Best AR-10 Muzzle Brakes [May 2023] – Reviewed

Best AR-10 Muzzle Brakes

Marksmen and hunters should by now be familiar with the benefits of using a muzzle brake to help reduce recoil. A muzzle brake in fact reduces recoil by up to 40% in the strength of recoil in an AR-10. This amount is quite significant and has allowed plenty of hunters and target shooters to extend their shooting sessions and pleasure.

So, if you’ve been looking for the best AR-10 muzzle brake, then you’re in the right place! With our list of the handpicked muzzle brakes currently popular on the market, we're sure you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for you. But before we dive into our list, let’s discuss first how it works and the few factors to consider when picking one out.

Muzzle Brakes Name Editor’s Comment Rating Get The Deal
Precision Armament – AR .308 M4-72 Severe Duty Brake 30 Caliber

Most Recommended Option

1. Made from HTSR 416 Stainless Steel
2. Ionbond CrCN matte black finish
3. Good recoil management

10/10 SHOP NOW
Lancer Systems Viper Brake

Premium Option

1. Steel construction
2. Nitride black & polished stainless finish
3. Low vertical reticle movement

9.5/10 SHOP NOW
VG6 Precision – AR .308 Gamma 762 Muzzle Brake 7.62 1. Steel material with blakc or bead blasted finishing
2. Hybrid muzzle brake compensator
3. Three-prong design
9.0/10 SHOP NOW
Surefire – Procomp 762 Muzzle Brake 1. Steel construction
2. Good recoil reduction and muzzle rise
3. Blind pilot holes
8.5/10 SHOP NOW
DPMS – AR .308 Miculek Comp 30 Caliber 1. Made from 4140 steel
2. Black manganese phosphate finish
3. Lightweight
8.0/10 SHOP NOW

How Does a Muzzle Brake Work?

Muzzle brakes are designed to reduce recoil and eliminate muzzle jumps that are often experienced with AR-style rifles. When not controlled properly, these occurrences may cause your shots to be inaccurate. You may just find your rounds in the ground instead of your intended target.

With that in mind, most AR-10 users prefer to reduce the recoil as much as possible to ensure more control over their rifles to give them the ability to fire accurate and precise shots. The muzzle brake is even designed to reroute any gas that properly your rounds away from your face.

Pros and Cons of a Muzzle Brake

While it is undeniable that a muzzle brake can bring plenty of advantages to your shooting experience, there are bound to be a few downsides too. Here’s a brief list of the advantages and disadvantages you might have to deal with:


Reduces Recoil

While not all muzzle brakes work the same way, they do serve one common purpose and that’s excellent muzzle rise and recoil reduction. This is thanks to the design of the muzzle brake’s gas ports and their strategic placement to redirect the gas.

Excellent for Lighter Barrels

A light barrel weight will enjoy the benefit of having a muzzle brake as it helps to improve the gun’s accuracy. Obviously, the absence of recoil would also lead to better shot accuracy. The lighter the barrel, the better the hit probability.

Makes Larger Caliber Guns Easier to Shoot

Larger caliber guns are known to be more or less a heavy-hitting kind of gun. But simply by adding a muzzle brake, you’ll find any larger caliber gun easier to shoot, especially for shooters who do not have the ability to properly control a gun of that magnitude due to their large size and lack of good recoil management.


Side Blast May Be Common

Muzzle blast is a usual occurrence in AR-10 rifles and it can cause an issue for shooters firing off their AR-10 at public ranges. Those standing in your immediate vicinity may also be exposed to the gases blowing right into their direction.

May Kick Up Some Dust

Depending on the design and gas ports placement, some muzzle brakes can kick up dust after every shot you fire. To prevent that from happening, you just need to find one with no gas ports on the bottom of the muzzle brake.

Characteristics Considerations of the Best AR-10 Muzzle Brakes

One thing you should definitely not do when buying a muzzle brake is to grab the first one off the shelf. You’ll need to take into consideration a few aspects to better distinguish a great muzzle brake from one that’s cheap and low-quality. So, here are a few factors that you can consider while looking for the best muzzle brake.


The first thing to look at would be the muzzle brake materials as this will determine its overall quality, especially when purchasing a much-needed accessory for your AR-10 rifle. Most muzzle brakes today are made from high-quality steel that is strong and will be hard to wear down. Plus, it even has the ability to be super durable to sustain all kinds of abuse.


One of the most noticeable things that you may see with muzzle brakes is the design. One such feature to look at is the gas port placements. While some are located on the side of the muzzle brake, others may be found on either the top or bottom instead.

Although this may not be a big deal for some, there are a few reasons why a muzzle brake is designed that way. Muzzle brakes with a gas port located on the bottom half won’t kick up any dust when you shoot in the prone position.


If you’re one of those AR-10 rifle owners that don’t have expert level gunsmithing skills, then you should opt for a drop-in muzzle brake that’s super easy to install. Most drop-ins only take a couple of minutes and very few tools to set up on your AR-10.

However, there will be some that require some gunsmithing for proper installation. If you’re not very confident to handle it yourself, you may consider enrolling in the services of a professional to get the job done.

The Best AR-10 Muzzle Brakes

Below is our pick of the five best AR-10 muzzle brakes you can consider as your starting point in finding the perfect muzzle brake for your rifle. As you’re reading through each one, be sure to read them carefully to see if it’s what you want.

1. Precision Armament – AR .308 M4-72 Severe Duty Brake 30 Caliber

Best Overall



  • Material: HTSR 416 Stainless Steel Bar, HRC 26-32
  • Finish: Ionbond CrCN Matte Black
  • Thread: ⅝-24 TPI
  • Length: 2.275”
  • Diameter: 0.985”
  • Weight: 3.1 oz

Precision Armament designed their M4-72 Severe Duty Muzzle Brake 30 Caliber with ultimate recoil reduction in mind. Their highest-rated model comes with smartly angled side vents to reduce recoil of up to 64.4% while being the most effective choice for the .308 AR platform and even the .223.

On top of recoil management, the angled vents on the Precision Armament M4-72 also effectively reduces the sound level on this model to a comfortable level at 117 dB. Some reticle movement is also noticed in the 1-2 o’clock range.

Aside from the vent placements, the Precision Armament M4-72 muzzle brake comes with closed bottom construction and upward bias on the venting to cut down muzzle rise and dust signature. The product is also constructed from heat-treated stainless steel to minimize any occurrence of erosion from extreme heat combat conditions.

The model also comes with advanced Ionbond high-temperature coating with matte black CrCN. The muzzle brake has also been designed to fit most devices that can take on the standard A2 flash suppressor. Nonetheless, the best installation system for this would be the Accu-Washer Muzzle-Alignment, which can be ordered separately.

Overall, the .308/7.62mm muzzle brake fits any caliber from the .243 Winchester up to the 338 Lapua Magnum (6.8 SPC, 308Win, 300WM, 338LM, etc.). However, be warned that you should not use the crush washers with this Precision Armament M4-72 product as warned by the manufacturer.

You would like this if:

You want an M4-72 muzzle brake that can deliver up to 65% recoil reduction.
You prefer muzzle brakes that have good reticle movement mitigation.

You might not like this if:

You don’t want a muzzle brake that offers too much side blast.
You have a rifle shorter than 14.5”. This muzzle brake might cause possible concussion damage for shorter barrels.



2. Surefire – Procomp 762 Muzzle Brake




  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Black
  • Threads: ⅝-24
  • Calibers: 7.62mm (.308 caliber)
  • Length: 2.56”

The SureFire Procomp Muzzle Brake 7.62 is one of the most effective muzzle brakes that offer good recoil reduction impulse and muzzle rise. On top of that, the shooter even has the option of using blind pilot holes with a pilot hole for a pin and weld for fine-tuning purposes.

You’ll enjoy efficient reduction when using a 7.62 rifle with ⅝-24 threaded muzzles. Aside from offering very similar functions to the SureFire SFMB-762-⅝-24 Suppressor Adapter, the only difference is that this is a stand-alone device.

The .308 muzzle brake also comes with vertical porting to dramatically reduce recoil impulse that gets transferred to the bi-pod legs evenly. This will give the shooter a better control over their firearm to stay on target during shot to shot recovery.

The Procomp 762 muzzle brake is also machined from heat-treated, US mill-certified stainless bar stock with holes in the top to alleviate vertical movement. All-in-all, this muzzle brake is a simple and effective accessory that is able to maintain a low profile and slim design to create a brake that’s not much wider than your rifle’s barrel.

The slim design favors hunting while the vertical ports are efficient in controlling muzzle rise while the side ports offer good recoil reduction. Other than that, the .308 muzzle brake even delivers a reasonable side blast. However, this is certainly not a flash hider and it creates a very evident flash that’s still bright in the sunlight.

The Surefire Procomp 762 Muzzle Brake is packaged with a crush washer and is designed with flat surfaces to ensure easy installation. The coating is even beautifully machined for the best quality.

You would like this if:

You want high-quality muzzle brakes that offer excellent muzzle rise and recoil reduction for the money.
You prefer to use blind pilot holes at 6 o’clock position for shorter barrels.
You want a muzzle brake with closed bottom constructions.
You prefer muzzle brakes with low vertical reticle movements.

You might not like this if:

You don’t want so much muzzle flash.



3. DPMS – AR .308 Miculek Comp 30 Caliber

Best For the Money



  • Cartridges: 30 Caliber (.308)
  • Material: 4140 Steel
  • Finish: Black Manganese Phosphate
  • Diameter: 15/16”
  • Threads: ⅝”-24
  • Length: 2 ⅜
  • Total Weight: 3.7 ounces

First on our list of the very best muzzle brakes for AR .308 is the DPMS Miculek Comp 30 Caliber that features six opposing side ports. These work to direct the cartridge gas outwards and reduce muzzle jump. The recoil reduction felt in the LR-308 feels somewhat similar to that of an AP4 Carbine.

The big vented DPMS AR .308 Miculek Comp 30 Caliber has been developed with the help of a renowned shooter Jerry Miculek and features a standard style brake.

The muzzle brake has been engineered to provide great recoil reduction, but the side blast can really hammer the eardrums with a maximum sound level test of 121 dB. This can get very loud and uncomfortable for some, hence it’s advisable to shoot with good ear protection.

The budget muzzle brake is also made of 4140 steel with a manganese phosphate finish for enhanced longevity. The steel finished magnesium phosphate is also very high in quality to withstand high-temperature use. Additionally, the muzzle brake compensator measures 15/16” in diameter, with a length of 2 ⅜” and a thread pitch of 5/8-24.

This muzzle brake fits .308 caliber Modern Sporting Rifles, .30 caliber, and smaller rifles. They’re also easy to install and secured with a 3.7-ounce lock-nut, that comes along with the kit. This highly durable muzzle brake can take on a lot of hard-wearing use. It provides excellent value for money, making this worth a closer look for those with a budget issue in your choice of brake.

You would like this if:

You want to enjoy excellent muzzle jump and felt recoil reduction.
You want a muzzle brake to deliver positive accuracy that’s within a good price bracket.

You might not like this if:

You don’t want a muzzle brake with a largish vertical reticle movement.
You don’t want to wear ear protection while shooting. This muzzle brake can deliver a very loud lateral sound to make it uncomfortable for some.



4. VG6 Precision – AR .308 Gamma 762 Muzzle Brake 7.62



  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Black or Bead Blasted Stainless
  • Length: 2.67”
  • Threads: ⅝-24
  • Calibers: 7.62mm (.308 Caliber)

The AR.308 Gamma 762 muzzle brake is an excellent and competent hybrid muzzle brake compensator that can almost entirely eliminate any recoil and reduce muzzle movement to the minimum. The combination of rise compensation and braking gets transferred to the shooter to give them more confidence for better follow up shots.

Despite that, the chamber geometries also result in a nice soft feel for the shoulders. And due to strenuous testing, the design of gas ports also delivers good muzzle control. With the slots placed on top, the .308 muzzle brakes achieved excellent muzzle movement compensation.

The VG6 Precision AR.308 Gamma Muzzle Brakes come with a three-prong design that dramatically cuts the flash component. And with no porting at the 12 o’clock position, you can rest assured that there will be no flash to distract you from your down the line vision.

The two-chamber configuration also works to redirect gas while the holes on the underside help to release the most powerful gas jets and consequently further decrease felt recoil in the shoulder. The previous 5.56 version is also great for recoil reduction since they both have the same side vent design but then again, brutal side blast may not be appreciated by your neighbors.

In terms of volume, the muzzle brakes deliver an acceptable noise level of 120 dB. Similar to the Surefire, the VG6 Gamma even has a blind pin hole for shooters to weld into their barrel. It also has a reticle movement near to the horizontal 2-3 o’clock latitude.

You would like something this if:

You need muzzle brakes to help with recoil reduction and better follow-up shots.
You want an AR .308 muzzle brake that offers good value for money.
You need a vertical reticle movement that’s low.

You might not like this if:

You don’t want a significant side blast.



5. Lancer Systems Viper Brake



  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Nitride Black & Polished Stainless
  • Length: 3.772”
  • Width: 1.877”
  • Threads: ⅝-24
  • Weight: 10.229 oz.
  • Round: 30 (.308)

Responding to demands for muzzle brakes with looks and quality, while not worrying about size and weight, the famed Lancer has created the amazing Viper Brake that although may be a bit heavy for hunting, it is a clear winner in the features that a good muzzle brake should provide. While the weight criticism for this has been regarded for hunters, the added weight can in fact come in handy for long-range shooting.

The high-quality muzzle brakes even have small screws that look a little like the head of a pit viper and can be tuned to adjust the muzzle rise compensator jets. Additionally, they can also be used for right or left muzzle drift. The tuning can also be extended to offhand, bipod, and right-handed or left-handed shooters.

You’ll also notice three chambers feeding six rear directed blast baffles with rearwards-angled blast baffles and screws that can be used to adjust the gas volume and muzzle rise. But that’s not all! The muzzle brake even comes in a machine finish that everyone’s wishing for. In comparison with other muzzle brakes regarding recoil suppression, this is definitely up there with the best, making it one of the best brakes for a .308 rifle.

You would like this if:

You want a muzzle brake that reduces recoil on top of good visual design.
You like a muzzle brake with a low vertical reticle movement.
You want good adjustability. This muzzle device allows users to make muzzle rise thrust adjustments with removable screws.
You enjoy long-range shooting.

You might not like this:

You use your AR-10 for hunting purposes. Unfortunately, this one is a little too heavy for you.
You don’t want something that delivers significant lateral sound emission.




So if you’re looking for a good AR-10 muzzle brake, you can trust that you’re not the only one. However, you should remember to find the one that will best fit your needs and personal preferences. It is undeniable that a great muzzle brake will improve your weapon’s performance by reducing recoil and muzzle jump to enhance the shooting experience.

The bottom line is to find a muzzle break that best fits your intents and purposes and you won’t be disappointed. Hopefully, today’s article has provided you sufficient information and comparisons/recommendations to make the final decision in which is the best AR-10 muzzle brake for you.

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