Best M16 Carry Handles in 2022

The classic M16 features a carry handle and is a good addition for shooters that want to change the aesthetics of their M16. However, a carry handle is not just for show and there are some useful features to it.

In this guide, we will have a look at the advantages of using a carry handle on your M16 rifle and how you can pick the best carry handle for your rifle. After that, you can choose from the list of the best M16 carry handles on the market that we’ve carefully put together. Without any more delays, let’s take a look at the advantages of an M16 carry handle.

Advantages of an AR 15 or M16 Carry Handle

The first advantage of a carry handle is that it allows you to switch out to another top rail component that you want on any A2 or newer style rifle. Aperture sights are one of the most reliable sights on the market today and it’s the reason that they are normally used as a backup option for newer but less reliable sighting options.

Another advantage of a carry handle is that it can act as a rear sight too and its performance as a rear sight is quite impressive too. This is because the sight will be able to hold zero no matter what situation it is under with the long mounting surface which gives you a sturdy and secure mount.

Additionally, some shooters find it more aesthetically pleasing to have a carry handle on their M16 rifle. This could also be the reason for people to get a carry handle and thankfully, there are other advantages associated with it.

How to Choose Great M16 Handles

When you are finding the best carry handle for your M16 rifle, it is important that you keep the following consideration in mind.


The most important aspect to consider when choosing the best carry handle is the durability of the product. Whether a carry handle is durable or not heavily depends on the material used for building it. There are many different materials used to construct carry handles but the best is still a 7075-T6 aluminum alloy.

This material is fairly lightweight and has an exceptional amount of strength which is why mil-spec carry handles use this material too. Other materials such as steel and polymer are also good options that you can consider.


Although the cost of a carry handle isn’t very high, we still recommend you to consider it and make sure that it is within your budget. Generally, the more expensive the handle, the higher the quality but there are also affordable options with decent quality for those with a tight budget.

Best Carry Handle for M16 in 2022

Now that you are aware of the advantages of carry handles and how to pick them, let’s have a look at the list of the 5 best M16 carry handles on the market today.

1. Command Arms Removable 


  • Fully adjustable rear sight
  • Machined from aluminum alloy
  • Fits on flat top receivers
  • Matte black finish


The first product that we have for you is by an amazing company, Command Arms. They might not be an American company, but it is manufactured in a country that cannot take any chances with their military equipment and that is Israel.

This company is owned by a special forces veteran and they also supply equipment to the same forces so you can certainly rely on their carry handle.

This removable carry handle features a full length and high-quality locking plate that can easily fit into a Picatinny top rail with a sturdy and secure mount. Its solid mount is essential especially if you want an accurate rear sight and that is exactly what’s provided to its users.

The thumb nuts that come with this item also ensure retention and quick removal when needed.

You can also expect to see the A2 sight and it is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Most importantly, the adjustments have a positive click feedback so you can adjust with precision. The carry handle is also made from an aluminum alloy with a black finishing so it remains light and looks sleek.

If you are fine with buying products from other countries, then this would be one of the best options because it is fairly cheap and it doesn’t require any gunsmithing either.

You will like this if:

You want a long lasting carry handle. This item is made from a high-grade aluminum alloy that ensures that it has a solid construction so it can last for a great deal of time.

You are looking for a secure and sturdy carry handle. Some cheap handles on the market tend to be flimsy after mounting it on a rifle, but you will not experience it with this unit thanks to its high-standard locking plate and thumb nuts to keep it in place.

You will not like this if:

You prefer to buy products from local companies. The only reason that you might not like this item is if you would rather purchase from a local company instead of a foreign one like Command Arms.

2. Aero Precision A2 Detachable 


  • Forged from 7075 T6 aluminum
  • Mil-spec hard coat anodized
  • A2 sight assembly
  • Dual apertures


The next aftermarket carry handle we have for you is by a well-established manufacturer, Aero Precision. Aero Precision is a brand name that you will see very often in the firearms industry because they are one of the best manufacturers for firearms and firearm parts and this A2 Detachable Carry Handle is an excellent example.

This carry handle features a rugged construction using high-quality aluminum with a clean matte black finish and parkerized steel sight parts. It also has a full-length bar to attach to your AR-15 or M16 rifle and it comes with two thumb nuts for a secure mount.

Plus, the two thumb nuts are grooved so you can easily tighten them with your hands and do not require any tools.

Using the factory front or rear sight of your rifle is still possible because this accessory is just tall enough for it. Additionally, an iron sight is featured so you can use it as a backup sight. One thing that many people might not enjoy about this unit is that it is offered at a slightly higher price than most carry handles on the market today.

You will like this if:

You want reliable carry handles. Aero Precision is one of the largest brands in the industry and you can certainly trust the items manufactured by them such as this A2 detachable handle.

You are looking for a secure unit. With its full-length bar and the inclusion of two nuts that are also grooved, you can easily secure this equipment on your rifle without any tools required.

You will not like this if:

You have a tight budget. Since this is one of the most well-known manufacturers in the industry, it is not a surprise to see this item offered at a higher price as compared to the others, so it won’t be such a great choice for those with a tight budget.

3. Colt AR-15 Assembly


  • Standard A2 style adjustments
  • Attaches to Picatinny rails
  • Forged aluminum body
  • Hard coat anodizing


This option by Colt is loved by many users because not only is it made by one of the top companies, but it is also a high-quality unit. This Colt carry handle is made of forged aluminum with a black anodized finish so it looks sleek while being solid enough to withstand harsh use.

The components used are also the same as those used on military issued carbines and rifles.

With its traditional design, it allows Picatinny rails and other optics to be mounted on top of it. Additionally, the mil-spec rear sight can be adjusted for elevation and the standard A2 adjustments allow for elevation and windage adjustments so you can acquire targets with ease.

You will also find the two apertures in the mil-spec rear sight to be incredibly helpful.

Any option offered by a reputable business usually comes at a higher price and the Colt AR-15 Carrying Handle Assembly is no exception. However, you are getting the absolute best quality and performance from this item which makes it a good option if you don’t mind spending more.

You will like this if:

You are looking for a premium mil-spec carry handle. This Colt carry handle is made with the highest quality materials and is finished with something high-end, making it the best option for a premium item.

You want an M16 or AR-15 carry handle that can be used as a rear sight. Thanks to how it’s designed, this handle can be an effective rear sight with adjustments for windage and elevation.

You will not like this if:

You don’t intend to spend too much money. Since this is a premium unit, you can expect nothing but premium pricing too, so it is not the top choice for anyone with a tighter budget.

4. Monstrum Tactical with A2 Rear Sight and Optics Rail Mount


  • Aircraft grade aluminum and steel construction
  • Built-in A2 dual aperture rear flip-up sight
  • Detaches quickly to any Picatinny rail
  • 4 color choices


The next option we have for you is the Monstrum Tactical AR-15 Carry Handle with A2 Rear Sight and Optics Rail Mount. It is an incredible option for your M16 rifle because not only is this built with sturdy materials to last for a great deal of time, but it is also offered with a lifetime warranty so you can get a new one if anything happens to it.

What you will get with this Monstrum Tactical AR-15 Carry Handle is a built-in A2 dual aperture rear sight that can be flipped up or down with adjustments for windage and elevation.

Additionally, it also comes with a Picatinny rail mount that you can detach and this mount allows for a secondary sighting system that clears the front sight post while allowing the use of the iron sights.

One other thing that you get from the Monstrum Tactical AR-15 Carry Handle that the others might not have is that it is offered in 4 different colors which are black, flat dark earth, olive drab green, or pink. This item weighs about 9 ounces only which is a weight that is acceptable and perfect for those that want something on the lighter side.

You will like this if:

You want a durable carry handle. This Monstrum Tactical item is a great option if you want something with high durability because it is constructed with high-grade material and is offered with a lifetime warranty.

You are planning to mount accessories on the handle. This option comes with a rail mount for users to mount additional accessories on top of the handle.

You will not like this if:

You want something with a more solid build. Even though the material used for construction is a 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, it still isn’t as strong as to carry handles that utilize forged 7075-T6 aluminum.

5. NcStar AR-15 Detachable 


  • Adjustable for elevation and windage
  • Hard coat anodized aluminum
  • Channel included to mount additional accessories
  • NcStar warranty


The final item in our list is by a reputable company, NcStar. They have been making top-notch gun parts in California for over two decades so you can certainly trust the models that they provide.

NcStar aims to offer equipment with high standards at a good price such as this AR-15 carry handle. But don’t worry, it fits the M16 rifle perfectly even though the name contains AR-15.

Mounting this equipment on your rifle will be a walk in the park with the two thumb nuts included, so no tools are needed. The rear sight can be adjusted and you can look forward to it holding its adjustment even after firing over 50 rounds with your M16 rifle.

This NcStar equipment is not offered at an expensive nor a cheap price but its build standard is certainly above average. Besides that, the black finish used is of excellent quality and certainly lives up to the high standards that NcStar have for their equipment.

You will like this if:

You are looking for something that gives you the best bang for your buck. There are cheaper choices available but in terms of value, this NcStar equipment will certainly be satisfactory.

You want something that you can easily attach to M16 rifles. With a pair of thumb nuts included, mounting this carry handle on M16 rifles will be a walk in the park.

You will not like this if:

You don’t want a lengthy carry handle. The length of this equipment is slightly under seven inches, which is quite long and might not be the best option for some people.


Now that you’ve come to the end of our review for the best M16 carry handles, we believe that finding the best one for your M16 rifle will be a much easier task. Just remember to keep the considerations that were mentioned earlier and you will be able to search for the best option with ease.


Is it necessary for rifles to have a carry handle?

Yes and no. There is no right or wrong answer to this question because it is heavily dependent on the purpose of your weapon and what you want for your rifle. The carry handle is not the most sought after option for flat top rifles and reflex sights but the demand for it is still there.

You should be aware that even though the name of this equipment makes it sound like it is meant for you to carry your weapon around, it actually isn’t. Instead, it is often used as a rear sight and for mounting other equipment on top of it.

Whether it is necessary to get an M16 carry handle or not will depend on what you want your gun to do. If your gun is meant for long-range shooting, then you might want to opt for red dot sights or scopes that can help you acquire targets that are further away.

But if you are shooting at a close-range and are a fan of the classical design, then getting a carry handle will make more sense.

What is the effective range of an M16?

An M16 with a 5.56mm caliber is actually quite powerful and can reach up to 800 yards effectively. The recorded maximum firing range is approximately 3,900 yards which is extremely impressive what the M16 is capable of.

So if you intend to shoot up to the maximum distance, then you might want to equip the M16 with more than just a mil-spec carry handle.

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