Top 5 Best AR-15 Takedown Pins of 2022

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Takedown Pins are often overlooked and taken for granted by a lot of AR-15 gun owners. Choosing the right takedown pin is of dynamic importance for your rifle, as it is the element that keeps your AR-15 intact.

Here we shall be having a look at the importance of an AR-15 takedown pin and how it can affect your overall shooting performance.

We have also outlined some of the best and most convenient to use takedown pins that are currently on the market to help you out with choosing the best for yourself.

Takedown Pins Name Editor’s Comment Rating Get The Best Deal
2A Armament AR15 Takedown Pins Titanium

Most Recommended Option

1. Has a pocketed feature to reduce weight
2. Extra durability
3. Each pin is machined separately

10/10 SHOP NOW
KNS Precision AR15/M16 Enhanced Takedown Pins 1. Have an endcap to help with pin removal and installation
2. Cap also prevents debris from entering the AR
3. Detent balls reduce wear and tear
9.5/10 SHOP NOW
Yankee Hill Machine AR15/M16 EZ Pull Pivit and Takedown Pin Set 1. Parkerized finish to increase durability
2. Pin shafts lock securely inside the rifle
3. Precision-machined for optimal fitting
9.0/10 SHOP NOW
Colt AR15 A4 Takedown Pin 1. Fits flat against the receiver surface
2. Holds securely
3. Fits with most rifle aesthetics
8.5/10 SHOP NOW
DPMS AR15 Takedown Pin 1. Flathead doesn’t stick out near safety
2. Fits with most AR aesthetics
3. Affordable for replacements
8.0/10 SHOP NOW

What Is A Takedown Pin?

A takedown pin is a rather small but very important part of an AR-15 rifle. It is the gun element that holds the upper and lower receivers together. To put it in simple words, a takedown pin is the part that holds the rifle together.

To take apart the rifle, all you have to do is slide out the takedown pin and your upper and a lower receiver will separated into two different and distinctive parts.

The front takedown pin (also known as pivot pin) is situated above the grip and is held in place by a takedown detent and detent spring, which is hidden inside the receiver. The rear takedown pin is situated right on the pistol grip below the buffer tube port.

Takedown pins can be difficult to install and remove for some gun owners at times. It helps to use tools like flathead screwdrivers, coins, or other flat items, but the process can still be rather annoying.

The Criteria : How To Identify The Best AR15 Takedown Pins?

Don’t just look through takedown pin reviews for the hands-down best pin. Each takedown pin that are currently on the market has unique properties, meaning that you will want to match it to your personal needs and preferences. Consider the following criteria when you are planning to get that takedown pin.

What’s In The Package

Some packages include not only the takedown pin, but it also includes the takedown springs and detents. If not, you may need to get those separately. It might seem simple at first, but no one wants to dismantle their guns only to realize they don’t have all the needed parts. If you get irritated when electronics do not come with batteries, look for a package that includes these.

Durability and Sturdiness

Should any gun owners know – not all pins are created equal. If you are a gun user who burns through rounds a lot, you may want to get yourself a tough pin. Look for one that is made from the strongest materials, such as titanium. High-grade stainless steel should be the minimum quality of material for those who want sturdiness.


Some takedown pins are compatible with all standard AR-15 uppers. However, if you like to get your hands dirty with routine change-outs, then this can be a useful feature.


Are you just looking for a cheap budget option? Do you like to have some spare parts on hand with you? It might be wise to get yourself a nice takedown pin and a few budget parts to have laying around, just in case if you every really need it. Some of our options, such as the Colt A4, are perfectly priced and is a great choice that works as spares.

Your Experience

Changing a takedown pin isn’t exactly the hardest thing in the world. However, if you are just starting out at modifying your guns, you may want to stick to something that is simple. We love some of the takedown pin products on our list, however some may be slightly harder to install than the others. A better option for newer gun owners would be the DPMS Takedown Pin, which is as simple as the default.

The Best AR 15 Takedown Pins – Evaluated

Different models of takedown pins that are available on the market vary by the ease of installation, quality, price, and other factors. Choosing the right takedown pin for your AR-15 rifle eliminates the chance of any accidents – such as your rifle falling apart while you are out shooting. It may not be a very likely scenario, but going the “cheap-out” route can really leave you with issues sometimes.

1. 2A Armament AR-15 Takedown Pins Titanium

2A Armament AR15 Takedown Pins


The gun owners who have most recently used these takedown pins have noted that although they are extremely aesthetically attractive, they do need precise measurements to reach their full potential. It is easy to purchase pins that don’t fit your build, so you will have to be careful when finalizing a purchase.

The material of these pins is of particular note, as titanium is both lightweight and super-durable. That means the pins will hold your upper and lower AR receivers together without affecting the overall weight.

If you are looking for a tough and sturdy takedown pin replacement, you should consider buying these 2A Armament Pins without thinking much. The package comes with one takedown pin and one pivot pin.

It is made from certified U.S.A. 6AL-4V Titanium and these pins are amazingly tough too. The pins have a through-drilled design and pocketed feature to minimize weight. It is suitable for receivers with a .250 inches pin size, and these pins are aesthetically pleasing.

The package does not include takedown springs or detents so you will have to arrange for those yourself. This package may seem a bit overpriced compared to its counterparts, but remember that it is made of titanium – which has been CNC-machined, hence the higher price.

This pin is perfect for gun owners who like to burn quite a lot of rounds and put their AR-15 to demanding use.

Virtually any AR build enthusiasts will get some good use out of these takedown pins. However, practiced gunsmith will have the best results, as they can fine-tune the size of the pins if they receive a set that does not fit well with their AR right off the bat.

The bottom line is that generally, these takedown pins are worthwhile if you have the skills and tools necessary to resize the pins in the event where you receive some that don’t fit perfectly. They are made of exceptional material and are both lightweight and robust, which gives you the best of both worlds.


2. KNS Precision AR-15/M-16 Enhanced

KNS Precision AR15 M16 Enhanced Takedown Pins


Most recent and newer gun users of these pins praise the overall quality and the ease of installation. The caps, in particular, makes taking the pins out or pushing them in easier, as you do not have to rely solely on a coin, a screwdriver, or any external tools to assist you.

A lot of gun owners (and us) think the caps are a great innovation we would like to see in more AR build takedown pins. While the takedown pins do extend a little longer than typical ones, the total benefit from the caps greatly outweighs the cost. The caps improve the durability of your rifle by preventing dirt or debris from entering its interior. The steel material is also fairly tough, even though it is a little heavier than titanium.

As it is made from stainless steel, this takedown pin features a black oxide finish and fits perfectly well with receivers that use a .250 inches diameter pivot pin.

These push-button pins can be easily released with some finger pressure for an easy access. The end cap featured on the pin assists with easy installation and removal.

At the same time, there are 3 spring-loaded detent balls hold the pin in place. This helps eradicate the need for a punch or other tools in order to replace the pin.

Basically, the pin is easy to install and is aesthetically pleasing. The only thing which may concern you is the price, although the functionality and features cover it.

We believe that these are great takedown pins for anyone who do not like having to reach for a screwdriver every time they want to replace or scrutinize their takedown pins. After using these takedown pins, you will not want to go back to standard models anymore.

The bottom line is that we think that these takedown pins are a great investment for both experienced AR enthusiasts and novice rifle builders alike. The ease-of-use and high-quality of these pins make them easy recommendations from our perspective and from a lot of gun owners, and we hope to see the cap innovation repeated with other takedown pins across the market.


3. Yankee Hill Machine AR-15/M-16 EZ Pull Pivot and Takedown Pin Set

Yankee Hill Machine AR15 M16 EZ Pull Pivot and Takedown Pin Set


Most recent gun users of these takedown pins are generally happy with it, as the oversized heads make them easy to install and remove. You will be able to separate your upper and lower receivers more quickly than usual. However, these heads do have a propensity to break under extreme pressure, so you will have to be careful when installing or removing them.

These takedown pins are a great choice for most AR builds, since it increases the ease-of-use for any gun owners or gun users. Add to that the brilliant Parkerized finish and you will have a long-lasting set of takedown pins that should hold up even under a lot of wear and tear. The only real negative side to this takedown pin is their tendency to fit too tightly on some builds. You may need the help of a gunsmith for optimal results should that happen.

Made of high-grade stainless steel, this product comes with a matte black finish. The package comprises of one takedown pin and one pivot pin. It fits receivers with .250 inches (6.3mm) pin diameters.

Oversized cap heads make using the pin quick and easy. Simply grab the head and pull the pin to unfasten the receiver. That’s all you need to do.

It is perfect for users who like to change their uppers quite often as it is well-matched with all standard AR-15 uppers. The pin may feel a bit firm to install and pull initially, but it will settle in and loosen up with time. So that is most probably not a problem with most people.

This is a cost-effective choice to replace the standard OEM takedown pin.

Experienced AR build enthusiasts will get the most worth out of this set. Since you may have to fit the pins specifically for your build, it helps to have some familiarity of that process already. Even so, newer AR builders will also appreciate these pins, since they make removing and installing the pins easier than usual.

The bottom line is that these user-friendly takedown pins are a great choice for most AR builders. Their oversized heads are mostly a good value, even if they are a bit delicate. Just be prepared to have to fit the pins for your build in particular after purchasing it.


4. Colt AR-15 A4

Colt AR15 Takedown Pin Set


Generally, most recent gun users of this particular report that it is a hard-wearing, if simplistic, take on a common AR build component. It is probably best-used as a quick replacement more than anything else since there aren’t a lot of extra features to make it stand out from more state-of-the-art pins, and you only get one with the purchase.

We explicitly picked this takedown pin as a replacement because it is fairly generic and should be able to fit in most standard AR receiver pinholes. The chance for needing a refit from a gunsmith is relatively low. Meanwhile, its robust steel material helps keep the cost low and ensures well-suitability with most AR builds without having to re-balance things.

The Colt A4 Pin is a simple standby for the factory-made AR-15 pivot pin. Made from stainless steel, the pin has a basic design.

Fitting and eradicating this takedown pin is the same as working with the standard AR-15 takedown pin. The package does not include the detent spring and pin, so you will have to buy them separately.

The best part about using this takedown pin is its price, which practically costs next to nothing. The round end cap is easy to grasp and use for installation and removal.

We think that AR buffs who go through a lot of takedown pins will get the most value from this choice. Getting yourselves a handful of these can make sure that you are never without a replacement takedown pin when you need one the most. While it does not do anything especially special, it does a solid enough job for most of your emergency needs.

The bottom line is that you should get yourselves a few of these if you ever need some spares in multiple locations. This pin does not do anything fancy, but it accomplishes the main job of holding your AR upper and lower receivers together with enduring efficiency.


5. DPMS AR-15 Takedown Pin

DPMS AR15 Takedown Pin


Those who have recently used this pin will experience its effectiveness and has reported that it does the job well enough. However, it does not provide any special features to make it stand out from the crowd. It is made of regular steel that can hold up under extensive use, but it lacks a special finish to protect from rust damage or warping over time.

Like the last choice that we have listed, we think this is a great replacement pin for the rear slot mostly because it does not do anything out of the ordinary. However, it will fit most AR builds without much problems. The flat head is actually an advantage in our eyes since there is no chance that it will stop your thumb from easily reaching your rifle safely. Its affordability is also a big plus to a lot of gun owners who are on a tight budget option too.

This takedown pin has a simple stainless-steel design with a matte black finish. The DPMS AR-15 Takedown Pin has a ball detent in its design for easy usage. It fits .255 inches takedown pin holes too.

This takedown pin has a solid structure and takes the same amount of effort for installation or removal as a standard AR-15 takedown pin.

The spring has been suitably priced and is probably the most affordable option on this list. However, there is no solid guarantee of a long life for this product, due to its simple design and the effort put in while it is being made.

It’s just a simple and cheap takedown pin to be used as a replacement or to be kept as a backup, however, that is always something good to have on-hand!

Gun owner who went through a lot of rear takedown pins should pick up a couple of these due to the low price it charges. It is easy to build up a reserve of rear takedown pins just by grabbing a handful of these and you can ensure that you will never run out of replacement parts in a pinch.

This simple rear takedown pin does its main job without embellishment, but sometimes that is all you want from a solid AR rifle part. Its flat head does mean you will need to use a screwdriver or coin to remove it if you wish to replace it with a different type of takedown pin. However, that same head can be a good thing if you need to reach for your safety all of a sudden.


Our Verdict

A AR 15 takedown pin connects the lower and upper receiver of an AR-15 rifle, hence keeping the rifle intact. A good AR 15 takedown pin is sturdy, tough, and easy to install. Installing a takedown pin is relatively easy by using the appropriate set of tools. Additionally, AR 15 takedown pins can be installed using simple items like coins, credit cards, or even your own bare hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Differences Between Takedown and Pivot Pins? 

To begin with, AR 15 takedown pins generally refer to rear takedown pin and front pivot pin. The pivot and takedown pins generally seem very similar but  they’re both quite distinct and the differences are apparent. 

AR 15 takedown pin is usually shorter than the pivot pin which aren’t interchangeable. This is crucial information for gun owner as you’d need to precisely put the right pin in the original position once removed entirely or if you’re looking into remove one factory pin, you’d be required to know the parts so you’d explain and buy the right pin. The bottom line is that rear takedown pin is the real AR 15 take down pin.

How do I install a takedown pin?

Installing takedown pins are quite an easy task if it is done with the right tools. Generally, you will need to have a set of pliers and a hex screw. Some gun owners also use innovative options such as blades, credit cards, and even their own fingernails. Using these methods may come in handy, but some of them (like using fingernails or blade) sometimes can cause injuries to the handler.

A good tool to use for takedown pin installation is by using the Sporting Conversions – M16/AR-15 Takedown Tool.

Some artistic people even use a 5.56 round to install the takedown pins on their rifles. Installing a takedown pin is usually more difficult than removing it. But the removal needs more attentiveness as the detent and spring may fly off and will be extremely hard to find due to their minuscule size.

To install a front takedown pin, you have to first slide the detent pin into the hole, followed by the detent spring provided (if any). Hold the spring in place using pliers or a clevis pin. Then, slide the takedown pin through the double loop slop and turn it so the detent matches the hole on the pin. It is as simple as that.

What is the best lower receiver for my rifle?

If we have to pick one, Battle Arms Development BAD556-LW has to be one of our favorite – the ergonomic alongside with the classy finish is hands down one of the best we had. Did we mention its ambi compatibility? Not something you comeby everyday. Give it a shot while you can!

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