Best Glock Carbine Conversion Kits (2022)

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Glock carbine conversion kits seem like a complicated subject to navigate, but with the right review listicle, you’ll be on your way to massively enhancing your Glock to unlock capabilities it simply wouldn’t otherwise have, all while recollecting the excellent accuracy it already has. Read on for a breakdown on carbine kit basics, the best ones on the market, and how to understand and effectively follow applicable laws.

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Command Arms Acc Roni Conversion Stock for Glock

Most Recommended Option

1. Light and durable construction
2. Compatible with a wide range of Glock models
3. Adjustable shoulder stock

Command Arms Acc Pistol Modular Grip1. 24cm upper flattop rail for sights, night vision, or magnifiers
2. Compatible with a wide range of Glock Gen 3 and 4 models
3. No disassembly of your pistol is necessary
9.5/10SHOP NOW
Command Arms Acc Roni Civilian Carbine Stock with 16 Inches Barrel for Glock 171. Ambidextrous design accommodates all users
2. Provides an additional 35 to 55 yards of effective range
3. Includes many accommodating features for a variety of setups
9.0/10SHOP NOW

Legality of Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit

Before you go about applying one of the conversion kits in our guide, it’s critical to be aware of applicable laws. As these vary from each American state to state, it’s easy to end up on the wrong side of the law if not well-versed in your local regulations. 

Let’s start with some history. Your average handgun and rifle aren’t regulated by the NFA. On the other hand, short-barrelled rifles are. You must complete registration through the ATF and pay up taxes. So, how are a handgun, a rifle, or short-barreled rifle distinct? 

The solution is in Federal Law 27 CFR 478.11 (USA law). Handguns have a short stock and can be held and fired with only a single hand. A rifle is a weapon envisioned for firing from your shoulder. Short-barrelled rifles have barrels under 16 inches long or have an entire length of under 26 inches. This includes folding stocks when fully extended unless the stock can be taken off. 

Let’s piece it all together: moving from a handgun to a rifle needs no special NFA compliance. However, you should be aware that if your handgun winds up firing from the shoulder and doesn’t conform to the 16-inch barrel-length prerequisite or 26-inch overall-length requirement, you have legally created a short-barrelled rifle. As such, it will need to be registered to the ATF and be taxed first. 

Now, if you add a vertical fore-grip, it gets into the foggy territory. It’s neither intended to be fired from the shoulder nor with one hand. The short answer is, it goes into the category of “Other” and has to be registered. 

You should also be informed of state laws, as this is the Federal Law we have summarised. You are probably aware that American states can and will at times pass laws to outlaw numerous accessories, and whether or not such laws are determined to be Constitutional may not matter in the short term if you’re found in defilement. 

If you find yourself in a situation you don’t comprehend or it appears to be a grey area, then get on the side of caution, as at a federal level, the violation carries severe consequences, including up to ten years of incarceration and simply isn’t worth going through it. 

The Types of Carbine Conversion Kits for Glock

There are a variety of carbine kits offered, each turning your Glock into something exclusive. Some basic alterations include: 

Shoulder Stock 

This may be done an assortment of ways, often by implementing a holster that can be used as a shoulder stock, attached to the pistol’s grip. 

Front Sliding 

With this feature, the front end of the kit can slide forward, allowing mounting of various accessories. 

Foldable Stock

With some kits, it’s possible to have a foldable stock, often removable. 

Increased Barrel Length 

Often joined with a shoulder stock, and also often elective in carbine kits, an increased barrel length can be added for additional accuracy. 

As you can see for yourself, conversion kits are not a one-size-fits-all answer, but rather are designed to find a custom solution to a common problem: the limits of the Glock. While the Glock is an outstanding handgun, conversion kits allow it to easily function more like a rifle. 

The Criteria: Aspects to Consider Before Buying Glock Conversion Kit

Choosing a carbine conversion kit can be complex, with many aspects on a buyer’s radar. You’ll want to consider the following aspects and features: 

Dimension (Size and Weight) 

A carbine conversion kit can radically change the appearance, size, and weight of your gun, so you will unconditionally want to be sure you know what you are getting into. It goes without saying that you will definitely need to consider where you want to store your weapon, how you will be using it, what you are comfortable holding, and so on. 

Build Quality 

There are so many kits out there and quality is a huge spectrum. In particular, you want to pay close attention to the quality of the parts used and make sure that the manufacturer performs demanding to test on their components. 


It is very little to no point in reaping the benefits of conversion if your accuracy suffers too much. While for short-range shooting this may be of a lesser concern, it should be paramount for anyone hunting or sport shooting. 

Ease of Installation and Methods 

A conversion isn’t among the simplest of alterations one can do. That’s not to say it’s extremely difficult, but it will be as difficult as the producer makes it. A really great kit will have clear instructions and apply design options that make the task as simple as possible. 

The 3 Best Glock Carbine Conversion Kit – Revealed

Use the below appraisals of the best Glock carbine conversion kits to find a conversion kit that fulfills your needs, without being too difficult or heavy. Remember that each is exclusive, and while we will analyze each on technical details and value, your firearm needs to matter the most.

1. Command Arms Acc Roni Conversion Stock for Glock (Gen 3 and 4)


The Roni conversion stock is quite satisfying, especially at this budget point. The stock is as strategic as a conversion platform can become, and offers excellent shooting comfort even while on the move. The kit is lightweight and compatible with many Glock models, offering buyers good value for money.

The kit has an adjustable telescopic stock and an adaptable cheek rest to offer the best shooting stance. Three Picatinny rails provide plenty of accessory mounting space. While the detachable folding fore-grip and rear magazine holder add to the convenience of operation. The kit is quite rugged and will stand against the test of time.

Another excellent resolution for Glock owners looking to have instant customization ability with nominal effort, the Roni Conversion Stock For Glock Gen 3 & 4 from Command Arms Acc needs no disassembly, just like the last product featured on this list. It is well-matched with Glock models 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 25, 31, and 32.

It offers immediate improved grip and stability. You’ll also enjoy 3 Picatinny rails for whatever accessories you would like to add proximately upon installation. However, this model sweetens the pot with a series of great features. First, you will receive an adjustable shoulder stock. This allows the gun owner to really implement the already great accuracy of your Glock. A five-position collapsible buttstock is button-activated and is comprehensive with a comfortable and adjustable cheek piece. Finally, it also includes a detachable folding forearms grip, a rear magazine holder, and a security level for the trigger guard.

These beautiful features are underlined by a solid design made from high-grade aircraft aluminum and polymer material, ensuring long life and durability no matter where you take it. Additionally, the economical design enhances only 3.1 pounds to your setup (before you add on more accessories, of course).

Overall, it is an excellent option for a quick setup that delivers features to retain comfort and enhance the existing accurateness of the Glock. Our only censure would be that this would be a perfect model to make ambidextrous, but that won’t impact the huge majority of users significantly. As it is, it only allows for right-handed gun users.

The kit is a great choice for people looking to have a world-wide solution for their Glock conversions. The adjustable nature and customizability make the kit appropriate for tactical and defense uses. Furthermore, the simple “drop-in” get-together is a great time saver. It’s definitely a good kit for seasoned pros.

The Roni conversion kit is for thoughtful shooters who want a complete Glock conversion kit. It delivers everything you can ever ask for from a conversion kit while keeping the weight low to an ideal level for suitable performance.

Providing great quality-of-life features and inclined heavily on the Glock’s accuracy, this conversion kit provides great and easy flexibility.


2. Command Arms Acc Pistol Modular Grip


Users found its overall weight and feel of this platform to be easy and comfortable. While the kit feels light in weight, it is also quite rugged to endure harsh treatment. People also like the ease of using this modular grip since it is a simple “drop-in” kit.

The main features of this conversion kit are its dense design, simple installation, and the getting for accessories. The kit does not take up much space and can be functioned with a single hand if needed. It is also well-matched with a lot of gen 3 and gen 4 models, making it a “value for your money” product.

The Command Arms Pistol Modular Grip is an excellent choice for Glock owners looking for accommodation along with their carbine conversion kit and those who prefer simplicity at the same time. It is available in models compatible with Gen three and four models 17, 18, 22, 25, 31, and 32, providing you with a wide range of coverage.

A 24cm upper flattop rail provides lodging for a variety of sights, night vision, or magnifier. Additionally, there are 3 Picatinny rails for your other accessories, such as a laser. Overall, there is a lot of customization to be had.

The complete design is comfortable and relatively lightweight, as its frame is efficiently designed while still rocky. You will instantly get better and increased stability and a better grip. Despite its lightweight building, it’s made from a combination of aluminum and polymer material, so it is also quite rugged and should hold up well in any environment.

The real appeal of this setup is the fact that there is no disassembly needed for your existing Glock. Instead, you just have to drop it right into the shell.

While by itself it won’t necessarily mend performance, and the grip and stability are accepted but not game-changers, the easy and instant flexibility to do so much surely hold appeal. It is not so much an instant improvement as it is a route to planned improvement, but it’s certainly a great solution to starting your perfect build.

This kit is for people who just want to enhance accessories to their Glock while keeping its size to a minimum. It allows the gun user to choose the type of stock they will like to use. Therefore improving the level of customizability and overall shooting coziness. 

The kit has sufficient rail space for optics and a very compact design for maneuverability and concealment. It does not need you to disassemble your firearm, which makes it even more immediate and simple to use. Additionally, the platform is quite rocky and will take a lot of beating before it gives up.

Glock owners of a wide diversity of models will enjoy the easy and instant suppleness afforded by the simple Pistol Modular Grip design from Command Arms Acc.


3. Command Arms Acc Roni Civilian Carbine Stock with 16 Inches Barrel for Glock 17


Most gun users seem impressed with the ease of installation, perfect fit, maximum performance, and the possibilities of adding accessories. While a few gun users mentioned that the kit needs some fitting – the process is simple and not very technical. The Picatinny rails are perfect for adding accessories and the kit looks pretty great to many gun owners too.

This ACC conversion kit can convert your Glock 17 rifle into a fully functional rifle within a matter of a few minutes. The stock is excessively tactical and has a lot of space for adding extra fittings. The extra barrel included with the stock helps you in bringing the accuracy of your G17 to the level of a rifle. The rear mag holder, detachable fore-grip, and safety lever trigger guard are also distinguishing features.

The RONI C-G2 is equipped with a large 16 inches barrel to fall outside of NFA rules and is perfect for anyone who is looking for a more aggressive-looking choice. Additionally, it recovers grip and stability, so you will always be ready for any situations. It also provides some agreeable amenities, including a removable folding forearm grip, a rear magazine holder, and a safety-lever for the gun’s trigger guard. For your comfort, it offers an adjustable cheek rest.

It has got the basics covered, too, as the RONI C-G2 supports many firearms accessories. With a 10-inch upper flattop rail, you will be able to combine sights, night vision, and magnifiers. Meanwhile, a 5 inches Picatinny side rail on each side supports lasers or lights. Complete the setup with a suppressor up to 35.5mm in diameter.

We appreciate that Command Arms has made this carbine conversion kit with an ambidextrous design in mind, which encompasses the trigger-guard safety as well as the raising handle, which is speedy and easy. Overall, it is very helpful for many users and setups. You should be well informed, however, that it only fits Glock Gen 3 through 4, including compensated models, 17 and 17C.

How does it work? You will be able to extend the actual range of your Glock an additional 35 to 55 yards in the very least, although of course, going beyond this is certainly conceivable with skill and proper setup. Given how helpful the RONI C-G2 is, it is surely likely to equip it for much further use in practice.

The kit is perfect for gun owners who are more comfortable with using rifles as compared to handguns. Since the kit does not need an NFA, you can use it as a weapon to carry in your car for self-defense purposes. Additionally, the improvement in accuracy in handling the Glock also makes it a good private or home defense tool.

The ACC conversion kit has been particularly designed for gen 3 and 4 Glock 17s, including the previous compensated models. The kit has widespread space for accessorization, while the extra barrel increases the accuracy and performance by 10 times. A must-have kit for tactical uses and defense purposes.

The RONI C-G2 is a perfect Glock carbine conversion kit for gun users who need a lot of variety or versatility in their setup, as it cares for a wide variety of gun users and uses.



The bottom line is that finding the right carbine conversion kit for your Glock can be a delicate business, however, there is nothing tricky about how great they can be for massively enhancing the function of a Glock.

Read through our guide to determine the best conversion kit for you, however, be sure to follow all applicable laws. In particular, pay close attention to our careful separation of how various firearms are defined so that you do not wind up into conflict and pay a hefty price. With our guide, you can circumnavigate the laws and market to relish a perfectly legal and hefty upgrade to your Glock’s capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can any Glock be used in a Conversion Kit?

No. You must check the compatibility of your conversion kit to distinguish which Glock models are accepted by it. Since different Glock models differ in their sizes, calibers, and other dimensions, every conversion kit does not accept every model. You should always check with the seller/manufacturer to get the list of Glock models that are compatible with the kit.

While there are conversion kits on the market that are compatible with Gen 3, Gen 4, and Gen 5 Glocks. When you dig deeper, you will definitely find they support only certain specific models.

What can pistol to carbine conversions be used for?

Glock conversion kits could be used to build an AR 15 chambered in a pistol caliber such as 9mm. Hence, these Glock conversion kits are excellent to those gun owners that are willing to spend or even those that spends a lot of time at shooting range. As such, these Glock conversion kits are alternative for those who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of building AR 15 from scratch. Plus, you’d mount your Glock in Glock carbine conversion kits for only one-thirds of the price of building an AR 15 which would make you feel that you’ve a new gun to bring to the shooting range.

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