The Best AR-10 Stocks (2021) – Reviewed

Best AR-10 Stocks

A rifle stock is an important part of a rifle as it houses all the important components and it works to provide the shooter with a firm holding platform. Modern technology and innovation in the firearm industry has allowed manufacturers to come up with a variety of different designs and the AR-10 is no exception.

In today’s guide, we will talk about several qualities that make a stock stand out from the rest as well as the different types of stocks available for the AR-10 rifle before going into the reviews of the best AR-10 stocks available to help you make a choice.

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Luth-AR-15 Modular Stock Assy Fixed Rifle

Most Recommended Option

1. Easy to install
2. Ambidextrous and lightweight design
3. 1/16″ extension with bendable butt plate

Magpul – AR-15/308 AR PRS Gen 3 Precision Stock Adjustable Rifle Length

Premium Option

1. Adjustable to achieve desired length of pull
2. Rubber recoil pad to reduce felt recoil
3. Comes with rotation-limiting QD sling cups and M-LOK slots

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Double Star AR-15 SOCOM Stock Collapsible Mil-Spec1. Crafted from a single billet of durable aircraft grade aluminum
2. Quick release button for length adjustment
3. Good recoil reduction
9.5/10SHOP NOW
Brownells AR-15 MOE Stock Assy Fixed Rifle Length1. Factory-replacement style
2. Quick installation without needing spacer for A2 stocks
3. Features sling loops and QD sling mounting points
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Vltor Weapons Systems Emod Stock Assy Collapsible Commercial1. Comfortable cheek weld and angled buttplate
2. Detent knobs and multiple lockable positions for length of pull
3. Two detachable full-length storage compartments
8.5/10SHOP NOW

Types of AR-10 Stocks

There are many types of AR-10 stocks on the market, which include:

Fixed Stock

This is the most primary type of AR-10 stock that’s typically made up of wood, fiberglass, or other durable polymer composite. It may also come with a metal butt plate.

Collapsible Stock

Collapsible stocks can be adjusted to alter the length of pull with a tube-like design butt plate connected to the receiver. This tube can be easily extended or collapsed according to your needs. This type of stock is illegal in some states, so it is recommended for you to check your local laws before buying one. 

Adjustable Stock

These AR-10 stocks are rather similar to the one above, other than the fact that it can be adjusted in more ways. These typically include other components such as a storage area, cheek riser, and an adjustable butt plate. 

Minimalist Stock

The minimalist stock has a collapsible design with a low profile that features no more than a butt pad that has a slim, rod-like design connected to the AR-10 upper and lower receivers. The minimalist stock is extremely lightweight and is perfect for hunting and 3 gun shooting competitions. 

Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) Stock

This is yet another collapsible variant that’s quite effective for switching between a short and long pull length seamlessly. Such AR-10 stocks are ideal for close combat fighting and self-defense, where the spring-loaded stock can be quickly extended to aim for stable long-range shots. 

Folding AR Stock

This folding stock can be folded sideways to cup over the rifle from the side to reduce the length of the rifle to almost half the original size for easy pack and carry. 

Bump Stock

Bump stocks have a lot of controversy surrounding it lately as it has been used in mass shootings. A bump stock takes advantage of the rifle’s recoil to give it a rate of fire that’s close to an automatic. These stocks were patented and manufactured by only one company, which has since ceased its production. 

Factors to Consider when Looking for the Best AR-10 Stocks

The AR-10 rifle is chambered with a powerful .308 round and is commonly used by shooters for hunting and precision shooting. With this in mind, it is important for the precision rifle to have a good stock to complement its power and precision, improving its efficiency. 


The rifle stock typically offers three points of contact for the shooter: shoulder, cheek, and trigger arm. The stock must then be machined and aligned to function properly and provide accuracy. Not only that, but the stock should also have a slip-free surface to ensure better grip so shooters are more comfortable while shooting. The stock should also not have excessive drop so that the shooter doesn’t need to constantly keep the head high. In the event when you are seeking for the best AR-10 stock, you ought to check if it gives the most comfortable cheek weld, too.


AR-10 is a good hunting rifle and is often carried through the forest for long distances throughout the day. That’s why it is critical for the AR-10 stock to be lightweight and easy to carry to protect gun owners from tiredness and arm fatigue. 

Length of Pull

This part will work to determine the distance between your shooting and your grip. A good AR-10 stock should have a respective adjustable stock for shooters to adjust the length of pull. This will allow for a quick switch between close quarter and long-range shots. 


Stocks were initially built with wood but modern advancement has allowed for improvements in the design, one of it is the material it uses for construction. Modern AR-10 stocks now come in numerous materials and can include wood, synthetic stocks, composite polymer, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and even metal. The best material for an AR-10 stock needs to be durable and lightweight such as fiberglass or other polymer stock.

Storage Space

While this feature might not seem substantial, having a small storage space in your AR-10 stock can come in handy for certain situations. This storage space can be used to hold an extra pack of batteries as backup in case you left your scope or flashlight batteries at home. 

Reviews of the Best AR-10 Stocks – Evaluated

Below is a list of our pick of the best AR-10 stocks currently on the market. Do take note of each of their features and characteristics as you go through the list to find one that’s close enough to your dream AR-10 stock. 

1. Luth-AR-15 Modular Stock Assy Fixed Rifle 

Best AR-10 Stocks Overall


Made from high-quality glass-filled nylon, you can trust that this stock is super sturdy and tough. Not only is it built like a tank, but it does have a pretty interesting skeletonized design that makes the stock so much lighter in weight. The stock weighs just 1.26 lbs and has 2 QD sling sockets for quick sling mounting. You can trust that the stock won’t be adding on any unnecessary weight to your gear. 

As the name suggests, the Luth Modular stock is a modular/adjustable rifle stock that offers strength in design while ensuring a lightweight build at the same time. The stock also easily fits onto A1/A2 buffer tubes and has an ambidextrous design where the cheek rest can be changed to suit either right or left handed owners. On top of that, the stock even has a 1/16” extension in the pull of length plus an extendable butt plate to make things even better! 

The Luth Modular Stock would make an excellent choice for anyone who wants to keep their rifle light while still working with something hardcore and great at reducing recoil. Thanks to its sturdy build, you can also expect to stick with this bad boy for  a really long time. 

Most customers have expressed their happiness with the stock for a number of reasons. Buyers were impressed with the overall durability and the stock’s ability to absorb shock and recoil. Other than that, the stock is also easy-to-install such that they were able to get everything setup with an average of five minutes with the right tools. 

Overall, the AR-15 Modular Stock has proven itself to be deserving of the Best Overall spot thanks to its durability and excellent recoil reduction. This rifle stock is a good choice for varmint hunting, tactical, and 3 gun competitions. 

You would like this if:

You want an easy to install model. With the right equipment, this stock can be installed onto your rifle with an average of 5 minutes. 

You are a left-handed shooter. The stock features an ambidextrous design where the cheek rest can accommodate both right and left handed shooters. 

You don’t want a heavy gun. The stock is made from durable and lightweight fiberglass with a skeletonized design to ensure no excess weight addition onto your gun. 

You might not like this if:

You want storage space. Unfortunately, the bare-bones design also means that the stock does not come with an extra compartment for storage. 


2. Magpul – AR-15/308 AR PRS Gen 3 Precision Stock Adjustable Rifle Length



Magpul is a pretty popular brand known for producing some of the greatest accessories that are known for their sturdiness and reliability. This stock is no exception to the rule. This stock even gives you the ability to change it into a few different positions for you to find the best possible adjustment that’s comfortable for you. The adjustability also mean that the stock can be installed on rifle length receiver extensions, as well as mil-spec and A5 carbine receivers. 

Made from durable aluminum, the Magpul PRS GEN3 also features an extendable length of pull and extendable butt plate, both of which are operated with detend knobs. The butt plate comes with a rubber recoil pad that can take on heavy recoils of 50 BMG while the rotation-limiting QD sling cups and M-LOK slots at the bottom allows for rear monopod mounting. 

The Magpul AR PRS gen 3 is a great precision stock for hunters or target shooters. No matter what you plan to use your AR-10 rifle for, this stock provides you with a more adjustable and usable rifle for you and anyone else who wants to give your rifle a try. 

Recent buyers had no problems with adjusting the stock to achieve their desired length of pull. Aside from quick adjustability, there are reports that the stock is also really durable and reliable in terms of stability. One has said that the stock gave him better handling over his rifle which ultimately led to better accuracy and precision to land a whitetail buck during a recent trip. 

The bottom line is that the Magpul AR-15/308  Gen 3 Precision Adjustable Stock is durable, easy to adjust, and can fit all kinds of applications, making a prime example of how a quality AR-10 stock should work. This adjustable rifle stock features solid aluminum construction and detent locking pads while the rubber pad below the butt plate works to protect your shoulder. Overall, this is a good choice for target practice and tactical uses. 

You would like this if:

You want an easy to install stock. With the right equipment, this stock can be installed onto your rifle in a few minutes. 

You want adjustable stocks. This AR-10 rifle stock can be adjusted to achieve your desired length of pull and to accommodate a variety of AR-10 rifles. 

You want reduced recoil. The stock has a rubber recoil pad fitted over butt plate to protect your shoulders from heavy recoil shock. 

You might not like this if:

You want a lightweight stock. Unfortunately, this model may be a little heavy compared to its competitors. 


3. Double Star AR-15 SOCOM Stock Collapsible Mil-Spec

The Best AR-10 Stocks for the Money


Other than adjustable stocks, you can also use collapsible stocks to your advantage. Not only does it allow easy adjustments for a better length pull, but it also makes storing your battle rifle a breeze! You don’t have to worry about your AR-10 stock from taking up too much space in your gun cabinet again. You can set it at the right adjustment or take it apart for easy storage. 

The Double Star SOCOM mil-spec Collapsible stock is machined from a single billet of aluminum to ensure a strong and durable body. You’ll also find a quick release button that lets you switch length adjustments to five different positions seamlessly while the soft foam cover on the stock tube ensures a comfortable cheek weld. 

The stock also features three 1½“ wide sling slots to allow users to attach their preferred slings and rubber recoil pad to their fun. The receiver end plate has ambidextrous attachment points to accommodate HK-style single-point, clip-on slings and a machined-in hammer on the butt for breaching doors and hand-to-hand combat. 

This powerful collapsible stock makes for a great choice for anyone looking for better adjustability and storage opportunities. So, if you ended a good stock to upgrade your gun without taking up too much room, then this might just be the one to consider. 

The SOCOM mil-spec collapsible stock was a hit with most buyers as they found that shooting became a lot easier for them and storage was a breeze one the day they installed the stock. Aside from easy attachability and detachability, the collapsible stock was about to deliver excellent stability with a significant amount of recoil reduction immediately upon installation. 

The bottom line is that the Double Star AR-15 SOCOM mil-spec Collapsible stock will most likely be one of the best AR-15 stocks you’ll ever invest in if you’re looking for a stock that is sturdy, durable, and can be stored in a compact space. The Magpul collapsible stock is a great choice for use in tactical and self-defense applications but it may not be the best one if you have to carry for long distances. 

You would like this if:

You want a durable stock. The mil-spec stock is crafted from a single billet of durable aircraft grade aluminum for enhanced durability while the soft foam over the stock tube ensures comfortable cheek weld. 

You want better storage. The collapsible stock has a quick release button for length adjustment button and can also be taken apart to fit into most compact spaces easily. 

You want recoil reduction. The stock itself does a great job at absorbing heavy recoil but it also comes with 3 sling slots for users to attach slings along with a rubber recoil pad. 

You might not like this if:

You want a lightweight stock. Unfortunately, this stock may be a little heavy for long periods of hunting. 


4. Brownells AR-15 MOE Stock Assy Fixed Rifle Length


If you’re looking for a stock that’s close to a factory replacement type, then this might just be the closest stock you can find. Needless to say, it is a pretty solid and sturdy shock that will make felt recoil a thing of the past. The excellent quality doesn’t let the shock faze you one bit and lets you remain poised and in total control of your firearm. This means that you’ll easily be able to land your target with confidence when the time comes. 

Made from durable, polymer construction, the Brownells AR-15 MOE stock features a drop-in replacement design for A1 and A2 rifle stocks. It also utilizes a standard rifle-length receiver extension (buffer tube) to eliminate the need for the A2 spacers. You’ll also find a 1.25-inch sling loop and optional dual-side, front and rear QD mounting points for you to attach your favorite accessories. The stock is also compatible with Magpul PRS butt pads and polymer rail sections to suit monopod mounting. The hand hook will help you increase stability when shooting the rifles in a prone position. A nice feature to mention is that the stock comes with an internal storage compartment that is accessible from the rear door on the butt for you to store small stuff such as batteries. 

The Brownells AR-15 MOE Stock is perfect for hunters and target shooters who want a lightweight, fixed stock that makes the length of pull more bearable. You definitely won’t be disappointed by the overall quality and ability to absorb recoil with this fixed stock in particular. 

Recent buyers had little to no complaints for this stock. And that’s no surprise considering the stock is solid in durability and is able to reduce up to 60% of felt recoil. Some have commented that they were glad to regain full control over their rifles after installation. 

Overall, the Brownells AR-15 MOE Stock is hands down one of the best fixed stocks you can find on the market. It is definitely not the type of stock that will make the reach of pull impossible for most users. So, if you want to upgrade your disappointing factory default to one that allows for complete control over the AR-10, then this is the go-to stock for you. 

The Brownells MOE fixed stock is a lightweight and durable addition to your AR-10 with an easy-to-use design thanks to sling loops and QD mounting points. It also features an internal storage compartment for small stuff, perfect for hunting and 3 gun competition. 

You would like this if:

You want something with quick installation. With the right equipment, this stock has a drop-in design that can be installed onto your rifle in a few minutes. The buffer tube design also means that you won’t need a spacer for A2 stocks. 

You want something stable and versatile. The stock features sling loops and QD sling mounting points for accessory attachments, internal storage compartment, and even a hand hook for off-hand stabilization when shooting prone. It is also compatible with Magpul PRS butt pad and mounting.

You might not like this if:

You want to use it for tactical or combat purposes. This fixed stock is not very rugged and may not withstand heavy usage during tactical or combat applications. 


5. Vltor Weapons Systems Emod Stock Assy Collapsible Commercial


This is yet another example of why collapsible stocks are a rage among AR-10 rifle users. Not only does the collapsible stock allow for a shorter length of pull compared to fixed stocks, but they’ve also proven to be useful when wanting to store the rifle away. 

This AR-10 stock is made from high-grade polymer to be super tough and works well to reduce recoil considerably. You won’t ever have to worry about shock, weather, solvents or oil causing damage to this stock in the slightest. On top of a perfect combination of strength and carrying capacity, the stock features two sling loops to accept military style web slings with three storage compartments. The one on the base can hold up to two AA batteries while the other two run parallel to the stock tube to create a triangular shaped, extremely comfortable cheek weld. 

These storage compartments are even sealed with a waterproof plastic lid to hold 3 AA or 4 CR123 each. The collapsible stock also comes with one QD sling attachment point on each side. 

This AR-10 stock will be a great option for beginners, especially if you’ve never installed a stock on an AR-10 before. This can be put together in a matter of minutes to make your shooting much better for any given application. It is also impervious to most damage to make it a long-term option for your weapon. 

As expected, many buyers were happy with the stock’s ease of adjustment that allows for better reach of pull. Most of them were able to easily collapse the stock for better storage after they’ve finished up for the day. The AR stock itself has a durable construction and delivers lesser recoil immediately after installation. 

The bottom line is that the VLTOR Weapon Systems Collapsible Stock is definitely no ordinary AR-10 stock. This well-constructed piece saves space and allows you stable, accurate shooting no matter what your targets are. This stock plays a supporting role in ensuring a straight shot to hit your targets on contact. 

In addition to that, the Vltor Stock also features extra storage compartments to let you use powerful scopes at the highest settings during long camping trips. It also has a very comfortable cheek weld and detent loaded buttons for quick adjustments to the length. Overall, this is a perfect stock for hunting, tactical, and competitive applications. 

You would like this if:

You want a comfortable stock. The AR-10 stock features a comfortable cheek weld and angled buttplate with removable butt pad for better shooting experience.

You want an easy to adjust stock. The AR stock comes with detent knobs and multiple lockable positions for length of pull. 

You enjoy good value for money. Not only is this stock quick to install and durable, but it also has two detachable full-length storage compartments for you to bring along small stuff on your trips. 

You might not like this if:




The AR-10s are without a doubt powerful rifles that are often used for hunting, competitions, and tactical uses. To match its performance, you’ll need a good AR-10 stock that is lightweight, durable, sufficient cheek rest/cheek piece, and has an adjustable length of pull to deliver good ergonomics.

There are hundreds of stock options and different types of AR-10 stocks on the market, each of them differing in terms of quality and features. Some AR-10 stocks even come with handy space to hold small items, batteries, bandages, or other small tools. 

Regardless, picking out the best AR-10 stock will depend upon your intended use, personal preference, as well as shooting styles. Hopefully, today’s article has given you enough information to make your purchasing decision easier. Here’s a toast to a comfortable cheek weld.

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