Best Glock Triggers Review (2022)

Best Glock Triggers

Everybody knows that the Glock is one of the most popular handguns in existence, especially for self defense purposes. No polymer striker fired guns ever succeeded the way Gaston Glock’s did, and he did with good reason. Part of the contributors of the Glock’s success is its modularity and ease of compatibility between generations of Glocks.

When we talk about upgrades, this modularity is what makes it easy to be able to find parts to upgrade for any Glock. Among the parts that can be upgraded (like carbine conversion kits and muzzle devices) one of the favorite upgrades is undoubtedly the trigger.

The stock trigger is actually pretty decent and there is plenty of good about it – it’s not too heavy, has a great trigger reset, a short pull due to the good trigger reach. It’s just that it lacks refinement, which is what can be fixed with a trigger upgrade. The most common problem that shooters face with the stock trigger is that it feels too gritty and the poor ergonomics of the thin polymer trigger tends to pinch some shooters or even cause blisters for others.

There is a vast variety of trigger upgrade selections that now exist to solve these main complaints as well as further upgrade the stock trigger in other aspects, while being incredibly affordable and fuss-free to install – but do make sure you are familiar with how to take your Glock apart to make the DIY modifications with your new trigger. The complexity actually comes in the overwhelming selections, so we’ve put together a handful of the best glock trigger options that will enhance the overall shooting experience with your well-loved Glock.

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Most Recommended Option

1. Broad, flat-faced trigger shoe
2. 7075-8-T6 aluminum alloy
3. Type III hard coat anodized to regular MIL- A-8625 standards
4. NP3 plated, supported by Robar
5. 316 stainless steel coil spring pins
6. Indexing hook

2. 7075-T6 aluminum
3. Riveted retaining pins
4. Suitable for all Gen 1 – 5 Glock pistols
9.5/10SHOP NOW
2. 6061 aluminum
3. 9 and 40 versions suitable for Gen 3 – 4 Glock pistols
4. Possible for Gen 1 – 2 Glock pistols with some gunsmithing
8.5/10SHOP NOW
2. Solid body polymer
3. NP3-plated
4. Suitable for all Gen 1 – 5 Glock pistols
8.0/10SHOP NOW
2. 7075-T6 aluminum
3. Suitable for G17 to G35 Glock pistols
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Buying Considerations When Upgrading To The Best Glock Triggers

Durability and Longevity

The stock Glock trigger on the infamous handguns comes with a polymer trigger shoe that is less durable than some of the upgrade options available, including aluminum.


The stock Glock trigger comes rather thin, and many Glock owners experience pinching or even blisters due to the poor ergonomics with grip control, which can be overcome by the upgrade options available, including a broad trigger shoe with a flat face.

Reduced Pre-Travel and Trigger Pull Weight

Upgrading to a Glock trigger with these factors will enable the shooter to achieve increased accuracy and overall enhance performance with cleaner and crisper trigger breaks.

If you are keen to find the best Glock trigger upgrades, or simply want a new trigger for your Glock pistol, make sure you read on as we share some of the best aftermarket Glock triggers. 


The 5 Best Aftermarket Glock Trigger – The Ultimate Guide

1. Overwatch Precision – Tactical Trigger


  • Made in the USA
  • Broad, flat-faced trigger shoe
  • Type III hard coat anodized to regular MIL-A-8625 standards
  • NP3 plated, supported by Robar
  • 316 stainless steel coil spring pins
  • Indexing hook

The Overwatch Precision Tactical Trigger is lightweight while being extremely durable, owing to the fact that it is constructed with 7075-T6 aluminum alloy – a definite upgrade from the stock polymer trigger in terms of longevity. On top of that, both trigger shoe and safety tab are Type III hard coat anodized to regular MIL-A-8625 standards.

Using 316 stainless steel coiled spring pins, the trigger shoe and trigger safety tab are connected to the NP3 plated stock trigger bar. The Robar-supported plating provides practically impermeable corrosion resistance, resulting in grit-free and seamless operation of the triggers. To facilitate consistent finger placement and more precise alignment, there is also a small indexing hook on the triggers.

One of this trigger’s best features is the flat-face shape. It is a brilliant solution especially for Glock owners with shorter fingers, as the trigger distance is limited by up to 0.24 inches. The shape also makes pressing straight to the rear much easier since the distance from the back of the grip to the face of the trigger is shortened, hence reducing the need to change your point of aim in order to break a shot. An added comfort feature is that the trigger safety is wider than the stock safety tab, eliminating pinching that can occur with the stock trigger. Since the broad flat-faced trigger design improves trigger press, this Tactical Trigger is suitable for competitions on top of the intended tactical and defensive purposes.

The company successfully keeps it simple and minimizes pre-travel by 20 percent while maintaining firearm safety features, resulting in a cleaner and crisper break with major reductions in the overtravel – without any changes other than replacing the trigger shoe and trigger bar on the Glock triggers. Basically, your gun is kept almost entirely stock while improving your shot – best overall option, really. 

You would like this if:

– You want a lightweight and durable product. The Overwatch Precision Tactical Trigger is constructed using hardy aluminum alloy and is Type III hard coat anodized to MIL-A-8625 standards with plating, resulting in the best Glock triggers that are resistant to corrosion.

– You have slightly shorter fingers. The Overwatch Precision Tactical Trigger has a broad, flat-faced design with a short distance between the back of the grip and the face of the trigger, with its trigger distance limited to 0.24inches.

– You are looking for something simple. This would be among the best Glock trigger options as the trigger assembly is easy. The installation for the Overwatch Precision Tactical Trigger is straightforward and fuss-free and gives you excellent trigger press with minimal changes to your gun.

You might not like this if:

– You don’t like to wear gloves. The trigger may have a tendency to feel warm after an average of 200 rounds – not a deal breaker for many, but do keep it in mind if it might be for you.  


2. APEX Tactical Specialties Inc – Action Enhancement


  •  Made in the USA
  • Flat-curved hybrid trigger shoe
  • Suitable for G17 to G35 Glock pistols

The Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger for Glock is one of the best options among aftermarket Glock triggers. It offers a direct drop in trigger replacement of the factory polymer trigger for Glock. It is one of the few triggers that not only reduce pre-travel and increases the overall trigger speed, but also serves to deliver a shorter and more responsive reset – you’ll find it impressive since the standard Glock reset is in itself one of the best trigger resets available. 

Apex Tactical Specialties Inc machined this trigger system with a trigger shoe made from 7075-T6 aluminum, making it incredibly durable and lasting. Its shape is a distinctive flat-curved hybrid, further enhancing performance of each shot by giving you a straight press while offering consistent trigger finger placement thanks to that slight curve which the trigger face has.

Apex Tactical is well-known for being able to effectively reduce pull weights, and their trigger delivers in that aspect as well, reducing trigger pull weight by up to about 1 pound.

Since the factory-implemented firearm safety standards are maintained, you need not worry about the safety levels of your Glock which is absolutely critical. With the reduced pre-travel and minimal overtravel, crisp break on the trigger break as well as trigger pull weight reduction, this Glock trigger offers improved, more consistent shooting performance which makes it an excellent choice for target shooting and has actually been constructed for competition shooting.

The trigger will install easily since its literally drop in, and it installs into a large variety of Glock models, and its aluminum trigger can be adonized in an array of colors – an added bonus for those who want to add a touch of customization.

You would like this if:

– You want something for competitions. This trigger was actually built for competitions, and with all its features it is also made ideal for target shooting.

– You want a more responsive reset. The Glock reset is known for already having a strong and excellent reset, so it is rare that any Glock triggers improve upon it, but the Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger – true to its name, further enhances it.

– You want convenient installation. This Glock trigger is drop-in ready and includes a factory trigger bar which allows an easy and quick replacement with a very simple installation process.

You might not like this if:

– Yours is a defensive gun. It is notable that changing the trigger connector or having a lighter pull may not be optimum or an option for duty use or defensive guns.


3. ZEV Technologies – Pro Flat Face Trigger Upgrade Kit


  • Made in the USA
  • Flat-faced trigger shoe
  • Riveted retaining pins
  • Suitable for all Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3, Gen 4

Zev Technologies is renowned for incredible success in improving triggers and have now taken it a notch higher among aftermarket Glock triggers by redesigning one called the Glock Pro Flat Face Trigger Upgrade Kit.

The trigger shoe is made from 7075-T6 aluminum which is a material that contributes to incredible durability, but they didn’t stop there – the retaining pins have been replaced by rivets on the new trigger pad to further enhance its durability and ensure that it is long-lasting through hard use.

The Zev Technologies Glock Pro Flat Face Trigger Upgrade Kit also contains a better performance connector which gives it an even better trigger break while the patented trigger bar offers a super crisp, smooth and clean pull. The end result is an overall improved accuracy in shooting. On top of that, this Glock trigger reduces the trigger pull weight by 15 percent from a stock Glock trigger.

It comes designed with a flat-faced trigger shoe which allows pressing the trigger right to the rear easily and with zero interruption to the point of aim. The Zev Technologies Glock Pro Flat Face Trigger Upgrade Kit is compatible through Gen 1 to 5 Glock pistols, making it super accessible.

It is notable, however, that since there is a connector which needs to be changed out, the installation process is a little more complex than other triggers. If you can get past that, you’ll be able to enjoy the improved aspects of your trigger pull.

You would like this if:

– You want a durable and long-lasting product. The 7075-T6 aluminum trigger shoe with its riveted assembly gives increased strength and extreme durability.

– You want an improved trigger pull. The Zev Technologies Glock Pro Flat Face Trigger reduces the stock Glock trigger pull weight by 15 percent. On top of that, it comes with a connector which allows for improved trigger break and a trigger bar which smoothes out the uptake, achieving overall better performance.

You might not like this if:

– You want convenient installation. Some may find the trigger assembly with the Zev Technologies Glock Pro Flat Face Trigger Kit to be a bit of a struggle as it is slightly more complex than some others. This is mostly due to the connector having to be changed out, which requires some technical skill and time.

– You have a defensive or duty gun. Shooters with a defensive gun who do not want to change out the connectors on it may not find this kit to their liking. Also, shooters with a duty gun may find that this may not be permitted for their weapon.


4. Overwatch Precision – Polymer Dat Kits


  • Made in the USA
  • Flat-faced trigger shoe
  • Solid body polymer
  • NP3-plated
  • Suitable for all Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3, Gen 4, Gen 5 Glock pistols

The Overwatch Precision Polymer Defensive Applications Trigger (DAT Trigger) Kit is perfect for those who would like to enhance their Glock triggers to the DAT Aluminium Trigger but are on a budget.

The company made it possible to bring the price of the standard version down by using a polymer button shoe instead of aluminium. It retains most of the main highlights of the standard aluminium trigger while being much more affordable.

The Overwatch Precision Polymer DAT Trigger is designed to have a broad flat face, allowing for fantastic self-correcting rearward trigger action that is straight. Similar to the company’s other counterparts, the trigger safety being wider than the stock trigger tab allows for better comfort on grip than the stock trigger. However, it is notable that the polymer shoe does give the trigger surface a feel that is similar to the stock trigger.

The flat face trigger shoe design also does reduce the distance by a bit, making it possible to press the trigger straight to the rear more easily without compromising the point of aim. This also makes it easier for shooters with smaller hands or shorter fingers, since the length of pull is shortened by as much as 20 percent – depending on different frame tolerances. Of course, even shooters with longer fingers would be able to notice the smoother and quicker pull, resulting in improved leverage and power that can be achieved due to this factor.

It is always desired of any new Glock trigger to have minimized pre-travel, and this Polymer DAT Trigger delivers in this aspect as well. Pre-travel is reduced without affecting firearms safety features, providing crisp and clean breaks with barely any over travel.

What may appeal best to most is that the Polymer DAT Trigger Kit is direct drop-in ready for many glock models; it works for all Gen 1 to 5 Glocks, though it is unfortunately not suited for the G19X pistols. The kit consists of the trigger shoe with an attached trigger bar and can be easily installed within minutes without changing the original pull weight by much. It improves trigger press while keeping your gun close to stock.

You would like this if:

– You want improved overall performance but are on a budget. The Polymer DAT Trigger provides improved trigger press and overall improved performance while being incredibly affordable.

– You have a duty gun with modification restrictions or prefer to keep the trigger press on your defensive guns close to stock. The Polymer DAT Trigger Kit is one of the best glock triggers for that purpose.

 You might not like this if:

– You want something extremely durable. The Polymer DAT Trigger is value for money, but it definitely isn’t as hardy as the standard aluminium version. 

– You are looking for a different feel. This trigger shoe feels very similar to the stock trigger. 


5. Lone Wolf Distributors – Adjustable Trigger with Trigger Bar


  • Made in the USA
  • Adjustable trigger without removal
  • 6061 aluminum
  • 9 and 40 versions suitable for Gen 3 – Gen 4 Glock pistols
  • Possible for Gen 1 – Gen 2 Glock pistols with some gunsmithing

The Lone Wolf Distributors Adjustable Trigger with Trigger Bar is a top pick for many as it offers high quality and consistency at an affordable price point. The trigger shoe is made of 6061 aluminum, making it lightweight while being sturdy. It needs to be noted that the 6061 aluminum has a slightly rough trigger face texture, which doesn’t give you as smooth a feeling as the 7075-T6 aluminum which some other triggers are machined with, but it is definitely not as rough as polymer. Those who are not fans of the standard Glock with its polymer texture would still prefer the trigger feel of the 6061 aluminum.

The Lone Wolf Distributors Adjustable Trigger comes with a trigger shoe shape that mimics the stock trigger’s shape, hence the press would feel rather similar to that of the stock trigger pull. It does come with an enlarged safety spring as well as the safety lever flushed to the trigger shoe, which increases the comfort of the finger placement.

One of the noteworthy features is that the Lone Wolf Dist Adjustable Trigger – as hinted in its name, comes with a trigger that can be adjusted without being removed from the gun itself. As expected, this enables the pre-travel and over travel to be adjusted with extreme ease, saving tonnes of time and effort as well as giving a crisper and cleaner break compared to the stock triggers.

Those interested in the Lone Wolf Distributors Adjustable Trigger with Trigger Bar should know that the 9 and 40 versions available are built to the specifics of Gen 3 and 4 Glock pistols and can be installed quite easily. However, fret not if you would like to install it for your Gen 1 or 2 pistol – all you need is the help of a gunsmith to do the necessary, and it would be well worth it as it is an excellent upgrade with minimal modification at an affordable cost.

You would like this if:

– You want a decent enhancement over the stock trigger. One of the best things about the Lone Wolf Distributors Adjustable Trigger with Trigger Bar is that it allows easy adjustment of pre-travel and overtravel to improve performance of your Glock..

– You don’t like the stock polymer texture. The Lone Wolf Distributors Adjustable Trigger is machined with a durable and lightweight 6061 aluminum shoe which is a lot less rough than the stock polymer trigger feel.

You might not like this if:

– You want something vastly different. The Lone Wolf Distributors Adjustable Trigger with Trigger Bar keeps hold of some of the main properties of the stock trigger since most of the parts do remain stock.


All the best choosing an aftermarket trigger for your Glock! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it troublesome to upgrade the Glock trigger?

No, it isn’t troublesome to upgrade the Glock trigger. Most of the Glock upgrade kits come in drop-in style, making it extremely simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. A few accessories such as the Glock tool, Manti tool or Ergo Mast would make the process much easier.

Will upgrading my Glock trigger enable me to shoot straight?

Yes and no. In the hands of a seasoned shooter who has developed their shooting style, the stock Glock trigger shoots perfectly straight; it takes practice, rather than any external enhancement, that enables one to shoot straight, and potentially help with your intention for self defense. Some of the Glock trigger upgrades, however, will make it slightly easier to do so since the improved features will enhance accuracy and performance. 

What Are The Different Types of Trigger Upgrades?

There’s various triggers available but essentially, they perform the same function where the differences actually lies in the trigger design. As for a drop in trigger, it is easy to install but trigger kits would certainly outperform individually assembled trigger parts.

Competition shooters have different needs for their trigger upgrades as compared to handguns used for home defense or self defense. Competition shooters would prefer lighter trigger pull to avoid the risk of the gun failing to fire. However, some of them prefer a heavier trigger pull if it is used as defense pistols.

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