Best Glock Compensators Reviewed [May 2023]

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Compensators are one great way to reduce recoil on your Glock. However, there are many different designs, and some come with unwanted effects. They can also be very difficult to work with your guns. With our guide, you will understand what a compensator is and how it works. 

Some gun owners avoided compensators on pistols – and for a good reason too. This was for a number of reasons, most of which are based on user perception of them as being unnecessary for the way it is intended for handguns: as carrying and defensive arms.

Some gun owners have for a long time perceived them as only useful for competition or exhibition firearms. Due to this perception, the same gun owners never bothered to give them more than a cursory look and have only fired compensated pistols on very rare occasions.

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Zev Technologies Pro Comp Compensators

Most Recommended Option

1. Large vent port for significant recoil reduction
2. Matches the slide shape to prevent sighting issues
3. Compatible with most Glock 34 holsters

Tyrant Designs Glock T-Comp1. Comes with Glock 43 compatibility
2. Can work on the standard ½-28 threaded barrels
3. Functions with most of the grain ammo that exists
9.5/10SHOP NOW
Uni-Compensator1. Fits the 9mm compensator
2. Compatible with various brands
3. Can work effortlessly with the standard ½-28 threaded barrels
9.5/10SHOP NOW
Glock 43, 43X, 48 T-Compensator1. Has a unique bullnose fitment
2. Installation requires only a small 16mm wrench
3. Comes with generation 3 to generation 5 compatibility
9.0/10SHOP NOW
Agency Arms LLC 417 Compensator Glock 43

1. Allows you to mount a front sight
2. Available in a all-black or gold finish
3. Works well with factory stock recoil-spring assembly

8.5/10SHOP NOW
Tyrant Designs CNC Quick Mount Compensator1. Quick mount two-piece design compensator installs easily
2. Revolutionary design prevents the need for alignment of the comp
3. Requires no modification and works flawlessly with all G43 9mm grains
7.5/10SHOP NOW
Compensators for 1/2×28 Threaded 9mm Barrels Glock1. Extremely compact and lightweight compensator
2. Angled ports for better performance
3. Available in a variety of colors to choose from
7.0/10Currently unavailable

The Reasons for  Getting A Glock V2 Compensator

Never has any muzzle device graced some gun owners’ pistols, unless you count putting an A2 flash hider on a threaded 9mm barrel as a running gag. Needless to say, given that a 9mm bullet is bigger in diameter than the aperture of a standard A2 flash hider, some people just didn’t put any live rounds through that particular setup. 

Over a period of some months, some gun owners been using a variety of compensators on Glock 19 handguns. They have been comparing them with standard model pistols without compensators as well as ported versions of the Glock 19. This comparison has been from the standpoint of determining what benefits and drawbacks there are to adding a comp to your pistol as well as how the latest generation of slim, lightweight compensators integrate with a personal defense pistol and if they are, in an overall sense, helpful for that purpose. 

To that end, we have pre-gathered 5 different compensators, a ported barrel (in Glock parlance, a compensated model), a stock barrel, and a threaded barrel. We have evaluated these options with consideration given to muzzle flash, muzzle rise reduction, ease of installation, bulk, and appearance. 

The five compensators in question were the Agency Arms 417, Agency Arms 417 Single Port, KKM 4-Port compensator, Texas Black Rifle Co Micro Comp V3, and ZEV Pro comp. I also had an Agency Arms G19 Urban ported model with an Agency ported barrel. Though the KKM comp had its own barrel with a unique muzzle thread, the other comps were attached to a Lone Wolf G19 9mm ½-28 threaded barrel. 

The first order of business for any gun owners is to find out how effective each comp was. This could have been achieved in several different ways – one of which is with a Ransom Rest. Without a Ransom Rest or other method of decreasing or eliminating human interference, changes in grip strength, and effort unnoticeable to the viewer could blur the differences between each device. 

One of the biggest questions for some gun owners was how the ported pistol – which, if it were a stock Glock, will be called Compensated by Gaston & Co. Some people may compare with the various compensators. Some gun owners are also curious how the comps designed to be as small as possible and fit inside existing Glock holsters for slightly lengthier models would compare with a larger v2 compensator like the KKM.

By setting up a camera at a secure position parallel to the direction the pistol was pointing before it was fired, shooters are able to determine the maximum angle of upward movement for each setup. This is because the Ransom Rest reliably held the pistol shot to shot, enabling shooters to observe consistent results for each compensator as they fired multiple shots per device. Even when shooters broke down the setup and then reassembled it as a test, they are able to observe the same amount of muzzle rise lessening for the same devices with the same ammunition. 

There are some results that are not surprising – but also some that were. 

Which results are not surprising? Well, it came as no huge surprise to some people that the KKM compensator was the most effective. It was the biggest, and we all know that the bigger the better, right? It was definitely heavier than the others, and there is something to be said for assigning a big weight to the end of the muzzle in order to keep it from coming up. However, it also has the largest ports, and that lets it achieve greater recoil reduction than any other compensator or ported barrel combination on the market. 

Shooters are also not surprised that the smallest compensator was the least effective in terms of recoil reduction – the Agency Arms 417 Single Port. That verdict alone might condemn it to be ignored by some, however, it shouldn’t be. As you’ll see later, it is for other motives one of the best all-around choices for a carry compensators. 

In the middle are the Agency Arms 417, the ZEV Pro, and the Texas Black Rifle Co (TBRCI) compensators. Although the Agency and ZEV slightly edged out the TBRCI in terms of muzzle rise reduction. The difference here was approximately 1 or 2 degrees out of a total range of 12 degrees of muzzle rise reduction experiential across all devices. If one of these interests you, do not let a 1/2 a degree or a 1-degree difference in muzzle rise reduction be your deciding factor. 

The ammunition perused for all muzzle rise test shots was Fiocchi 124gr FMJ, which shooters have found to be quite stout for a standard pressure 9mm load. You’ll see mention of both Agency Urban Gen 4 and stock Gen 2 slides. There was a 0.1% difference between the muzzle rise of the stock and Agency slides when no compensators are used, and the various comps were within 1-2% of one another when compared between the slides. 

You’ll also discover how to select some of the best compensators to suit your needs from our list of the best compensators over the last few years. With a little homework, it’s easy to find the most suitable compensator and get it running. The good news is, we have already done your homework, so read on!

What is A Glock Compensator and What Is It For?

It will definitely be nice to live in a fantasy land where there’s no such thing as recoil, but short of finding such a place, we have to find many creative ways to minimize it. While it’s possible to implement minor tricks like using less gunpowder, there are more effective gear alternatives.

It’s useful to, first and foremost, understand what’s happening: when you fire your gun, gas bursts with the gunpowder both forward and out of the muzzle and to the rear in a display of the Third Law of Motion. That rear blast is the recoil. That means if we want to minimize recoil, we have to do something about that gas blowing back.

One of the things we do is to use a compensator. These devices use baffle plates and expansion chambers to trap gas and deflect it. As you may expect, there are a number of ways to do that, some more well-organized than others, and at the end of the day, we are talking about adding weight to your guns. Add the fact that it requires to be durable and, you guessed it, choosing one that works well and is affordable can be really rough.

The Criteria: How to Choose The Best Glock Compensator

With this list of criteria in mind, let’s first round up some important things to watch for when choosing a compensator so that we can get the most bang (but the least recoil) for your money: 


As stated, compensators add weight and depending on the models, it can be a lot. Since compensators aren’t really critical, you’ll definitely need to consider the trade-off. How much weight is satisfactory in the quest for less recoil? That’s pretty much up to you, but we try to find the lighter ones. 


Since there is a diversity of ways to build a compensator, some will be more effective than other compensators. They may also introduce side effects, such as redirecting some gas out of your muzzle, which can change bullet trajectory. 


Some compensators are multifaceted enough that you’ll require a gunsmith to install them. That may be worth it, but it’s good to know what you are getting into. 


Conventionally, compensators attach to your gun’s barrel. However, bushing compensators replace the barrel bushing, attaching it to the side. 


Compensators can get pretty expensive, but reducing recoil does not need to break the bank. Use our evaluations and reviews to find the right compensator for your needs without spending too much. 

Reviews of the Best Glock Compensator

Because there are so many different types of compensators, and compensators can introduce new and potentially unneeded effects to your shooting, it’s hard to find the right one.

In our reviews, we point out the strengths of each compensator we reviewed, and why it’s worthy of your consideration. That as well as potential reasons you may want to pass on it and leave it out of consideration. Read each review, and you are sure to find the suitable and right one for you.

1. Tyrant Designs Glock T-Comp


The recent buyers of this compensator have said nothing but positive reviews about this new Tyrant compensator, as is expected from the company. The attention to detail and the fit finish made it a service perfect design.

The super-easy installation is another pro to look out for, as it does not need any set screws to fit your Glock 43 flawlessly. From a firearms professional’s point of view, this Glock 43 Tyrant compensator stood out among the rest because of its uncompromised design and engineering freedom it provides by eliminating the need for set screws and still remaining firm with your firearm in all heated situations.

The compensator of this t-comp needs no changes and is compatible with any grain ammunition you may use. The dramatic decrease in sensed recoil and muzzle rise makes it a perfect match for rough-housing and any individual who needs an instant hold on their firearm. Furthermore, this aftermarket compensator is the best purchase for people looking for a cheaper model that can work on their pro-level firearms.

The assumption is that this Glock 43 tyrant compensator is the balanced equipment your firearm needs because of its compatibility with ½-28 threaded barrels, and its compensator needs no modification while using with any grain ammunition. On top of that, it is an excellent model that provides reliability in a range of situations, which further add to its appeal.


2. Uni-Compensator


Recent buyers cannot be more pleased with the presentation of this Uni Comp compensator model. It is known to be highly effectual because of its compatibility with a range of diverse models including Glock, Walther, and Sig Sauer. It can also work with a range of different grain ammunitions, which makes it all the more tempting to buyers.

The most unique feature of the Uni Comp model is its capability to reduce muzzle rise to an important degree and ensure sensed recoil. This allows you a faster and smoother target acquisition and makes sure that you complete your tasks faster than usual.

Moreover, its higher compatibility with 28 threaded barrels means that it does not require any kind of modifications to be made to the model. That way it can be relied upon in any kind of situation.

Whether you are a competitive shooter or a range day shooter, rest assured that with this model, you can achieve the latest and better heights of perfection. The best thing about this compensator is that it does not need a lot of practice to perfect it. The easy design is kept modest intentionally to help you learn the skill quicker and in a better way.

If you are looking to outdo and outperform your competition, then this is certainly the model for you. It not only comes with better compatibility, but it can fit into many different brands like Glock and CZ rather easily. It also reduces muzzle rise and sensed recoil, which makes it one of the most notable models in the market.


3. Agency Arms LLC 417 Compensator Glock 43


This compensator is specially designed for Glock 43 and it serves its purpose really well. The compensator is convenient to install and stays firmly in place. The compensator increases a bit of weight to the front but makes the G43 easier to control and more accurate. It looks aesthetically pleasing and is obtainable in black and gold colors.

This compensator is very stress-free to install and comes packaged with all the needed mounting hardware. It is durable, reliable, and works well also with OEM handgun parts. It has a slot on the top that allows you to add sight to intensify your sight radius. Additionally, the aesthetics of this compensator are also really impressive.

Last on our list, the Agency Arms LLC 417 Compensator for the Glock 43 is a brilliant offering. The Glock 43 is one of the smallest 9mm handguns that are on the market, filling an excellent niche for concealed carry. That being said, this small size and its chambering in 9mm turn it into quite the recoil capital compared to other guns.

Thankfully, this compensator positions any threaded barrels by using a standard thread pitch of ½x28 threads per inch. You will get 2 vertical ports and 2 side ports. The careful assignment of these ports ensures minimized recoil, as well as muzzle climb.

It is engineered from a high-quality 7075 aluminum, featuring 2 different finishes to choose from, gold or black. While we typically do not rate aesthetic customization options as highly as functional ones, however, we do commend the tasteful gold.

What we really are fond of is how the factory stock recoil-spring assembly can be used to mount this compensator. There is no need to buy extra parts from Agency Arms LLC or anyone else. Furthermore, the device has an engineered hole so that you can mount a front sight, increasing the sight radius. This is quite a value, as it’s like receiving another new product altogether.

Lastly, it ships with all the needed screws to install the compensator, although installation is a piece of cake compared to more complex devices. Overall, it’s quick and easy to get it functioning, and you will enjoy the reduced recoil and beautiful looks of this compensator in no time.

The possible downside is the cost, as it’s one of the more expensive options on our list. That being said, it’s practical to remember that you are getting more here, most notably the machined hole to enhance a front sight. It wouldn’t be fair to compare its cost to compensators that do not come with this feature, and it’s certainly worth the price it is charging! However, if you’re not looking for extra features, then it may be a bit much.

The compensator is perfect for self-defense purposes, target practice, and competitive shooting. Since it has been specially designed for the G43, you can also use it for EDC. Since Glock 43 is a very popular concealed carry handgun anyway. The compensator lets you mount aftermarket sights that can be a plus point for people who like customizations.

The Agency Arms Glock 43 compensator is a great piece of aftermarket equipment. It delivers a sizeable reduction in recoil and allows you to increase the sight radius of your handgun. It is a good choice for practice and self-defense purposes. However, it is priced relatively higher than other compensators on our list. Which may or may not be justifiable for everybody.

Those who do not mind spending a bit more on a compensator will receive not only an outstanding product, but also bonus features, such as the aptitude to mount a front sight.


4. Glock 43, 43X, 48 T-Compensator


The recent buyers of this compensator have proposed nothing but positive reviews about this new Tyrant compensator, as is expected from the company. The attention to detail and the fit finish make it a service perfect design. The extremely convenient installation is another pro to count for, as it does not need any set screws to fit your Glock 43 perfectly.

In a professional’s opinion, this Glock 43 Tyrant compensator stands out because of its uncompromised design and engineering freedom it provides by removing the need for set screws and still staying firm with your firearm in all circumstances. The compensator of this T-comp needs little to no modification and is compatible with any grain ammunition you plan to use.

The melodramatic reduction in sensed recoil and muzzle rise makes it a great fit for rough-housing and any individual who needs an instant hold on their firearm. Furthermore, this aftermarket compensator is one of the best buys for people looking for a more affordable model that could work on their pro-level firearms.

The bottom line is that this Glock 43 tyrant compensator is the balanced equipment your firearm requires because of its compatibility with ½-28 threaded barrels, and its compensator needs little to no modifications while using with any grain ammunition. 

Furthermore, it is an excellent model that offers reliability in many ranges of situations, which adds to its appeal.


5. Compensators for 1/2×28 Threaded 9mm Barrels for Glock (Multiple Colour Options)

The most impressive structures of this compensator are its weight, function, and aesthetics. Users simply love the difference it creates in precision by countering the recoil and muzzle rise. The multiple color choices available to choose from, and the simple installation are also distinguishing features of this compensator.

The compensator is remarkably lightweight. It weighs only 0.5 ounces, or 14 grams, and is very dense. Which means it will not interfere with handling. It fits all 1/2×28 threaded 9mm barrels and 9/16×24 barrels that allow you to use it on multiple handguns. 

For those who like to add on a touch of personalization to their firearms, the RYG high-performance compensator certainly has you covered, with 6 different colors to choose from. You can opt color ranges from black, blue, purple, orange, silver, and pink. Of course, not everyone wants or cares about having a huge variety of colors or customizing their Glock for its looks. However, it’s not something you see every single day.

You may think that because there are color options that these are cheap parts, but in reality, they are made from high-quality aluminum to endure gas pressure and high temperatures, and as such, should last a very long time.

Additionally, they are some of the lightest compensators. They weigh in at only 0.5 ounces. They are small, too, only at 0.996 inches wide, 0.758 inches tall, and 1.2 inches long. As you can see, there truly will not be any noticeable difference in the heft of your 9mm Glock. They are made in the United States.

Performance is good, with forward-facing ports guiding gas to a rear angle and pushing the pistol forward to minimize recoil. Meanwhile, vertical ports on top thrust your pistol down for faster targeting.

Installation is relatively simple, as the RYG high-performance compensator simply threads onto your barrel and is protected in place with included screws. Easy and wild, you’ll be up and running with reduced recoil in no time. Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning that these only work with 9mm Glocks.

The compensator is good for competitions, hunting, and widespread range practice. It is also a good choice for people who likes modifying the aesthetics of their handguns. The large and multiple backward vents offer reasonable recoil reduction and allow the shooter to get a better grip and correctness on the weapon.

This RYG compensator fits all Glock handguns chambered in 9mm caliber. It is available in multiple colors and is extremely lightweight and dense in design. It can be installed or removed with much ease and includes a bottom screw nut for better stability. On top of that, the compensator has been manufactured in the USA and features amazing build quality. 

Not only do RYG compensators let you in on the rare ability to choose your preferred color. However, they are some of the lightest and smallest around.

6. Tyrant Designs CNC Quick Mount Compensator


Gun users value the out-of-the-box design and engineering of this compensator. While many firearms users seem impressed by the aesthetics and performance, others talk about the convenience of installation on G43. However, the design of this device makes it moderately difficult to clean.

This compensator comes with a unique and revolutionary design. The 2-piece design comes with a base platform and a compensator. This lets you easily install and remove the brakes without the need to time or align it with the handgun. The ejecting gas finds the laidback path out of the compensator so you do not have to worry about the port alignment as well.

The compensator is perfect for Competitions, self-defense purposes, and EDC. It is a great instrument for recoil sensitive people. The compensator functions perfectly with modified open-ended holsters and is well-matched with most 9mm grain weights. It is also perfect for people who find alignment hard and require a simpler choice.

This compensator features a unique pattern and comes pre-packed with all the installation hardware. The comp is in itself very lightweight and does not add any bulk to the handgun. It is relaxed to install and looks great on the Glock 43. That and at the same time, not being an expensive addition. 


7. Zev Technologies Pro Comp Compensators for 9mm Glock 12-28 Threads Black 


The firearms users of this compensator praise it for its flawless function, aesthetics, and ease of installation. The compensator works pretty well with all grains of 9mm ammunition and works well with most handguns of the caliber. However, it releases a loud bang and sometimes muzzles flash. However, its pros outweigh the cons completely.

The compensator looks like a kind of space-age technology and brings an exceptional reduction in recoil and muzzle rise. It works well with OEM spring guide and rods and has space in its bottom to prevent the guide rod from contact. On top of that, it is very compact and works well with most 9mm Glock handguns.

The Zev Technologies Pro Compensator is an extremely compact compensator. As a matter of fact, when you install it on a Glock 19 with a similar Zev threaded barrel, it actually has the same length as a Glock 34 slide and becomes really compatible with most Glock 34 holsters. This is a great benefit, as compensators can definitely impact your ability to use holsters. Either way, it will fit and function on any Glock 9mm handguns that come equipped with a threaded barrel.

The Zev Pro Compensator functions by channeling pressure through simple side ports. It is not an urbane design per se, but then again 9mm does not produce a lot of recoils. It also works with few alterations to the recoil spring or guide rod, and usually works with an OEM set up. Some arrangements may require a proprietary Zev guide rod and recoil spring.

On top of that, it is made from high quality 7075 billet aluminum with an anodized completion. Its small size and light edifice ensure a lightweight that will not affect the overall bulk of your gun. It peruses a T15 Torx bit, so it’s nice and safe.

It should be especially useful for fans of Zev Technologies parts, as it couples nicely with just about all of their other components and they do make a lot of high-quality parts. It’s always nice to know that you can regulate a set with assured compatibility, as sometimes even parts from the same brand may not necessarily be compatible.

The compensator is a great choice for competitions, range practice, hunting, and EDC/Self-defence. The compact size and easy compatibility with suitable holsters make the weapon convenient to carry. While it was specially designed for Glock 19, it works well with other handguns in the same caliber and threading. 

The Zev Pro Glock compensator is a dense, lightweight, and great-looking muzzle device for your Glock 19 or other 9mm Glock handguns. It transports a significant reduction in muzzle recoil and is really easy to install. While you may find it a bit loud on the range, it specifically serves the purpose it was made for. 

For 9mm Glock owners, a lightweight compensator without a significant silhouette can bring out the best in competitive shooting. You can expect Zev Technologies bids up a mighty little unit that is capable of performing well.



Compensators can be a complicated device for many gun owners, as there are many kinds out there. They can also be very humble if you know what to look for, and so, we have rounded up a great set of humble compensators that do the job just fine without needless complexity or cost. Choosing the suitable one for you is as easy as reading our guide to defining your needs and browsing our reviews to find the product that meets those needs. When you have found the fitting compensator, follow along with our tutorial to get it up and running. Then hit the range and enjoy your reduced recoil compensator!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the best pistol compensator do for a Glock?

It reduces recoil and increases precision in your guns. The parallel port compensation system reduces muzzle flip and felt recoil and helps in quicker second shot target acquisition.

From the first shot to the very last, the shooter gets improved shooting speed and minimum muzzle rise with little or no loss of speed.

The barrel has 2 small, elongated ports that straddle the centerline and exhaust through 2 vents cut into the top of the slide. So the compensated barrel lets you to get back on target quicker for the critical follow-up shot.

How to Install Glock Compensators?

The installation process differs among the Glock compensators. However, each Glock compensator is usually equipped with a manual guide and video on the manufacturer’s website to ease the installation process. Generally for models that use set screw, you’d be required to remove the slide from the gun and the recoil spring from the slide assembly. Alternatively, those models that utilize set screw, you’d be required to loosen the set screw sufficiently to apply the thread protector.

Then, you’d have to make sure the barrel threads are clean to procced applying the thread protector. However, this isn’t the case from set screw where you’d have to apply thread locking material generously. 

Once completed. slide the Glock compensator over the muzzle brake. Then, secure it by screwing it onto the barrel threads until it is touching the slide. Next, adjust it until the alignment with the slide is aligned then fasten the set screw. After that, allocate a few hours for the thread locking material to dry off completely.

Once that’s done, slide the compensator over the muzzle and screw it onto the barrel threads until it makes contact with the slide. Once it does, back it off until it is aligned with the slide and then tighten the set screws. Allow two to three hours for the thread locking material to set.

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