Best M4 Barrels For The Money

If you plan to find the best M4 barrels, you might realise that it is harder than you think. First of all, there are many different barrels on the market and knowing the right type of ammunition is already a hassle on its own. Hence, the reason that we made this guide is to help you choose from the best M4 barrels.

In this guide, you will learn the best barrel length for your M4 rifle and the things you should pay attention to when choosing from the best barrels. After that, we have compiled a list of M4 barrels that you might admire and you can choose the best one for your M4 rifle.

What is the Best Barrel Length for an M4?

One thing that you should know about barrel length is that it is a factor that affects the accuracy and round velocity of your M4. Usually, a longer barrel will produce a more accurate and faster round when you fire. However, it is hard to have one ideal barrel length for everyone because of the different barrels that are offered on the market.

Generally speaking, you should consider getting a barrel that is 16” or longer if you want to fire fast-moving rounds that can accurately hit and/or penetrate your target. A 16-inch barrel is suggested because civilians are not allowed to have barrels shorter than 16”.

For shooters who are active or reserve military, they can opt for rifles with barrels that are as short as 14” because they are allowed to have shorter barrels. Normally, the best length range that most shooters go for is between 16 to 20 inches. The exact length will also have to depend on your personal experience when you fire your M4.

Things to Look Out for in an AR15 Barrel

Prior to the list of best barrels on the market, here are some aspects that you need to consider. These aspects are the factors that affect the performance of your M4 barrel and will also significantly affect your shooting experience.

Twist Rate

What twist means is the grooves that are carved within the barrel’s interior and are the reason that the round spins when you fire it. It helps to maintain accuracy over long distances. The twist rate is basically how long is required to make a bullet spin a full 360 degrees.

The twist rate of a barrel will depend on the caliber of bullet you decide to use and for easy calculations, you can simply use this formula: Twist Rate = 150 (bullet diameter/bullet length to diameter ratio). Normally, M4 barrels have fast twist rates due to the standard ammunition size and the ideal twist rate would be in between a twist rate of 1 in 7 to 8.


There are various types of material to use but the best choice would be stainless steel as it protects the barrel from corrosion. This material is sometimes overused but it is still the best for precision shooters.

Other than that, we have chrome-lined barrels too which can withstand the heat pressure and enhance the wear resistance. Lastly, we have cold-hammer forged barrels which is a strong and long-lasting material.

Weight or Profile

The next important thing to consider is the barrel’s weight or profile. A lighter barrel will make it easier to carry or store your weapon and they are usually less expensive compared to heavier barrels. However, you might find a heavier barrel to be more long-lasting and is more durable than lighter barrels.

You can also consider barrels with a “Hanson” profile because it has the pros of a lightweight profile barrel making it easier to carry but it doesn’t have the cons of it such as issues regarding durability.

Type of Ammunition

The last thing that you need to think about is that the barrel that you get is right for the type of rounds that you will fire. As for an M4 rifle, the standard rounds are 5.56/.223 rounds, .300 AAC blackout rounds, 6.5 Grendel rounds. Not only are the .300 AAC blackout and 6.5 Grendel rounds compatible, but 9mm rounds that are common use in handguns are great too.

Best M4 Barrels To Increase Accuracy

Now that you have a better understanding of the preferred barrel length and the aspects to go through, we can now move on to the six best M4 barrels on the market. Each of these barrels is carefully chosen based on what we believe might work best with your M4.

1. Noveske CHF Chrome Lined


  • 5.56 mm NATO cartridge
  • Barrel length: 16″
  • 2 lbs
  • Twist rate: 1-7
  • Lightweight profile


First on the list is an impressive barrel by Noveske, a company in Oregon that focuses on making high standards gun and gun parts. With the use of the best materials and design, Noveske came up with a product that will last for a long time and is also the reason why this CHF (Cold Hammer Forged) barrel is one of the best M4 barrels.

Noveske offered this barrel in three different length options which are 10.5, 14.5 and 16 inches. You may go for a shorter barrel if you are active or reserve military but if you are a normal civilian looking for a good barrel then a barrel length of 16” will be perfect for you.

Some people might not prefer the cons of a longer barrel such as the heavy weight which causes difficulty in manoeuvring, but the pros that it can provide will make it worth considering. A longer barrel means more accurate shots and paired with a 1 in 7 twist rate, you will certainly experience a boost in accuracy.

For a good piece such as this barrel, it is no surprise that this barrel is highly-priced. However, you are getting the best value for your money with this barrel considering the durability and accuracy that it provides.

You will like this if:

You are looking for a longer barrel for your M4. With a length of 16 inches, it is long enough for most applications with the M4 so if you are looking for long barrels then this would be a good pick.

You prefer to have a barrel that can last for a long time. This barrel is made with a cold hammer forged material which ensures that it has a sturdy construction and will definitely last for a long time.

You prefer owning products from trusted manufacturers. Noveske is a well-known manufacturer and has a good customer base supporting them, it also ensures that the product you get is reliable.

You will dislike this if:

You have a strict budget. Due to how this barrel is constructed, it will cost you a fortune and if you are not planning to spend so much money, then this would not be such a good selection for you.

2. Ballistic Advantage .223 AR Premium


  • .223 Wylde cartridge
  • Barrel length: 16″
  • 1.75 lbs
  • Twist rate: 1-8
  • Material: 416R stainless steel


The next barrel we have here is a premium barrel by a reputable manufacturer, Ballistic Advantage. Since it is a product from a reputable company, you don’t need to worry about the reliability of this barrel because it is certainly top of the line.

With a barrel length of 16” and made with high-quality steel, this barrel delivers a good balance and accuracy while weighing at 1.75 lbs only. At 1.75 lbs this barrel is as light as a shorter barrel without the cons of short barrels. A Hanson profile barrel such as this gives you impressive control and is good for various types of shooting applications.

On top of the barrel length that gives good accuracy, a 1 in 8 twist rate ensures that the rounds you fire leaves the barrel at a decent velocity. Besides the 1 in 8 twist rate, there is an 11-degree target crown that further enhances accuracy.

This barrel is chambered for the .223 Wylde rounds but it is also safe to fire the 5.56 NATO or .223 Remington rounds. In addition to all its perks, this barrel is extremely durable thanks to the material used and the non-glare bead blasted finishing.

Even though this is a premium barrel, it doesn’t cost as much as it sounds so you might find this to fit your budget. Overall, it’s one of the best M4 barrels that you can get for a reasonable price.

You will like this if:

You are looking for long and light barrels. Not only is this barrel offered in the ideal length for an M4, it is also lighter than most of the barrels that have the same length.

You prefer to have a barrel that is extremely durable. With the use of steel to build this barrel and also the use of a good quality coating, it can make sure that the barrel’s service life lasts for a long time.

You are looking for something good but inexpensive. Although it sounds like an expensive barrel from its descriptions, it is actually not pricey, making it a great barrel for most people’s budget.

You will dislike this if:

You are looking for a shorter barrel. If you prefer to have the pros of short barrels, then this might not be the best choice for you.

3. Aero Precision 5.56 CMV


  • 5.56 mm NATO cartridge
  • Barrel length: 14.5”
  • 1.58 lbs
  • Twist rate: 1-7
  • Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium


This is a shorter barrel compared to the other two barrels that were mentioned and it is one of the best M4 barrels if you’re active or reserve military. It is a 14.5 inches long barrel so it is not allowed for civilians to have this barrel in most situations or states.

This kind of barrel does have its own pros and cons but it all depends on how you wish to see it. A shorter barrel weighs lighter which allows for easier movements while acquiring a new target and the cost that comes with it is the lower accuracy shots.

Even though the accuracy is affected, the barrel still offers a good enough accuracy and velocity for most shooters on the market. This barrel has a good twist rate which is 1 in 7 and the profile is meant for M4 chasses. It is a good choice to add to any weapon that came from the military, or if you are in need of a replacement for your service firearm.

On top of the sturdy 4150 chrome moly vanadium build, this barrel has a finish that is corrosion resistance. Since the M4 fires the typical 5.56 NATO ammunition, you will find the resistance to be helpful against the burst of rounds and extending the barrel’s service life.

You will like this if:

You prefer to have a shorter barrel. Barrels that are shorter have their own pros and if you are a fan of the pros and can deal with the cons that they possess as well, then this barrel would be a good pick.

You are looking for a barrel that can last for a long time. This barrel is made with high-quality material and has a corrosion-resistant coating to protect the barrel from damages.

You want to have a barrel that is not too expensive. The price of this barrel is not the cheapest but as compared to some of the other best M4 barrels, it is definitely in the lower range.

You will dislike this if:

You prefer to maximise the accuracy of your shots. Since this barrel is quite short, you might realise that the accuracy is not as good as the longer barrels. So if accuracy is a priority for you, then this would not be a good pick for you.

4. Colt SOCOM Barrel Assembly with Sight Tower


  • 5.56 mm NATO cartridge
  • Barrel length: 14.5″
  • 1/2-28 muzzle threads
  • Heavy contour
  • Carbine length gas system


Next up, we have a durable piece by Colt and this barrel is meant for heavy-duty shooters that are a fan of the power delivered by 5.56 NATO rounds. This barrel is made specifically for the 5.56 NATO rounds and is built to deal with the power that the rounds provide. Even though it’s short, Colt built it to be stocky to make up for it.

Similar to the previous one that was mentioned, this piece has a barrel length of 14.5” which is perfect for those that are in the reserves or in the military. Although it’s 14.5” long only, it can still offer good accuracy and durability.

You will find yourself using this barrel even after many years thanks to its heaviness which adds to the barrel’s rigidity. However, you might need some time to get used to the barrel. Muzzle threads are added to the barrel which makes it ready for a muzzle device such as a flash hider or a compensator.

Attaching a muzzle device is also a smart move for rifles with shorter barrels as it can help to control the recoil better. Since the M4 is using the 5.56 NATO rounds, you might realise that it’s extremely helpful. Besides the threads, there is also a front sight tower included which is another great addition to the barrel.

You will like this if:

You are in the military or in the reserves. Since it only has a length of 14.5”, it would only be suitable for you if you are a shooter in the military or reserves.

You prefer to have a sturdy product. This is a solid piece that can withstand all types of abuse and can undoubtedly handle the powerful 5.56 NATO rounds.

You are a fan of the sight tower that it provides. This item is designed with a front sight tower that allows the shooter to acquire targets with ease and is a great addition to the overall build.

You will dislike this if:

You don’t plan to spend too much money. This item by Colt is carefully designed and constructed which means it is also highly-priced so if it’s not within the price range that you can afford then this might not be the best barrel for you.

You are not a fan of heavier profile products. With a solid build, you should expect this to weigh more than the standard choices and if you can’t accept it then this is not a great option for you.

5. Rosco Manufacturing Bloodline


  • 5.56 mm NATO cartridge
  • Barrel length : 10.5″
  • Twist rate: 1-7
  • Carbine length gas system
  • Gas block size: .750”


This piece by Rosco Manufacturing is another great barrel that is not allowed for civilian use. It would be a waste if you’re in the military or reserves and didn’t own this great piece. The Bloodline Barrel can provide an impressive velocity with a 1 in 7 twist rate. Paired with the twist rate of 1 in 7 is the barrel length of 10.5” which is perfect for the 5.56 NATO rounds.

The reason that this barrel is one of the best on the market is because of the barrel’s construction. It is built with a high-quality material and is coated with a corrosion-resistant nitride finish that can make sure corrosion doesn’t happen when you fire bursts of 5.56 NATO rounds.

Besides the great twist rate for added accuracy and the impressive corrosion-resistant nitride finish for enhanced durability, this piece also has threads like the previous model that was mentioned. Having threads significantly lifts the barrel’s value as it allows for more customizability.

Plus, a shorter barrel means lower accuracy and being able to attach something like a compensator will be of great help in improving the accuracy. Despite its short length, a decent accuracy can still be maintained thanks to the great twist rate which is why this piece is amongst the best.

You will like this if:

You prefer a short barrel that has a corrosion resistance feature. If you are looking for a durable accessory, this would be the best option thanks to the corrosion-resistant nitride finish.

You plan to add attachments to the barrel. This piece comes with threads which makes it easier to mount attachments to it.

You want great velocity despite the length. Having an ideal twist rate which is 1 in 7 ensures the rounds that you fire travels at a great velocity.

You decide to save some money. You can get this barrel on the market for a reasonable price and it is a great barrel to have if you are a shooter that doesn’t intend to splurge.

You will dislike this if:

You are not in the military or the reserves. Since this piece is not as long as the civilian requirements, it is not the best barrel on the market unless you’re in the military or the reserves.

You don’t prefer longer barrels. Another reason that you might not prefer this is the length of it so if you prefer a long barrel then this is not the best pick.

6. Daniel Defense 5.56 Hammer Forged


  • 5.56 mm NATO cartridge
  • Barrel length: 16″
  • 1.75 lbs
  • Twist rate: 1-7
  • Material: Chromium-molybdenum-vanadium alloy steel


Last but not least, we have a 16-inch barrel by Daniel Defense, a well-known gun and gun parts manufacturer based in Georgia. This piece is built with good-quality hammer forged alloy which provides durable and sturdy construction. Besides that, you will realise that it also provides good accuracy when you’re shooting.

With this piece being 16” long, anyone can use it on their rifle and it takes the standard 5.56 NATO rounds. Instead of using a corrosion-resistant nitride finish similar to the previous model, a manganese phosphate finish was used. This type of finish is able to provide a good level of protection to the alloy barrel.

The manganese phosphate finish can make sure that it lasts for a long time because this finish can reduce surface wear, which prevents the bullet from damaging the barrel over time. With such a great build, you should expect this piece to be at a great price as well.

On top of the great accuracy that this piece provides, it also has the best twist rate for shooting a fast bullet, which is 1 in 7. Other than rapid fire, this piece is great for anyone that enjoys long bursts as well. Plus, the weight and profile of it are certainly manageable for anyone that wants to shoot for a long period of time.

You will like this if:

You are looking for a durable piece. The high-standard alloy build paired with a manganese phosphate finish can make certain that this piece will be around for very long.

You prefer something lengthy. The length is best for every buyer as it complies with the law and if you are a fan of its length, you might find this to be a good pick.

You plan to get something that can improve your overall performance. If you are planning to improve your performance and get accurate shots, this setup can certainly provide it with the use of 5.56 mm NATO rounds.

You will dislike this if:

You are not looking for something that is highly priced. Since this piece has such a great build, it will also cost you a fortune to obtain it, so if it’s not within the range that you are willing to spend, then this is not a good pick for you.

Top AR15 Barrel FAQs

What are the best attachments for the M4A1?

Some examples of good attachments that work brilliantly with the M4 rifles are monolithic suppressor, stock M16 grenadier barrel, integral hybrid sights, 60 rounds magazine and a stippled rear grip tape.

Which is best for warzone? The M4 or the M13?

The M13 rifle can deliver a good damage output but has a slightly slower firing rate compared to the M4, which makes it great for long-range shots but doesn’t do as good as the M4 when it comes to close-range shots.

Is a barrel with 14.5-inch length legal?

If we’re talking about the barrel alone, then no, it is illegal to have anything lesser than 16”. However, a good way to make it legal is with the use of attachments such as a compensator or a flash hider which makes the barrel more lengthy, meeting the requirements.

Are CMMG products great?

CMMG makes a good barrel but there are some allegations that indicate the use of MIL-B CMV spec of metal in their barrel. However, a former employee noted that they do not use it but on top of that, CMMG said that they do use it on Arfcom. To be very safe, this is not the type of barrel that you should use as it might find it to be unreliable.

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