The Best AR-10 Buffer Tubes (2021): Reviewed

Best AR 10 Buffer Tubes (2020)_ Reviewed

Are you currently looking for the best AR-10 buffer tube? Then you have come to the right place. A good buffer tube will certainly improve the overall function of your AR-10 rifle. And to get started on your search, we have handpicked some of the best AR-10 buffer tubes just for this review. One of these may be yours if it, one way or another, has a feature or two that checks off your wish list. 

Before we start on our best AR 10 buffer tubes list, we’ll talk about what a buffer tube is and what criteria and characteristics you should find in the options. We’ll also discuss whether or not these buffer tubes are the same and also provide you a brief list of aspects to consider as you’re shopping around for an upgrade.

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Aero Precision – AR .308 M5 Carbine Buffer Tube Kit

Most Recommended Option

1. Fit and function marry together in perfect harmony
2. Feature an end plate and lock nut that holds tighter and stronger for more rounds shot per minute.
3. With 6-positions

Luth-AR .308 Rifle Buffer Tube Assembly

1. Kit includes everything for a new .308 AR A2 Rifle build 
2. Convert your current AR Carbine to a A2 AR Rifle buffer tube recoil system.

9.5/10SHOP NOW
GUNTEC USA AR-10 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Set,.308 Cal1. Mil-spec buffer tube with complete kit end plate, castle nut, 308 CAR short buffer
2. Spring T6 Aluminum 6 position buffer tube for .308 Cal
9.5/10SHOP NOW
2A Armament 8 Position Billet Buffer Tube1. Manufactured with high 2A Armament standards
2. Finished with hard anodize for lasting performance.
8.5/10SHOP NOW

The Criteria: Characteristics and Aspects to Consider Before Buying 

Of course, it wouldn’t be clever to buy the first buffer tube you lay your eyes on. Or if you’re buying online, you simply can’t just immediately click on the “buy now” or “add to cart” button. Before choosing the best tube for yourself, you’ll need to consider some additional factors that may play a major role in your final purchasing decision. 

If you’re a new and 1st time buyer, this list should be a must-read for you. That way, you’ll know what you are looking for while looking for the best tube for your AR-10 rifle. With that being said, here’s what you’ll need to consider: 


For obvious reasons, if you’re on a budget then you will know the price will play a factor in which tube you’ll choose. While price may be a good reason why you’ll choose a buffer tube, it’s also imperative to consider some of the other aspects as well. 

If the price tag is within your budget, always make sure that the quality is better than a typical economy tube. The last thing you’ll want to do is buy a buffer tube that’s low in its price and ends up low in quality too. 


The overall quality of the best tube will depend on the material used for manufacturing. Most of the buffer tubes on the market are made from high-quality materials such as aluminum. Types of aluminum like 7075-T6 are among some of the popular choices because they are resistant to all kinds of damage. 

Furthermore, they are also good at absorbing the shock related with recoil. This kind of aluminum will also be resistant to natural exposure such as corrosion. 

Installation Process 

If you have no gunsmithing skills, then you don’t have to worry about installing a buffer tube. Most of the buffer tubes that we put on here are easy to install. All it takes are the right tools and a few minutes of your time in order for you to install one properly. 

There are plenty of installation instructions and guides online so you can follow along and install it without scratching your head and wondering if you’re doing it all wrong. 

The Best AR 10 Buffer Tubes – Reviewed 

The following is a list of some of the best AR-10 buffer tubes that are currently available on the market as of this writing. While this list may be subject to change in the future, one of these tubes may be yours for quite a long period of time. But don’t worry, it won’t be something that will go out of style within the 12 months or so. 

If you’re looking for an upgrade or if you need an addition to a rifle that you’re currently building, then this list is a great place to start. With that being said, let’s begin by having a look at our mini list below.

1. Aero Precision – AR .308 M5 Carbine Buffer Tube Kit

Aero Precision - AR .308 M5 Carbine Buffer Tube Kit


First on the list, we’ll be looking into the Aero Precision AR .308 M5 Carbine Buffer Tube Kit. This is possibly one of the best quality buffer tubes that are currently available. And since it’s made in the U.S.A., it will absolutely back our statement. 

This buffer tube features 6 different positions that can best fit your buttstock of choice. Whether it’s an adjustable stock or a secure “one-size-fits-all” kind of stock, this buffer tube will have the ability to lodge it. 

This is crafted from high-quality aluminum, making it a very durable accumulation to your AR-10 rifle. Also come with this one is your castle nut, spring, and end plate. These parts are convenient to install and won’t need advanced gunsmithing skills. With just a few minutes of your time and the right tools, it will be installed and good to go. 

If you’re looking for a buffer tube that has all the parts you need to make it work as it should, then this Precision kit may just be exactly what you are looking for. If you’re looking for one that is seen as some of the best of the best, then the Aero Precision buffer tube kit may be just what you’re looking for in durability, accuracy, and everything else. As a matter of fact, we are quite satisfied with this one and it is good enough for some people to consider it one of the best buffer tubes. 

If you’re looking for a buffer tube with the whole kit and entirety that makes it function, then get yourself this choice. The installation is convenient and will be functional as soon as it is installed properly.



2. GUNTEC USA AR-10 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Set,.308 Cal

GUNTEC USA AR-10 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Set,.308 Cal


Next, we’ll be looking at the GUNTEC USA AR-10 Mil-Spec buffer tube. Once again, we’ll be looking at a complete kit that not only entails plenty of a standalone buffer tube but also the parts that will get the thing to go about properly in your application. 

On top of the tube, you’ll get the castle nut, end plate, and a .308 CAR short buffer. The material used to make this tube is 7075-T6 aluminium. In other words, this will be a hard piece of equipment worth installing on your AR-10 rifle. 

On top of that, this will fit most buttstocks and it comes with 6 different positions you can use to make sure that your buffer tube will work with the stock you use the most. If the Aero Precision kit doesn’t excite you somehow or if this GUNTEC kit catches your eye, then it’s pretty obvious that this is the right product for you. 

All and all, this is a great substitute kit if the Aero Precision doesn’t seem right for you. However, this product is quite durable and comprises of the parts that will take only minutes to install. 

Furthermore, it’s a buffer tube that is as close as you can get to a mil-spec panache. If you’re a sucker for all things mil-spec, you should give this GUNTEC kit a closer look.



3. 2A Armament 8 Position Billet Buffer Tube

2A Armament 8 Position Billet Buffer Tube


There are a lot of gun owners who are always looking for great accessories. However, there’s also a handful of those who are on a budget. If you’re 1of them, you should celebrate. This is because we’ve found the best AR-10 buffer Spring that can fit almost any budget range. 

We present you with the 2A Armament Eight-Position Billet Buffer Spring. This item is made from accommodated aluminium. For added durability, it also comes with an anodized coating to make sure that it can handle all kinds of punishment or hunting purposes. 

If you’re looking for a product that can last you a substantial amount of time and won’t break your bank, then this 2A Armament may be the best thing you’ve invested in. This has 8 adjustable positions intended to work with almost any buttstock you have opted for your rifle. 

So if you have a polymer stock that you’re dying to add on to your rifle, then a buffer tube like this can make it even more adjustable and easy to use for most shooters. Like many firearm accessories that are the best for the money, it surpasses expectations. It’s not a “you get what you pay for” sort of buffer tube. And for the price it’s going for, we’re quite surprised that it wasn’t estimated any higher. 

The 8 adjustable positions are more than enough for any gun owner. However, it guarantees that anyone can use a rifle if they can find the right adjustment that makes them most comfortable. 

With the 2A Armament buffer tube, you simply can’t lose. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to use and easy on your wallet, you’d be impractical enough to pass up on the opportunity to look at this a little further.



4. Luth-AR .308 Rifle Buffer Tube Assembly

Luth-AR .308 Rifle Buffer Tube Assembly


Next, we’ll be having a look at the Luth-AR Tube Assembly. Included in this kit is not just the buffer tube itself, but it also comes with a buttstock extension tube, standard buttstock spring, and a buffer body assembly. 

So in layman’s term, you have a kit that will work best with your .308 caliber AR-10 rifles. Each portion of this is light in weight and won’t add any extra weight to your rifle. So if you’re searching for something that’s easy to install but won’t make your rifles anymore heavier, then this buffer tube assembly kit can be yours to own. You’ll be able to conveniently install these parts and the tube itself in a matter of a few short minutes. This will complement almost any buttstock you choose to use for your AR-10 rifle. 

Adjustable or fixed, you’ll have a dependable tube that will support your buttstock without much issues. This Luth-AR buffer tube assembly may be the best option for your AR-10. 

The Luth-AR is perhaps some of the most reliable buffers you can find that will be the best fit for a .308 caliber AR-10 rifle. If reliability is something you see as a high priority, then this may be the best buffer tube to invest in. This has the additional portions that you may need to make sure that the buffer tube itself can function properly, however, it won’t take you too much time to install. 

So if you have a few minutes to spare, then you can assemble this buffer tube and install it on your rifle without much snags or other issues. 




The bottom line is that finding the best AR-10 buffer tube may be a challenge, however, if you know exactly what to look for, then you’ll find the buying process a little more convenient. A good buffer tube will definitely give your AR 10 rifle better performance. Look for the best fit which is easy to install and easy to adjust. This way, you will have a fully functional and adjustable AR-10 to work with no matter what you intend it for.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) some people may have. 

Q: What is a Buffer Tube and What Are They Used For? 

A buffer tube is another term for a receiver extension. This is a protuberance that sticks out of your AR-10 rifle. The buffer tube is made to serve 2 purposes. Firstly, it will house what is known as the recoil buffer apparatus. Second, it also serves as an accessory to your rifle’s buttstock. 

Inside a buffer tube, there is a large spring that is also known as an action spring. This spring comprises the recoil buffer mechanism inside. The buffer tube allows the bolt, buffer tube, and spring itself to go in the tube flattened and shoot itself forward. 

Q: Are AR-15 and AR-10 Buffer Tubes The Same? 

The quick answer: no. To give you an even drawn-out answer, almost all the parts of a buffer tube may not be compatible with each other. In simple words, an AR-15 buffer tube may not be able to work properly in an AR-10 rifle and vice versa. The tube lengths, however, are similar. But other than that, the parts like the lower parts or the rail system will not be compatible with any other AR-style rifle other than its own. 

However, some parts like the buttstock, hammer, or pistol grip are most likely well-matched for either an AR-15 or AR-10.

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