The Best AR-10 Triggers (2021) – Reviewed

AR-10 is a very popular firearm among hunters, competitive shooters, and even law enforcement. And one of the reasons why it’s loved by many is its ability to be easily upgraded. Among the various parts of your AR-10 that can be upgraded, having the right trigger will dramatically improve your rifle’s accuracy and result in a superior shooting experience. 

This is because every shooter will have a different preference for the trigger’s pull weight, which is the amount of force required to squeeze the trigger and for it to ‘break’. 

With so many choices on the market, picking the best AR-10 triggers is no easy task, hence we have done the hard work for you and shortlisted some of the top triggers available for your AR-10 rifle in this review article. We will also be touching on the benefits of upgrading your trigger and how to select a good quality one from an unreliable one. 

Triggers Name Editor’s Comment Rating Get The Deal
Geissele Automatics LLC – AR-15/M16/308 AR SSA & SSA-E Trigger

Most Recommended Option

1. No grittiness or creep
2. two-stage with 4.5 lb total pull weight
3. Full power hammer spring drive

10/10 SHOP NOW
Timney – 308 AR DROP-IN Trigger Module Solid Shoe

Premium Option

1. Hand-tested and calibrated with light pull weight
2. Drop-in design
3. Factory-set 4 pound trigger pull

9.5/10 SHOP NOW
PACT – 308 AR SR Gold Trigger 1. Slim, compact design
2. Two-stage with adjustable trigger pull weight
3. Cut with a precision CNC machine and hard anodized
8.5/10 SHOP NOW
J P Enterprises – AR-15/308 AR Adjustable Trigger System 1. Adjustable trigger
2. Option of standard weight hammer spring or tactical spring
3. Suitable for various applications
8.5/10 SHOP NOW
JARD – Adjustable Trigger for Armalite AR-10 1. No creep or overtravel
2. Drop-in design
3. Hardened contact surfaces
7.0/10 Currently unavailable

Reasons To Upgrade Your AR-10 Trigger

Upgrading your AR-10’s trigger comes with plenty of benefits which you’ll never really know until you’ve tried a high-quality trigger and feel the difference. The best triggers will ‘break’ without any warning to improve your accuracy since you won’t flinch to anticipate the recoil of the shot. This also means that you won’t be thinking about the trigger break and be more focused on the task at hand, ultimately making you a better shooter. 

Another reason why it’s important to get a great trigger is that it doesn’t have to be pulled back a long way before it ‘breaks’ and fires off a shot. The short travel prevents the need for excessive force which can lead to inaccuracy. The shorter travel also has an additional benefit of a quicker reset for the next shot. 

Factors of A Great AR-10 Trigger

A good trigger should always be both safe and fit the gun well. So, let’s talk about these two factors here to better understand what to look for in your AR-10 trigger. 


Safety should always be your first concern when you are looking at these triggers. Due to the heavy recoil of an AR-10 rifle, you’ll need a trigger that doesn’t have a trigger pull that’s too light as it can be dangerous to you and those around you. Hence, it is recommended to go above 4# and to use a two-stage trigger if possible. 

Fit and Installation

The next factor to take into consideration is the fit. While some will fit your AR-10 rifle like a glove, some will require modification, resulting in interference with the bolt carrier. It is recommended for you to stick with triggers that are designed for the AR-10 from the trigger manufacturer. 

If you’re unsure about the fit, it is best to contact the manufacturer or seek help from a qualified gunsmith. When getting a new AR-10 trigger upgrade, you should look for a drop-in kit that can be installed onto your rifle within minutes. This will save you from plenty of frustrations and agony of working with tiny trigger springs and other parts. 

Review of the Best AR-10 Triggers – Evaluated

Now, let’s dive straight in and look at our recommended triggers. These on our list today offer great value and are top-ranked in terms of quality, functionality, and ease of installation. 

1. Geissele Automatics LLC – AR-15/M16/308 AR SSA & SSA-E Trigger

Best Overall AR-10 Trigger 


This is a two-stage trigger designed to prevent accidental discharges. This trigger geissele SSA also ensures an easy trigger pull that will allow you plenty of time to set up the shot without worrying about it going off prematurely. You’ll definitely feel the difference of both triggers in operation compared to the factory trigger. 

Besides, the trigger Geissele 2-stage combat trigger has a fixed 4½ lb total pull weight with non-adjustable sear engagement as well as other additional safety features. The “safety sear” makes sure that the rifle fires off only when the shooter actually pulls the trigger. The pull weight has been optimized for both deliberate, aimed fire, and quick shooting. 

The first stage of this two-stage trigger builds gradually to 2½ lbs while the second stage breaks clean at 2 lb for the shooter to stay on target throughout the pull. The Geissele SSA-E’s reduced pull weight results in a smooth two-stage trigger, light first stage take-up and a crisp, candy cane-like second stage break.

On top of being able to be installed on your rifle without removing the safety, it also features a lightweight hammer that’s driven by a full-power hammer spring to deliver positive ignition of all ammo types. The Geissele SSA trigger is ideal for precision rifles where weapon accuracy and reliability are critical. 

This makes for an excellent trigger for those who don’t want to be let down by disappointing triggers anymore. This is the two-stage trigger to get when timing is a factor and you need to get a quick fire-off before a whitetail deer or a hunting target is moments away from leaving the area. 

Considering its qualities, it was not a surprise to find that this trigger was a hit among many new users. Installation was a breeze and the adjustment for different pullweights were quick and easy. In addition to the ability to make quick on-the-fly settings without additional disassembly, the AR-10 trigger had zero creep and was excellent in quality. 

The bottom line is that the Geissele Automatics LLC AR-15/M16/308 AR SSA & SSA-E Trigger is easily one of the best on the market for good reasons. It is lightweight, easy to pull, and only requires a few minutes to install. This is the perfect drop-in trigger for target shooting, snipers, and hunters thanks to its scrisp, candy-like break, and smooth trigger pull. 

You would like this if:

You want an excellent break. This SSA trigger does not have any grittiness or creep. It has a light pull weight that doesn’t feel heavy at all for a clean shot. 

You want easy installation. The drop-in trigger design ensures that you can install this onto your rifle within minutes. 

You want a reliable and safe model. This trigger is easy to break-in with a much shorter time period compared to most triggers, 

You might not like this if:

You want an adjustable model. Unfortunately, this is a non-adjustable trigger and the second stage may feel a bit too light for some. 


2. J P Enterprises – AR-15/308 AR Adjustable Trigger System

Runner-Up AR-10 Trigger


This is an example of an easily adjustable trigger designed to make your shooting a whole lot better compared to factory default triggers in terms of performance and quality. You can also make quick settings in case you feel that the AR-15 trigger weight is a bit too light. And best of all, these drop-in triggers are super lightweight and won’t add on any unnecessary weight to the rifle itself. 

This easy-to-fit and fully adjustable trigger is available with pull weight as light as 3.5 lbs. It is designed to deliver a consistent let-off to prevent the kind of wear that will lead to doubling and other problems. Additionally, the trigger has an extremely short reset for quicker follow-up shots. 

The standard weight hammer spring has a trigger pull weight between 3 to 3.5 lbs that’s ideal for competition and recreative shooting while the tactical spring has a 3.5 to 4 lbs pull weight to suit high levels of ignition reliability. 

Furthermore, this trigger can be installed onto your rifle in minutes while keeping your current hammer and pins. The disconnector spring, engagement screw, and overtravel screws are already in place right out of the box. The trigger kit even comes with a disconnector, trigger return spring, hammer spring, and a .050” Hex key. 

The JP Enterprises AR-15/308 Trigger is a great choice for all AR-10 applications. All you need to do is to adjust it to your preferred weight and you’ll be set for firing quicker shots off. If timing is important, then this trigger will certainly prove itself worthy for any given situation. 

Most recent customers were pretty stoked with the trigger’s ability to be adjusted to different pull weights. Some have expressed satisfaction with the fact that they were able to make quick adjustments right before his upcoming trip to the range. 

Overall, this would make a great trigger for hunters and target shooters alike. The trigger makes any factory default look like a complete dud as it gives off quick shooting and follow-up shots. The fast reset even gives you a critical advantage on tactical and competition rifles. Other than that, the model also comes with two kinds of springs for you to adjust the trigger according to your requirements. 

You would like this if:

You want an excellent break. This trigger has a light pull weight at each level, crisp break and short reset for fast follow-up shots.

You want an easy to install trigger. The drop-in triggers design ensures that you can install this onto your rifle within minutes. 

You want adjustability. The trigger is adjustable for various weights that allows for use in many scenarios

You might not like this if: 

You want easy adjustments. Some have reported that adjustments and tune-ups may be a little stiff at first.


3. Timney – 308 AR DROP-IN Trigger Module Solid Shoe

Best AR-10 Trigger for the Money


This drop-in trigger will certainly be one of the best you’ve ever used compared to factory default trigger system. It even allows for adjustability for shooters to choose the type of trigger weight they prefer. So, even if you feel like spending a day at  the range or hunting for deer out in the fields, you can trust to always have a good weight to work with that can be adjusted in a snap. 

The drop-in trigger module is designed to deliver an exceptionally smooth, crisp, and creep-free single-stage trigger pull. 

Machined from S7 tool steel and A2 tool steel for other components, the single-stage trigger has been heat treated for a long service life. The trigger has a factory-set 4 pound trigger AR pull weight, a solid shoe, and a more hammer mass to ensure ignition of harder primers. 

Furthermore, the trigger can be installed with your rifle’s original hammer/trigger pins without requiring special gunsmithing skill, fitting, or adjusting. All components are already inside the lightweight, aluminum alloy housing for a quick and easy installation. 

This single-stage trigger will perform amazingly for target shooting and hunting purposes. For the most part, it does not cause any grief regardless of which weight you have it set to. Once you have this on, you’ll be able to make your shooting much quicker compared to other heavy weight triggers.  

It wasn’t a surprise to find that this trigger worked really well among hunters and target shooters. Installation was easy as pie with smooth and light trigger pull weight. Some mentioned that they felt no creep or overtravel with every shot they took. Buyers were also quite happy with the overall material and were confident that they were investing in a long-term trigger. 

If you’re looking for the best solutions for quicker shooting without breaking the bank, then the single-stage Timney 308 Drop-In Trigger Module might just be the solution for you. Since it’s made with high quality materials and built to be really durable, you’ll know that you’ve made the right investment for your AR-10 rifle with this. Thanks to the great quality control which Timney is known for, you can rest assured knowing that the single-stage trigger will work perfectly upon installation. 

You would like this if:

You want a smooth pull. This trigger has been hand tested and calibrated with a light pull weight, making it easier for quicker shooting. It also has a crisp pulling with no take-up or creep.

You want an easy to install model. The drop-in design ensures that you can install this onto your battle rifle within minutes. 

You are shopping on a budget. On top of featuring a well-built and solid construction, this trigger comes with an affordable price point to suit most budgets. 

You might not like this if:

You want an adjustable model. Unfortunately, this trigger is not adjustable and may require some time to get it right. 


4. PACT – 308 AR SR Gold Trigger


The PACT SR Gold two-stage Trigger features a slim design that doesn’t take up too much room. That’s a positive thing for a good number of users, especially if you hate the idea of a trigger that feels too big on your fingers. Other than that, the trigger is also pretty well-built to give you a better chance at shooting your shots quickly with a good amount of accuracy. 

The two-stage trigger is adjustable from 3 to 4½ lbs and comes with an ultra-short reset that’s designed with the precision shooter in mind. It also has an adjustable design for sear engagement with an approximate 6 ounces of first-stage take up, followed by actual sear movement taking up the rest of the weight. Additionally, the Gold system also utilizes the rifle’s factory safety to positively capture the hammer and roll it back below the primary sear for extra safety. 

The two-stage trigger housing is made from aluminum while the hammer and sear are cut from S7 steel. The entire assembly is cut with a precision CNC machine and is hard anodized for enhanced durability. Other than that, this drop-in module uses factory selector and pins and can also be installed within minutes to deliver a light, smooth, match-grade trigger pull. 

This is a great two-stage starter trigger for beginners who are new to the AR-10. Once installed, you might want to give this a whirl at the range just to get the feel of it. The PACT SR Trigger is light on the pull and easy to use in any given application. 

Most users were hunters looking for a trigger that worked best for both hunting and competitive shooting. They were happy with their new purchase and have said that the two-stage trigger itself was well-built and assembly made it easy to install. 

The bottom line is that the PACT AR-308 SR Gold Trigger is one of the best for newbie users. It is adjustable and easy to use to make it an absolute upgrade compared to AR triggers that are heavy in pull. The trigger’s first stage take up is different from a mil spec AR trigger setup such that it gives a crisp and clean break. 

You would like this if:

You want an excellent break. This trigger has an excellent trigger pull weight with no creep or over travel. It also has a short reset for quick refiring.

You want something easy to install. The drop-in design ensures that you can install this onto your rifle within minutes. 

You want adjustability. The two-stage trigger is adjustable for various weights that allows for use in many scenarios

You might not like this if: 

You want to use it right out of the box. Some have said that the trigger feels wiry and a bit too narrow, so you may have to take it to the range to get used to it. 


5. JARD – Adjustable Trigger for Armalite AR-10

This one stands out as one of the best adjustable triggers available that’s easy to use. You won’t have to settle for just one pull weight anymore. So whether you’re hunting or are in the middle of a precision shooting competition, you can expect that this is the kind of trigger that will rise above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your shot goes off quicker than any other triggers.

The single-stage design of the Jard trigger ensures a better trigger feel and function while the sear and disconnector engagement, overtravel, and safety movement adjustments allow for fine-tuning. 

The trigger’s contact surfaces are even hardened to prevent wear and for greater durability. The company even offers AR replacement springs to let you customize the trigger pull weight of your battle rifle according to your taste. 

This would make an excellent AR-10 trigger for competition shooters. It allows for quick shooting and adjustments whenever you need them. The solid build also ensures that you’ll be able to use it for the long haul. 

Many new users were happy to find that this trigger is solid in construction and delivers quick and excellent performance. Some have said that they instantly got a good amount of quick-firing and follow-up shots after installing the trigger onto his AR-10. 

Overall, the JARD for AR-10 is the real deal for competition shooters or anyone looking for AR-10 triggers that allow for the quickest follow-up shots. The single-stage design is not as tunable as a two-stage trigger, but this trigger allows fine-tuning for a clean break every time. So, if you want something that is built to last with no creep or overtravel, then this is a no-brainer option for you.

You would like this if:

You want an excellent break. This trigger has an excellent trigger pull weight with no creep or over travel. It also has a short reset for quick refiring.

You want an easy to install AR-10 trigger. The drop-in design ensures that you can install this onto your rifle within minutes. 

You want to adjust the trigger. The trigger is adjustable for various weights that allows for use in many scenarios

You might not like this if: 

You want easy adjustments. Some have reported that adjustments and tune-ups may be a little stiff at first.


Upgrading your AR-10 trigger does not require much experience in gunsmithing or technical know-how, especially if you go for any one of the top triggers we recommended in the list above. When selecting the best AR-10 triggers, remember to take into account the various factors such as safety, pull weight, as well as fit before making the final purchase. Your new trigger should ensure shooting your AR-10 feels more natural and comfortable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are AR-10 triggers and AR-15 triggers interchangeable? 

Yes, most AR-15 triggers will physically match and function in a current AR-10 rifle. However, the difference in AR-10 specific triggers is the military primer. The primers in mil spec ammo require more energy to ignite than the .223/5.56 ammunition, so these triggers typically come with a heavier hammer and more powerful hammer spring. So, while you could use your AR-15 trigger in the AR-10, you would still feel a difference in terms of reliability and the trigger feel of it. 

Q: Is a curved trigger or flat trigger better? 

A curved trigger has a curved area that fits your finger while others are flat. To decide which is better will depend on personal preference. 

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