Best AR-15 Trigger Guards (2022) – Reviewed

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A trigger guard is probably one of the most underrated and neglected parts of a rifle. The majority of gun owners don’t even consider finding out about its uses and how it derived into use. In this updated 2021 list, we will be discussing the significance of a trigger guard for your AR-15 rifle and will help you in picking a suitable choice from some of the best trigger guards that are currently available on the market.

No matter what the situation is, a quality trigger guard is able to give you easy access to the trigger even when you are wearing gloves. In addition to all of that, it also gives you a place to rest your fingers when you find yourself not ready to shoot. The principal benefit of using an AR-15 trigger guard is when you are in combat situations or hunting, you definitely do not want to shoot anything by accident.

At the same time, trigger guards provide you with a safe and reliable point of contact to locate the trigger in dangerous conditions like rain or snow. In layman’s terms, you can keep your focus on the target relatively than having to look down and find the trigger finger when you want to open fire. Overall, the best trigger guards on the market will be made of Billet aluminum material in order to provide you with the durability and comfort that you have always been looking for.

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Troy Enhanced Trigger Guard

Most Recommended Option

1. It can handle harsh weather conditions
2. Easy to install
3. Excellent quality

Magpul AR 15 Trigger Guard1. Resistant to all kinds of hot and cold weather
2. Stays secure
3. Super durable quality
9.5/10SHOP NOW
Dead On Arms Oversized Trigger Guard1. Super durable quality
2. Very easy to install
3. Some finishes make the trigger pop
9.0/10SHOP NOW
Molin Labe Laser Engraved Enhanced Trigger1. Eliminates the annoying gap at the rear of standard trigger guards
2. Provides increased clearance for use with gloves
3. Permanent laser engraved etching
8.5/10Currently unavailable

How To Identify The Best AR 15 Trigger Guard?

There are three major features you have to look for in a trigger guard before purchasing it.


A trigger guard must be hard-wearing enough to endure any pressure or unanticipated ‘blows’. Guards manufactured from steel and high-grade polymers are often freely available on the market. It should be resistant to heat, cold and moisture so it does not snap and splinter or rust with time.


Another significant factor to take into consideration is the comfort of using a trigger guard. At times you may want to use your AR-15 with gloves on. A trigger guard has to be wide and roomy enough to let your trigger finger roam freely and re-acquire the trigger effortlessly. It must also have suave and ergonomic edges to protect your trigger finger from bruising and wounding. For obvious reasons, it shouldn’t mess up your glove either.

Ease of Installation – Why Does AR 15 Trigger Guard Installation Matters?

Easy installation translates into easy removal and thus less issues. A good trigger guard has to be easy to fit with your rifle. The pins should be stress-free to peen out and must get installed with a light hammer push. A trigger guard is usually a flat or curved piece of stamped aluminum material that can be easily installed using two pins. 

What Is The Purpose of The Trigger Guard?

The simple and straightforward motive of a trigger guard is for safety matters. A trigger guard provides you a placeholder to place your finger until you feel that you are ready to fire a shot. A trigger guard fits well in line with one of the safety rules of handling firearms – that is, never to place your finger on the trigger unless you are more than sure that you are ready to open fire.

A trigger guard helps avoid any accidental discharge of the weapon while you are carrying or placing it. They are particularly useful in situations like combat and hunting, where you do not want to shoot anything by accident. That is especially imperative when you may be suddenly surprised by any incentive, or risk knocking your rifle while you are moving.

Trigger guards are also supportive while you work on your weapon you’re your gloves on. A trigger guard can be positioned around or away from the trigger (such as when you are in arctic conditions), whichever assignment is best for the environment. Apart from all of this, trigger guards provide the shooter a tangible point of contact to trace the trigger in situations like rain, snow and darkness. This means that you do not have to see downwards and search for the trigger every period you want to open fire.

The 4 Best AR 15 Trigger Guards For The Money in 2022

Now that we are done with what purpose does a trigger guard provides, let us have a look at what are the best that are currently on the market. You can even find the type in business that benefits you. 

1. Magpul AR-15 Trigger Guard

Magpul AR-15 Trigger Guard


This Magpul trigger guard is considered impressive according to a lot of rifle owners. They have mentioned it as one of the toughest trigger guards that are present in the business. One rifle owner said that this trigger guard stays cool even after an extremely long day of shooting at the range. As expected, most rifle owners are able to install this in a matter of a few minutes.

This trigger guard is made from top-notch polymer material, however, it is really tough like aluminum. Aside from being robust and easy to install, it is a trigger guard that will hardly heat up like some of the accessories and parts of a AR-15 rifle. Even after an extremely long period of firing off many rounds, some parts of the rifle may get a little warm. However, not with this little unit. At the same time, the weather does not stand a chance against a trigger guard like this one.

This trigger, guard designed and made by Magpul, has been manufactured from a high-grade polymer material, which is quite resilient and resistant to temperature and moisture alike. The polymer edifice also makes the guard scratch-proof and maintains its color.

The guard features a “V” shape, which provides gun owners and gun handlers with an extra space to shoot comfortably with their gloves on. The guard or lower receiver does not need any changes for installation.

This will be a trigger guard that can be used in either a hunting activity or target shooting situation, or even better yet, any outdoor activities that involve the use of a AR-15 can basically benefit from this trigger guard. Especially when it is built like a tank and can take on even the most dangerous weather conditions. 

The Magpul AR-15/M16 MOE Trigger Guard is probably the one entity you will want on your rifle if you want something that can help prevent any accidental discharges. Furthermore, it will be harmless to handle even when other parts of the rifles are a little too blistering to hold onto.


2. Troy Enhanced Guard 

Troy Enhanced Rifle Trigger Guard


A lot of newer AR-15 trigger guard of this brand’s buyers are quite satisfied with this trigger guard. One of the biggest advantages for them was being able to handle their rifles with great improvement. Especially during winter season when they have to wear gloves. The installation was extremely easy according to one of the gun users. He also said that he was quite pleased to use his AR-15 all year round without having any kind of damages to some of the rifles’ parts, including this trigger guard.

This trigger guard is an unassuming trigger that will make it look like it does not even exist in the first place. A higher profile trigger guard may just stick out like an obvious sore thumb to those who place a high standard on trigger guards’ aesthetics. Its aesthetics aside, this is yet another trigger guard that can handle the elements of extreme hot and cold, wet or dry weather. Hence, if you use your AR-15 all year round, you may want to use a trigger guard that will not get warped or get damaged due to extreme hot or cold temperaments.

This trigger guard comes with a large, curved design to let the user shoot with ease even with large gloves. Manufactured from top-grade aluminum with an all-black surface finish, the trigger guard does not have any sharp edges and will defend your trigger finger from cuts and bruises.

The guard features a roller pin for the rear end and comes with a built-in spring loading detent for easy installation and exclusion. It is perfect for people who have thick or bigger fingers or like shooting with really thick gloves.

If you want your trigger to be more like the low profile type, then you may want to consider this as a potential trigger guard for your rifle. As expected, it will provide you with a good amount of durability and will provide security and safety to make sure that your trigger may not be easily dragged (regardless of your trigger’s pull weight).

The Troy Enhanced Rifle Trigger Guard is a trigger guard that you may need on your list if you want a low profile look with your rifle. This will go excellently for hunting and target shooting purposes, however, either way, it will make your AR-15 stand out for a few good reasons.


3. Dead On Arms Oversized Trigger Guard

Dead on Arms LLC Oversized Trigger Guard


A lot of recent users of this trigger guard had a few choices to choose from based on their personal preferences. Aside from all of that, they are able to install this in a few minutes or a relatively short amount of period. When they initially used it, they said that it remained in place even though many open fire rounds of gunfire. One user even said that he found this to be a much-needed accessory because the trigger that he has previously upgraded to has a very light pull weight (specifically a pull weight of about 2.5 pounds). 

This trigger has 3 finishes that will stand out regardless of which 1 you decide to choose. Furthermore, it does a good job at preventing any kind of accidental discharges and allows for improved, non-snag handling when you are using gloves. At the same time, it is a trigger guard that may be the closest to fit on just about any AR-15 rifle. So if you have no idea of whether or not any other trigger guard may fit, this can be 1 of your safest bet.

This guard from Dead on Arms features a ground-breaking new design that removes the need to hammer roller pins into the lower receiver. This reduces the chances of responsibility for any damages while you install it. The spring-loaded roller pins can be slid easily into the planned holes for rapid installation.

The billet aluminum structure is durable and weatherproof. The exposed surfaces have been rounded off to avert any damage to the person or other components. The oversized space lets the user to shoot with large gloves under harsh conditions. It also has got a great price point that will be easy on your pocket.

This will be the closest trigger guard that you will ever find to a universal trigger guard, however, try not to count on it being the “be all, end all” universal trigger guard. Yes, it will fit almost all kinds of AR-15 rifles. So it will be used by many users for many applications and usages. So if you are someone who hunts, casually shoot targets, or enter yourself in shooting competitions then you may want to give this a tryout. At the same time, it fits well with most rifles that come with triggers that has a light trigger pull weights. Specifically, you will probably want to furnish this if the full weight of your trigger is around 4 pounds or less in weight.

The Rainier Arms Modified Trigger Guard will be a tough-looking trigger guard that will stand out as the best part of your AR-15. Most specifically when you have a trigger that will be easy to pull. Furthermore, if you are wearing gloves you will certainly enjoy snag-free handling regardless of the time of year (and weather). 


4. Molin Labe Laser Engraved Enhanced Trigger

Molin Labe Laser Engraved Enhanced Trigger

Manufactured from high-grade aluminum, this trigger guard from Molin Labe has a US Flag laser engraved over its base. Patriotic much? This trigger guard can be installed easily to the lower receiver with a light blow using roll pins.  You probably will want to shelter the guard with tape or cloth while you use a hammer to softly tap in the roll pins. The guard has been made to fit all mil-spec models so that means you can use it for guns other than your AR-15, too.

The engraved US Flag looks really amazing so to speak and will help show your patriotic sentiments. This best AR-15 trigger guards manufacturer offers a wide variety and a number of other possible engravings in many great nationalistic plans as well as other symbols. 

Conclusion – The Top Rated AR 15 Triggers

The bottom line is that the advantages of using a good trigger guard have often been ignored by many people who have used rifles before. A trigger guard adds on to the safety of your AR-15 and offers you a point of reference for locating your trigger. 

Good trigger guards have to be preferably durable, comfortable, and easy to install. Safety should be of the utmost importance when using firearms, and trigger guards are a minor yet important part of it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the types of a good AR Trigger?

There’s broadly 3 types trigger guards, which are individually distinct in their shapes and sizes. Firstly, there’s straight trigger guards that are commonly equipped with a lower receiver. The downside is that the loop is often too small which isn’t ideal for gun owners that have much larger fingers thus, making their shooting experience with their AR15 more burdensome.

Besides that, there’s U or V shaped trigger guard which is evidently more spacious hence, it is less restricted for gun owners’ trigger finger or even to those who opt to put on their gloves. Rest assured, this is a much more comfortable option than the above. Lastly, there’s also deep/oversized U or V-shaped trigger guard which is best suited for gun owners with large trigger finger and choose to wear gloves.

Which trigger guard is best fit for my range of rifles?

There are plenty of trigger guard choices for your range of rifles. All the products have their own pros and cons. Look for something or the best picks that best fits your needs for your course.

It may be a hassle at first, but remember each fits into different categories. Some may be made for hunters, some designs are recommendations for owners who are solely into looks, and a lot more other factors.

Look into your buyers’ option and available review. Check the gun websites if you have to. You’ll definitely find something of quality and use that is within your price range.

What is the best trigger you’d recommend?

We’d recommend ATC – Adjustable Drop-In AR-15 Gold Trigger and Timney AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Module Solid Shoe. We have done a detailed review on the selection of triggers that we figured would answer you better, have a look if you are interested to find out more!

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