Best AR-10 Scope Mounts (2021) – An Overview

Best AR-10 Scope Mounts

Are you currently looking for the best AR-10 scope mounts?

Maybe just for better eye relief, or simply a better user experience.  If yes, then you have come to the right place. A scope mount is absolutely a must if you plan on adding on a scope to your rifle, all in the interest of firing more accurate and defined shots. 

You will also want a scope mount that can hold its own while you fire each and every shot. The last thing you want is an option that will not hold zero after you have fired more than 100 or so rounds. 

To get you started on your hunt, we’ve handpicked some of the best scope mounts that are currently on the market (as of this writing). Hopefully, one of these will end up on your AR-10 rifle if there’s something about it that tempers your interest. 

Before we get started on here, we’ll be talking about the types of options that are available on the market needs and how to differentiate a good one from the low-quality mounts that presently flood the market.

Scope MountsNameEditor’s CommentRatingGet The Deal
Midwest Industries QD 1″ Offset Scope Mount

Most Recommended Option

1. Doesn’t warp or have any issues after hundreds of rounds fired.
2. Very durable material 3. Sturdy construction.

Aero Precision – Ultralight Scope Mount

Premium Option

1. Continues to hold zero, even after multiple round.
2. Very light and very durable.
3. Construction is excellent.

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Nikon P-Tactical 1 Piece 1″ Scope Mount1. Easy to install
2. Screws in nice and tight.
3. Can hold its own after 100+ rounds fired.
9.0/10SHOP NOW
Talley – Light Weight Scope Mount1. Allows ample space for additional eye relief.
2. The finish is excellent
3. No need to re-polish.
8.5/10SHOP NOW
American Defense – No Offset Scope Mount1. Scopes continue to hold zero even after removal and re-installation.
2. Very easy to install and remove
3. Quick release lever.
8.0/10SHOP NOW

Types of Scope Mounts

There are a few popular types of scope mounts that are seen as reliable for most AR-10 rifle owners. And yes, there are those who have their own personal favourites for a certain type. If you’re new to buying scope mounts for your AR-10 rifle, then here are some of the types of scope mounts and rifle scope mount and weaver mounts that are available. 

One Piece

This type is the most simple, if not most common of them all. They’re easy to install and will accommodate almost all, if not most scopes that will fit it perfectly. They are strong as they are rigid. And since they’re pretty straightforward, you do not really have to worry about any kind of alignment problems. 

Scope Rings 

This is an AR-10 scope mounts that has been around since as early as time. Your father may have used them. So have your grandfather (maybe). And probably your great-grandfather too. That’s how long they have been around. 

Even present day, they’re still reliable like no other scope rings. Scope rings these days are usually light in weight, so they won’t add unneeded weight to your gun. These AR-10 scope mounts are quite affordable and are usually a long-range shooter’s best friend. 

Rail Style AR-10 Scope Mounts 

Do you fancy yourself a huge fan of the Picatinny Rail or the Weaver Rail? Either way, you have got scopes that can fit one or both rails. They allow for easy instalment and convenient detachment or quick detach for your best AR-10 scope mounts.  If you simply want to add mounts or optic without having to make adjustments to get it properly sighted in, then what more could you ask for? 

Aspects to Consider Before Buying 

Rather than clicking on the “add to cart” button on a whim or pick a random best AR-10 scope mounts off the shelf, it’s important for you to do some deeper research on a few scope mounts of your choice. 

There are a few best aspects that can play a role in your final buying decision for your best AR-10 scope. If you’re a first-time buyer, follow this rifle scope mounts list so you’ll know what you may base your decision on: 


If you’re a budget option shopper, then almost everything you buy will probably be based on the scope ring’s price tag. The price should not be the sole reason why you buy an AR-10 mount; you should also pay close attention to the general quality of the scope mount. The last thing you want to do is buy something that’s reasonable in its price, but sub-standard in performance and quality. You’ll want to rise above that old saying – you get what you pay for spiel. 


The materials that are usually used for the best scope mounts will more than likely be high in quality. Most gun manufacturers will most likely use materials such as aluminium, steel, or even polymer to guarantee the best in quality. These materials are more than likely to stay strong and can handle all kinds of abuse. They can even have the ability to handle shock that is related to recoil, which will help your scope keep accurate aim while you are firing your AR. 


We get it – not every AR-10 owner will have innate expert level gunsmithing skills, it is almost crucial to have an easy-to-install accessory because not everyone have access to a good gunsmith. And if that’s the case, you’ll want to find a best scope mount that is considered a drop-in sort. The words “drop-in” basically mean stress-free to install. With these mounts, you won’t need anything other than a few tools and a few minutes of your time to help install your scope mount before installing the scope itself. 

The Best AR-10 Scope Mounts – Evaluated 

Below are some of the best AR-10 scope mounts that are currently on the market (as of this writing). This list may pretty much be subject to change between now and the coming years, but you’ll be hard pressed to find anything else on this AR list right now. So it’s important to find something that may be best used for your AR-10 rifle for many years or maybe decades to come. 

As you are going through each of these AR scope mounts with eye relief, do pay close attention to the unique features that may stick out as ideal for your list. With that being said, let’s start with some of the best overall scope mount for an AR-10.

1. Midwest Industries QD 1 Inches Offset Scope Mount

Midwest Industries QD 1inch Offset Scope Mount


First and foremost, we’ll be taking a look at the Midwest Industries QD 1 inch Offset Scope Mount. When you first take a look at it, it looks like a hybrid of a one piece and ring mount. The rings are made to handle one-inch rifle scopes and are easy to secure in place. 

This scope mount is superlative if you’re using your AR-10 rifle for possible long-range shooting games and eye relief purposes. Hunting or target practicing, you’ll have a scope mount that will be ready for action the moment you install it along with your scope of choice. 

The clamping ability pieces are so worthy, it won’t coin or damage the rail surface on your rifle. It’s even fully adaptable without the use of any complicated tools. So if you are looking for an AR scope mount that is easy to use and adjust, then this might be the one you’ll want. 

This is precision shooting machined from top-quality aluminium durability that is made to give you a lifetime of usability and eye relief AR. Which means that it can hold its own for many years and maybe even decades. All you’ll need is a reliable scope situation and option that can last you a lifetime accuracy pieces magnification lights sniper set as well. 

If you are looking for a mount that may end up being the last choice you’ll ever purchase, the cost solution for a very long time, then this Midwest Industries scope mount can be exactly what you’ll need for your AR-10 rifle. 

The Midwest Industries scope mount is an excellent scope mount to obtain for long-term use and eye relief. What really surprised us was that it gives you the ability to make changes without ever having to use tools. That’s decent enough for a lot of shooters who are looking for something like this. Because the scopes they use may have a good amount of eye relief, while others may not. Either way, you’ll have the aptitude to adjust your scope so it will be more accommodating for you.



2. Aero Precision – Ultralight Scope Mount 

Aero Precision - Ultralight Scope Mount


Next, we’ll be having a look at the Aero Precision Ultralight Scope Mount. This is one of the best scope mount for those who are on a tight budget and are looking for an excellent scope mount that will fit most AR-style mounts. For obvious guns reticle, that means it can fit all kinds of scopes. Mid-range or long-range, it does not matter. 

This is a very lightweight scope mount, so you will not have to worry about your rifle getting heavier as soon as it’s completely installed. On top of that, it’s very durable thanks to the top-quality materials it is made from. 

Lightweight and durable, you can’t lose with a scope mount like this one, especially when it’s inexpensive for most budgets. If that hits a lot of buttons in your mind, you’d be crazy enough to not to pass up on the opportunity to get this. 

Even if you’re not on a tight budget and can afford any scope mount you want, you’d be surprised how something like this one can hold up. The Aero Precision is the ultra-light scope you will want if you want something that’s sturdy, reliable, and won’t break your bank.  

Furthermore, as soon as you add your scope of choices on there, you’ll be good to go at the shooting range or in the field, whichever is best for you. Overall, we’re quite awestruck with the Aero Precision scope mount. Light in weight and also super sturdy, it does a great job of backing the scope and makes sure that it holds 0 for as long as possible. 

As a matter of fact, this exceeds the expectations of any other budget mounts on the market. You get more than what you pay for with a mount such as this one. If you’re on a budget and are looking for something that will last you a long time, the Aero Precision ultralight scope mount may just do the trick for you.



3. Talley Light Weight Scope Mount

Talley - Light Weight Scope Mount


Next on here, we’ll be having a look at the Talley Light Weight Scope Mount. These ring mounts are perhaps the sturdiest and reliable ring scope mounts currently on the market. Furthermore, they’re light in weight and will not make your rifle any heavier. Each ring is measured at ⅝ of an inch and is made to fit most rifle scopes. 

Furthermore, this mount does a good job at keeping your scope in place so that it won’t wiggle or shift during use. Even if you have a huge scope, it won’t shift around. It will be safe and will hold its own over time. 

The mount is made from high-quality aluminium and will accept 1 inch rifle scopes. At the same time, it can also handle scopes with objectives measured up to 30mm. If you have a scope with the exact measurements that match, then this mount may just be exactly what you’ll need. 

The Talley Light Weight Scope Mount is perhaps the closest thing you can get to good old-fashioned ring mounts nowadays. And best of all is that they’re very reliable regardless of what scope you use. 

If you are looking to get the look and feel of an old-school style rifle, then mounting these on your AR-10 may be what you need. They’re durable, lightweight, and best of all, they are affordable for most budget brackets.



4. American Defence – No Offset Scope Mount

American Defense - No Offset Scope Mount


Next on the list, we’ll be taking a look at the American Defence No Offset Scope Mount. The first thing that we’ve observed is that it has a quick release lever. This is quite a striking feature to have if you just want to add on a scope mount and your scope in a matter of a few seconds, not minutes. 

On top of that, this will fit most Picatinny or Weaver rails really well. If you have either rail, you will not have to worry about whether or not it will fit. This is also easily adjustable just by either using a coin or a flathead screwdriver. 

So it’s not only convenient to install, but also easy to adjust. If the ease of use isn’t remarkable enough, we don’t know what else is. This is a one-piece mount that also has rings that can hold your scope steadily in place and will not allow it to wiggle around. If you hate it when that happens, then rest assured that you won’t be able to see it with this scope mount. 

For a mount that is easy to attach and quick detach, and allows you the best secure fit for almost any rifle scope that can fit, this American Defense No Offset Scope Mount may be exactly what you’re looking for. 

If you hate the idea of spending more than a few minutes installing a standard scope mount, then this may be the best possible choice. It is clip on and clip off. That’s pretty much it. Best of all is that you don’t even have to re-sight your scope or worry about it losing its 0 after switching it from one rifle to the next. 

For obvious reasons, the scope will stay in place and won’t fall out easily. As long as the nuts are tight, it will stay in place no matter how many times you switch rifles. It’s even affordable for most budget brackets too – which is not so bad at all.



5. Nikon P-Tactical 1 Piece 1 Inch Scope Mount

best AR-10 scope mounts 5


Our next one is the Nikon P-Tactical 1 Piece 1” Scope Mount. Nikon is best recognized for having excellent optics for their scopes. However, can they make awesome scope mounts that will complement them? The quick answer is yes. 

This scope mount is a scope ring mount that is made to handle not just Nikon brand scopes, but also scopes that are made for long-range shooting or hunting. If you have a long-range scope, then you need to have a mount that can support it. This mount is at the right height and is fitting for most scopes that have a great deal of eye relief as well. 

To take note, this handles one-inch riflescopes. If that’s the kind of scope you have, this is the mount that will be the best fit for it. This mount is made from a high-quality alloy that is made to keep the scope in place and will also be able to withstand a lot of recoil and shock.

If you are looking for a scope mount that will not give the scope itself any kind of wiggle room, the Nikon P-Tactical scope mount might be your best choice. 

In our humble opinion, the Nikon P-Tactical scope mount is one of the best for all the right reasons. It will fit most one-inch rifle scopes and also has the reliable ring-style mounts that have been trusted by many shooters for generations.

Furthermore, it is the ideal scope mount for long-range hunters, competitive shooters, and even target shooters. If you want to shoot targets accurately from about 500 yards out or more, then you’ll need a scope mount that can hold down your favourite scope in place. The Nikon P-Tactical may very well be the mount you’ll end up with if you’re a long-range shooter. 




The bottom line is, finding the best AR-10 scope mount may be a challenge for some users’ body equipment. If you know exactly what you’re looking for in a scope mount, then your search will be much easier. 

Whether you prefer a ring mount or a straightforward one piece, you’ll find a great scope mount that can hold your scope up quite well and help it deliver the best performance that outbid the rest of the AR-10s can provide. 

Not only will your scope be dependable for use, but it will also be able to hold zero for as long as possible. Find a scope mount that is easy to install, tough as nails, and will work to your benefit for many years to come.    

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) some people may have. 

Q: How do I mount a scope on an AR-10? 

Mounting a scope may be a hard thing to do for some people if you have no idea how to do it. However, we’ve taken the liberty of providing you with a mini guide on how you can mount a scope on your AR-10 rifle: 

Step 1 – First and foremost, always check to see if your rifle is unblemished. Check the magazine well, barrel things, and the chamber. As soon as you’re clear, you’re ready to move on to the next step. 

Step 2 – The tools you’ll need are screwdrivers and a torque wrench. You may need some Loctite just in case it’s required. Other tools like cantilever mounts and a bubble level. 

Step 3 – Take the cantilever mount and put it on the upper receiver. If you have a free-floating rail or handguard, do not put the mount on the receiver and the rail at the same time. Take the torque wrench and tighten it. 

Step 4 – Take the scope and add the rings on top. Tighten them in an X-Pattern. Using the level, check to see if the scope is even. Check the reticule to ensure that it is level. 

Step 5 – Screw on the scope firmly. Double check to see if it’s nice and fitted. At this point, you’re pretty much done.

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