Best M4 Foregrips 2021: Angled or Vertical?

The great thing about an M4 is its customizability and one of the best customizations for the M4 rifle is a foregrip. Having a foregrip is an excellent addition to your weapon as it helps you to gain better control of your weapon and allows you to maneuver with ease.

In this guide, you will find the best M4 foregrips on the market but before getting to the list, we will have a look at the difference between vertical foregrips and angled foregrips. After that, you will learn the things to look out for in the best M4 foregrips.

Vertical vs Angled Foregrips

There are two variations of a foregrip and that is vertical and angled. A vertical foregrip is more ergonomic and enables your arm to have a natural position when you hold your firearm.

On the other hand, vertical foregrips can cause the birth of bad shooting habits like ‘muscling your firearm’, resulting in poorer accuracy. For the best balance between a standard grip and a vertical foregrip, angled foregrips are recommended.

Vertical Foregrips for AR 15

If you desire to achieve improved vertical stability of your firearm, vertical foregrips are the best choice. It also helps to keep your hand distant from the barrel because the handguard can get extremely hot after shooting more than a hundred rounds. By keeping the distraction of the heated handguard away, it can improve your focus and improve the accuracy of your shots.

Extra training to handle your weapon smoothly for tactical or competition purposes will be required because a vertical foregrip is an extra attachment to snag your gun on. There are some vertical foregrips out there that have special features such as the ability to fold down and stay out of the way.

Vertical foregrips may also come with a storage compartment that gives you the room to store small items. Almost every foregrip are offered as rail-mounted but you can also get the typical mounting options, such as the choice between standard and quick-detach.

Angled Foregrips for AR 15

In comparison to vertical foregrips, angled foregrips are newer as they are only developed in the recent years. Angled foregrips can offer the best grip and are exceptionally comfortable for accurate shooting. These can also ensure better control under rapid-fire conditions.

The design of angled foregrips gives you a natural shooting position with more stability and tightness. On top of being good for rapid-fire conditions, it also has the benefits of a vertical piece such as improved control and mobility in small spaces. On top of that, it provides a reference point for you to grip consistently and thanks to this reference point, your shooting will be more consistent too.

Angled foregrips are usually designed without storage so that they can be more snag-proof compared to a vertical foregrip. Another downside of this type of foregrip is that it takes up more rail, reducing the room for other accessories. So make sure that your handguard has enough room before buying an angled foregrip.

What to Look For in Top Rated M4 Foregrips

When you look for the best M4 foregrips, there are certain aspects that you need to consider before buying and here are some of the things that you should look out for.


When it comes to firearms accessories, reliability is usually the top consideration. In order to be certain that you are getting the best reliability is to buy from a reputable company and go for a proven model. A well-known company normally has a strong customer base to back them up so you can know more about what you’re buying.


When you buy a foregrip for your firearm, it needs to be ergonomic for you to get a comfortable grip. However, this can be very subjective because different shooters have a difference in preferences and needs. Usually, an angled foregrip is the most ergonomic but it also depends on its design. To know if a foregrip is ergonomic or not, you may look at other’s reviews.


Foregrips are designed differently and also come in various materials including steel, polymer and aluminum. Typically, aluminum is the go-to choice for M4 and M4 accessories as it provides a good balance between strength and weight. In recent years, polymer is becoming more commonly used for the construction of firearms parts since it can provide great strength at a lighter weight.

Additional Features

The extra features on a foregrip are something of your own preference, it could be a foldable grip, has integrated lights, quick-detach systems or it can come with a waterproof storage compartment. Generally speaking, you want to choose a foregrip with features that you enjoy.

Which Are The Best Rated M4 Foregrips in 2021?

Now that you have a clear understanding of the difference between a vertical and an angled foregrip and what to look for in the best M4 foregrips, we can move on to the 6 best M4 foregrips on the market. Use the information that you learned and choose the best one for your M4 rifle.

1. GG&G Inc. Picatinny Vertical Foregrip


  • 2.4 oz.
  • Concentric ribs around the lower 1/3 of the grip
  • Waterproof storage compartment
  • Reinforced, Acetal cold polymer construction


GG&G is a well-known company that has been around the firearms industry for more than two decades. They are known to make top of the line tactical accessories and have a great reputation in the modern sporting rifle field.

This Picatinny Vertical Foregrip is able to provide comfortable shooting and impressive stability thanks to its ergonomic design. On top of that, it is also designed to keep muzzle climb at a minimum. This vertical grip features a waterproof storage that is large enough for your extra batteries. It is also designed with a non-snag trip-grip cap that can be opened easily.

One thing that many shooters will appreciate is how easy it is to install this vertical grip. There are no tools required for the installation and you can mount it within seconds. Thanks to the use of black acetal polymer, it achieved a lightweight of 2.4 ounces only.

You will fancy this if:

You are looking for something that is easy to install. You can mount this GG&G foregrip without using any tools and it can be done very quickly.

You enjoy the extra room for storage that this grip provides. There is a storage space available for you to store small items including bolts or batteries.

You will not fancy this if:

You plan to save some money. The price of this foregrip is on the higher end and if you plan to save money then this might not be the best option for you.

2. Magpul Industries M-LOK Angled Fore Grip



  • 1.2 oz.
  • Direct mount capability
  • Recoil mitigation lugs
  • Polymer construction


Next on the list is the M-LOK Angled Fore Grip (AFG) made by Magpul Industries. Magpul is a well-established manufacturer of firearms parts and this model of AFG is made with improvements from the previous models.

This grip is made of polymer and designed to have an incredibly low profile. It also weighs 1.2 ounces only which is extremely lightweight. Even though it’s very light, the Magpul AFG remains exceptionally durable.

On top of that, the basic mounting system also contributed to the lightweight design and since the foregrip is not as long, you have more mounting options available. Even with a short grip, the Magpul AFG still managed to reserve a large surface area for an impressive grip.

You will fancy this if:

You enjoy a low-profile accessory on your firearm. This option has a low profile design that gives you more space to mount other accessories.

You have an M-LOK handguard for your M4 rifle. The Magpul AFG can be mounted easily to an M-LOK system.

You prefer to shoot in a comfortable position. The Magpul AFG is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and to allow you to shoot in a comfortable stance.

You will not fancy this if:

You have a different system from the M-LOK. If your firearm has a different handguard, then this would not be the top option for you.

3. Magpul Industries MOE MVG Vertical Grip



  • Ergonomically designed
  • Mounts easily on a Magpul MOE and Bushmaster ACR handguards
  • Horizontal serrations on the front and back
  • Reinforced injection-molded polymer construction


The MOE Vertical Grip (MVG) by Magpul Industries is another one of the best M4 foregrips available that is designed to give you better overall control by positioning your hand closer to the barrel. On top of that, it has an ergonomic design that allows you to wrap your hand around it naturally.

You will also find the MVG to be especially effective under wet or rainy conditions thanks to the aggressive serrations at one the front and back. It enables you to get a comfortable and firm grip regardless of the environment.

If you have a MOE handguard, you can mount this solid foregrip in a quick and easy manner. Despite being such a great product, it is actually one of the cheapest foregrips. Even if it’s offered at a reasonable price, the quality remains amongst the top.

You will fancy this if:

You prefer to have something with an ergonomic design. The MVG is designed to have great ergonomics and allow for various gripping methods at the same time.

You are looking for cheaper options. This option is offered at a price that is lower than most foregrips and is the best budget option for many buyers.

You will not fancy this if:

You have M-LOK slots on your gun. If your M4 has M-LOK slots then this may not be the best option because the MVG doesn’t work with M-LOK slots.

4. Strike Industries Cobra Tactical Foregrip


  • 1.7 oz.
  • Anti-slip textured surface
  • Molded hard polymer construction
  • Low-profile


Next up is a tactical foregrip by Strike Industries, a well-known manufacturer in California with a decent customer base. This piece is designed by integrating the feedback from combat veterans that understands what works best so you don’t need to worry about its reliability.

This grip is made of polymer to ensure that it’s lightweight and incredibly solid. The Cobra Tactical angled foregrip is made with a ridged front face that gives you the opportunity to brace your firearm against a solid platform such as barricades or ledges for improved accuracy and comfort. The rear of it also includes a functional hand stop.

When you mount this angled foregrip to your rail, you will realise that it is a rattle-free foregrip that stays mounted securely. It is also textured to give you a solid and comfortable hold under various conditions. One of the best features of this option is the snag-free design by protruding only 1 inch from the firearm.

You will fancy this if:

You are looking for a solid option with functional features like a hand stop and an anti-slip textured exterior. A hard polymer was used to construct this foregrip, giving it a solid construction and it includes an anti-slip exterior and a hand stop for additional functionality.

You prefer foregrips with a snag-free design. This solid foregrip only extends by 1 inch which reduces the chance of snagging.

You will not fancy this if:

You have large hands. Due to its compactness, people with large hands may not enjoy using this foregrip.

5. FAB Defense Quick Release Front Gun Grip Magazine Adapter


  • 2.8 oz.
  • Quick-release attachment
  • Fiberglass reinforced polymer construction
  • Fits every 1913 MIL-STD Picatinny rails


The next top option in the list is a model by FAB Defense, an Israeli military supplier that specializes in tactical accessories. Since they produce for the military, you don’t need to worry about their product’s reliability.

Although this model doesn’t come with a waterproof storage compartment, you can actually still store an extra magazine. It is innovatively designed to be a foregrip and a spare magazine holder at the same time, allowing you to quickly reload in a tactical situation. The ergonomic of this solid foregrip remains even after reloading.

This foregrip features a quick-release attachment that enables easy mounting and removal. It also has excellent strength thanks to its fibreglass-reinforced polymer construction. Overall, this is an innovative foregrip with a proven design and sufficiently durable that you might want to give it a try.

You will fancy this if:

You like foregrips with a special design. This foregrip is unlike the other grips on the market that features a typical style, it is innovatively created to hold an extra magazine.

You prefer to have a foregrip that can last for a long time. Fiberglass reinforced polymer was used to give this foregrip a top of the line durability.

You will not fancy this if:

You prefer to have a lighter weight accessory. If you were to hold a fully loaded mag, you may realise that it is heavy and can hinder the balance of your M4, resulting in less accurate shots.

6. Mission First React Magwell Grip


  • 2.2 oz.
  • Polymer construction
  • Waterproof storage compartment
  • Ambidextrous pressure pad wells


The last option on the list is a model by Mission First, a manufacturer that makes top-standard parts for rifles. Besides being a top option for the M4, the Mission First React Magwell foregrip is also an impeccable option for your Benelli M4 if you have a rail in the right position.

This foregrip is a compact piece that provides excellent maneuverability during close quarter combat. It is 3.62 inches high and thanks to the solid polymer construction, it weighs 2.2 ounces only.

In addition, this foregrip includes a top-quality waterproof compartment for you to keep your spare accessories such as batteries or small parts. To top it off, it includes pressure pad wells that will work for both right and left-handed users to mount activators.

You will fancy this if:

You would like to easily direct the muzzle to enhance the handling. This product provides a mid-point balance grip to let you easily direct the muzzle for improved handling.

You prefer to have a waterproof compartment. The design of it includes a waterproof compartment that holds your extra batteries or other small parts.

You will not fancy this if:

You plan to mount this on your Benelli M4 shotgun. This foregrip works more effectively on the M4 rifle than the M4 shotgun.

Frequently Asked Questions for Vertical and Angled Foregrips for M4

Are vertical grips legal on rifles?

Yes. Under the federal law and many state’s laws, it is legal for you to get a vertical foregrip for your guns.

Are foregrips worth it?

Yes and no. They are excellent for close quarter combats but not the right pick if you are shooting at longer ranges. So make sure you know what is your purpose for buying a foregrip before you buy it.

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