth feeding even if there is contamination such as dust and grit. Reinforced material can also be found around the feed lips and mag catch.

Take-down and cleaning this piece is also fairly easy and can be done without the use of any tools. On top of that, not only can you use this for your M4, it will fit most of the modern rifles such as the HK M27, SA-80 or FN SCAR. The PMAGs are commonly used by the police and special forces which is why they’re easily one of the best M4 magazines.

You will fancy this if:

You are looking for an M4 mag with impressive durability. This polymer mag is made with a material that is designed to withstand abuse and the parts are also constructed to last for a long duration.

You prefer to know how many rounds are left in the mag. The window can be seen on both sides of the mag which allows you to get a quick indication of how many rounds are in it.

You own other rifles besides the M4. Not only is this compatible with the M4, but it is also compatible with the HK M27, SA-80 or FN SCAR.

You want something that is easy to store. The bottom of the mag has a slim profile and is easy to carry side-by-side in a tight pouch.

You will not fancy this if:

You are trying to save some money. The price is not a problem here, it’s the fact that after you use this, you will keep buying more and it can be a somewhat serious issue.

2. Magpul PMAG Gen M3 Standard Magazine


  • Polymer magazines
  • USGI-spec stainless steel spring
  • Four-way anti-tilt follower
  • Constant-curve internal geometry
  • 30 rounds


This Magpul PMAG is the same as the previous one but lacks one feature which is the window on both sides. Without the window feature, this 30-round PMAG costs less than the one with a window on both sides of the mag.

The PMAGs have always been known for being cheaper than most mags but still having superb reliability, making them the best mag for many guns. Standard PMAGs are also designed to perform better than military standards in terms of strength and durability.

You can also find a corrosion-resistant USGI-spec stainless steel spring with a multi-way anti-tilt follower. With this type of follower in the PMAG, you can expect incredible performance in competitions.

PMAGs are made with a textured surface at the front, back and near the floor plate for an impressive grip even if your hands start to sweat when you’re shooting.

Being easy to take apart and easy to clean is some of the features that many people enjoy about the PMAGs. Plus, it’s easy enough that no tools are required to complete the job. The PMAGs have also proven its value through police and special forces use over the years.

You will fancy this if:

You are looking for a cheap and reliable mag for your M4. The price of this PMAG can be considered as the cheapest on the market and because of the materials used and how PMAGs are constructed, they are extremely reliable as well.

Your hands tend to sweat when you are shooting. The texture on the PMAG is perfect for shooters with sweaty palms and if your palm tends to sweat too then you will enjoy the textured surface and flared floor plate on the PMAG.

You want something that is easy to dismantle and easy to clean. This 30-round mag can be taken apart without the use of any kind of tools which makes it exceptionally easy to clean and many people will appreciate this feature.

You will not fancy this if:

You prefer to have the window feature from the other third gen PMAG. This is a simple and a standard mag which means the window that is available on the other third gen PMAG will not be available on this mag.

3. Lancer Systems AR-15 L5AWM Translucent Smoke Magazine


  • Lightweight molded polymer
  • Non-reflective exterior
  • Anti-tilt follower
  • Permanently attached feed lips
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 30 rounds


Lancer Systems is a well-known firearms parts manufacturer that specializes in making innovative AR mags and one of them is the L5AWM Translucent Smoke Mag. It’s the best balance between modern metal and polymer mag designs.

These innovatively designed 30-round magazines are made from a translucent molded polymer that gives great strength and durability. In addition, the permanently attached feed lips are made with hardened steel and have a corrosion-resistant feature thanks to the PTFE coating applied to the feed lips.

It also ensures that there will be no deformation even if it’s stored fully loaded.

Its translucent feature makes it extremely easy to see how many rounds are left in the mag without removing it from your M4 and is something that most shooters will enjoy. Plus, it has a non-reflective surface that allows you to stay hidden when you’re hunting and it also has a great texture that allows you to have an impressive grip.

The follower of this translucent mag has a clever design and is constructed to be anti-tilt. It also has a constant radius curve that gives smooth feeding. To top it off, this mag has a lifetime warranty that most people would prefer to have.

You will fancy this if:

You want a mag that you can easily see how many rounds are inside. This mag is made of translucent polymer that allows you to count the number of rounds with ease.

You are looking for something that can be stored loaded for a long time. If you plan to store your mag fully loaded without worrying if the mag will be damaged or not, then this would be the best option for you.

You want 30-round magazines with top-quality parts. The feed lips are made with hardened steel and coated to be corrosion resistant, other than the feed lips, the follower is also designed to be anti-tilt for reliable feeding.

You will not fancy this if:

You prefer to have a cheaper mag. In comparison with other 30-round mags, the L5AWM mags are more expensive but it also offers impressive features that you don’t see in other mags.

4. Surefire AR-15 60rd Magazine


  • Meets NATO STANAG 4179 spec
  • “Nesting” nylon followers
  • Cadmium coating on springs
  • Aluminum body
  • 60 rounds


If you don’t plan to reload all the time and want to enjoy your shooting experience when you’re at the shooting range, then this Surefire Mag is the best option for you. Unlike most M4 mags that have a 30-round capacity, the Surefire 60-round Mags have an incredibly high capacity which is perfect for people that don’t want to reload frequently.

This double stack mag doesn’t just double the firepower of a 30-round M4 mag, but it’s also built with top standards for excellent durability. The walls have a top quality metal construction and are hard anodized. On top of that, it has a polymer follower and codium coated steel spring system for additional corrosion resistance.

Even with a high capacity, this STANAG 4179 mag still maintains a low profile. In fact, it has a lower profile than two 30-round mags taped or clipped together. With such a low profile design, it would be extremely easy to acquire a mag pouch for this high capacity mag because any dual-mag pocket will work.

You will realise that the take-down is incredibly easy and you don’t need to use any tools at all. A feature that most people will enjoy is its capability to be loaded on a closed bolt.

In addition, the company made sure that it is safe to store the mag fully loaded for a long duration. Regardless, it is not recommended to store your mag fully loaded but this feature gives you the peace of mind in case it’s stored loaded.

You will fancy this if:

You own rifles other than the M4 that accept STANAG 4179 mags. If you have other rifles that can accept STANAG 4179 mags, then this will be perfect as it meets NATO STANAG 4179 spec.

You are looking for high capacity mags. This piece has an exceptionally high capacity of 60 and can be loaded on a closed bolt.

You fancy a low profile accessory. Despite its capacity, it still maintains a low profile and because of that, it’s easy to be stored.

You prefer to have something with high-quality components. The springs are high-quality, corrosion-resistant springs and don’t need the use of lubrication.

You will not fancy this if:

You don’t enjoy having a heavy part on your rifle. The thing some people might not enjoy about it is its weight and if it bothers you then this might not be the best option for you.

You prefer a top of the line follower. A polymer follower is used for this piece and it doesn’t have the best design either.

5. Magpul AR-15 60rd PMAG D-60


  • Drum configuration
  • Paint pen dot matrix
  • MagLevel system
  • Polymer
  • 60 rounds


This is another high capacity mag that will suit your M4 perfectly. This 60-round drum mag has a durable construction with the use of top-quality polymer. It is also a superbly reliable 5.56×45 NATO/.223 Remington round mag with all the parts being resistant to corrosive damages.

Other than having double the firepower of traditional mags, this 60-round drum mag also keeps a lower profile than you’d expect. It is carefully designed to allow you to shoot with ease and also allow for easy handling when in a prone position.

It also features a paint pen dot matrix for easy marking and a rear opening that you use to identify the remaining capacity inside. On top of the paint pen dot matrix and indicator, loading is extremely easy thanks to the foolproof loading latch lever that takes the tension off the springs.

This is definitely a great option for most buyers because it’s easy to use and take-down. To top it off, this product includes a dust cover for safe storage so you can load and save it with no worries.

You will fancy this if:

You long for something that catches people’s attention. If you are planning to catch the attention of others when you’re shooting then this will work like a charm.

You are looking for something that you can use with ease. The clever design of this item makes it easier for everyone to utilize it on their firearms.

You need more than the traditional 30rd capacity. This is what you need if you don’t intend to be loading repeatedly every 30 shots you take.

You will not fancy this if:

You desire a piece that you can load with ease. Although you won’t need to be loading it so often, you might realise that loading it can be slightly challenging and not the best option if you intend to load with ease.


How many mags do Marines carry?

Seven. Usually, in the military, they will have at least seven 30 rounders for an M4-style carbine gun and two spare ones for their pistol.

Is it OK to load and leave magazines for a long duration?

When you load it to full, the springs can lose its tension. However, some top of the line springs can last for decades and still work.

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