Best 9mm Speed Loaders (2022) – Reviewed

Best 9mm Speed Loaders

One of the reasons why the 9mm is one of the most popular calibers for semi-auto pistols is simply due to the relatively high capacity of 9mm magazines compared to other calibers. The more ammunition there is in a magazine, the more you can shoot without having to stop to swap magazines. However, higher capacity also means that it will take a long time to load the magazines.

This can pose a problem for some shooters, especially when the timing is critical and they’re stuck trying to load their magazine thanks to a sticky or stiff spring tension. So, the solution to solve this is to get a mag speed loader (magazine loader) to make it faster and easier to load your magazine.

To make it easier for you to find the best 9mm speed loader for your 9mm pistol, we’ve taken the liberty to conduct some research and put this review together to help you find the best 9mm magazine speed loaders available on the market today.

9mm Speed LoadersNameEditor’s CommentRatingGet The Deal
Caldwell Universal Pistol Loader

Most Recommended Option

1. Versatile
2. Adjustable side shims
3. Ergonomic design

Maglula Uplula Magazine Speed Loader 9mm, 0.45

Premium Option

1. Made from reinforced black polymer
2. Smooth and positive operation
3. Lengthens magazine life

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Elite Tactical Universal Speed Loader 9MM .40 S&W Magazines1. Quick reloads
2. Works with Single or double stack
3. Made from extremely durable polymer
9.0/10SHOP NOW
Glock Magazine Speed Loader 9mm/.40/.357/.380 Auto/.45 GAP Mags1. Made from durable Glock polymer
2. Fits single and double stack magazines
3. No inserts, spacers, or adjustments
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Makershot Custom 9mm Magazine Speed Loader1. Excellent ergonomics
2. Made from high quality polymer
3. Lifetime durability
8.0/10Currently unavailable

The Start of a Speed Loader For 9mm

Any gun enthusiast would know that reloading a firearm can be one of the most annoying things. And depending on the situation, you could even die or lose an entire competition if you don’t reload fast enough. Time is extremely valuable when it comes to weapons, especially during high pressure and real-life situations.

Understanding the need for making the reloading process easier, William H. Bell created the first magazine loader in 1879 by building a basic metal disk to lock in 6 revolver rounds without falling out. 14 years later in 1893, William de Courcy Prideaux redesigned the magazine loader and called it a “cartridge-packet holder”. The magazine loader functioned just like the William Bells design with 12 steel graspers in 6 groupings to hold one .455 round for a British Webley revolver. Thanks to his connection with the Queen, his design became way more popular than Bell’s and was commonly used by the army officers of the day.

Prideaux’s design was improved years later and saw its way to WWI where it was highly used by the military. This is a particularly interesting fact as to when more weapons were developed, particularly the semi-automatic, this easy-to-use speed loader somehow went underground silently.

Despite the near-universal interest in the semi-automatic handgun design, the American law-enforcement officers’ demographic clung to their wheel guns well into the late 1970s. And for the most part, the American police were issued revolvers and reloads in single cartridge belt-loops or in dump pouches.

While the semi-automatic popularity was slowly removed as the “go-to” weapon of choice among the military, the one arena where the revolver continues to shine was with the US Police force. The easy-to-use metal speed loaders at the day were called dump pouches and did not work as effectively. This then created a huge need for a new type of speed loader.
J.M Hunt took the challenge of redesigning and creating a whole new speed loader and a new era began.

A company named Dade in 1968 started constructing a plastic stack speedloader prototype with the use of metal springs to maintain tension on the ammo. This has proven to be a breakthrough design and allowed for a quick reload of under four seconds by a trained individual. This has boosted Dade as the Cadillac of 9mm speed loaders with every police officer in the country getting trained on using them.

Today, it can be very difficult to find a speed loader that is best in improving your “speed” considering the sheer number of speed loader options on the market. Regardless, a speed loader is an absolute for any and every shooter and it plays an important role for the gun owner and will continue to be reimagined as we move forward.

How Do 9mm Speed Loaders Work?

While we can’t cover every speed loader on the market, below is a high-level view of how magazine speed loaders generally work :

  1. Start with an empty gun magazine.
  2. Place the magazine in the slot provided.
  3. Insert a round of ammo into the space or gap designed for ammo placement.
  4. Push or squeeze to load the ammo into the magazine chamber.
  5. Repeat until the magazine is fully loaded.

Factors to Consider when Looking for the Best Speed Loader 9mm

As you begin your search, you need to keep in mind the few aspects below to better differentiate a high-quality speed loader from one that will just breakdown after a couple of uses:

Magazine Size and Caliber

You need to first check the size of your magazine and your gun’s caliber type before purchasing the speed loader. You shouldn’t assume that a speed loader is a universal one-size-fits-all accessory.


Make sure you get a loader that’s made of quality materials to ensure you get one that will last you for years. When it comes to 9mm speed loaders, you really do tend to get what you pay for.

Personal Preference

Lastly, you need to check for what works best for you. If you’re suffering from arthritis or have weaker hands, then you might want to get something to squeeze rather than push down. However, if you’re strong with no issues with your hands, then you have more freedom to get something that works well for you.

The Best 9mm Speed Loader

Now let’s dive straight into the best 9mm speed loaders you can get your hands on now.

1. Caldwell Universal Pistol Loader – The Best for Compatibility



  • Versatile with Various Calibers
  • Adjustable Side Shims
  • No Movement Tightening Knob
  • Stable with No Flexing
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Solid Fit Magazine Setting
  • Multi-Caliber Operation


  • Operating Function: Squeeze Thumb Lever
  • Magazine Types: Single, Double Stack
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Overall Size: 9.3 x 6.7 x 2 inches

While this may look like something out of a Terminator movie, the Caldwell Universal Loader is very easy to use and can fit with most 9mm magazines well without taking too much strength to operate. Other than that, the Caldwell loader works well with both single-stack and double-stack magazines to load multiple caliber sizes including 9mm, 10mm, .357, .40 cal, and .45 ACP cal ammo.

Since you can simply lock this in with the provided Lock Knob, throw a round, and pull the thumb lever, you won’t have to put in too much strength to use this. Thanks to the supporting adjustable side shims, this loader can easily adjust to accommodate different widths of magazines. On top of this, the 9mm mag loader is constructed from polycarbonate for a practically indestructible build.

The bottom line is that the Caldwell Universal Pistol Magazine Loader is a fantastic option for any serious shooter.

You would like this if:

  • You need a speed loader that fits almost all caliber types.
  • You don’t want to use too much strength to operate the magazine loader.

You might not like this if:

  • You don’t want to spend time trying to get used to the speed loader.



2. Elite Tactical Universal Speed Loader 9MM .40 S&W Magazines -The Best 9mm Speed 



  • Loads Pistol Magazines in Seconds
  • Accommodates 9mm and .40 caliber
  • Works with Double or Single Stack
  • Does Not Force Rounds Through the Feedlips
  • Made from Extremely Durable Polymer


  • Operating Function: Push Slider
  • Magazine Types: Single, Double Stack
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces
  • Overall Size: 13.5 x 1.5 x 6.2 inches

The ETS or Elite Tactical System Cam Universal Speed Loader will definitely speed things up with its ability to cut your loading time by half once you’ve gotten the hang of it! With this puppy on, you may never even need to touch the ammo itself as it can easily grab the ammo for you by sliding it along a tray of 9mm rounds in the grooves provided.

All you’ll ever need to do now is just load it up straight from the ammo box, insert the magazine in the bottom until it locks, and push the ammo down into the magazine with the provided plunger. While it does take a little bit of strength to operate this speed loader, it does have a simple overall design that’s easy to use. This is another magazine speed loader that works with both single and double stack magazines.

And since you won’t have to force the rounds through the feed lips anymore, you won’t have to worry about any danger of your mag loader getting damaged. On top of that, it is even made from a very sturdy polymer right here in the USA for guaranteed quality.

You would like this if:

  • You need a mag loader that’s all about speed and quickness.

You might not like this if:

  • You have weaker hands and don’t want to require too much strength to operate it.



3. Maglula Uplula Magazine Speed Loader 9mm, 0.45 – The Best for Durability



  • Made from Reinforced, Black Polymer
  • Locks Closed & Minimal Design
  • Hand-Held Loader
  • Smooth, Positive Operation Protects Fingers
  • Loads One Round per Second
  • Lengthens Magazine Life


  • Operating Function: Squeeze Thumb Lever
  • Magazine Types: Single, Double Stack
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces

Next on our list is the UpLULA Universal Mag Loader that features military-grade material construction. This piece of equipment can load almost any 9mm Luger all the way up to .45 ACP. In addition to that, it even carries the ability to self-adjust to any size magazine you like thanks to its shims plus it loads up with ease!

The bottom line to this mag loader is reliability, without needing to suffer any pain. Designed to handle both single stack and double stacks, this piece of speed loader is made from indestructible polycarbonate that’s strong enough to last you years of operation.

You would like this product if:

  • You need a 9mm mag loader that’s highly durable and light

You might not like this if:

  • You’re shopping on a tight budget as this high-quality pistol loader comes with a high cost.



4. Makershot Custom 9mm Magazine Speed Loader – The Best for Simplicity


  • Great Speed, Ergonomics, and Durability
  • Perfect Fit on Selected Magazines
  • High-Quality Polymer
  • Lifetime Durability


  • Operating Function: Push Slider
  • Mag Types: Single, Double Stack Mags
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces
  • Overall Size: 1 x 1 2 inches

If you’re looking for a simple 9mm speed loader without all the complicated moving parts, then the Makershot Custom Magazine Speedloader might just be the one for you. Not only does it slide onto any single or double stack magazine, but it’s also made of excellent polymer material for enhanced durability.

The mag speed loader is also small enough for gun owners to carry in their pants pockets without worrying about it breaking. One thing we didn’t quite fancy about it though, is that it does not have a universal design. The magazine loader is limited to 9mm, .40, and .380 caliber magazines.

Nonetheless, this is the one for you if you want something basic and don’t mind using some thumb strength.

You would like this product if:

  • You want a simple speed loader with no moving parts and can slide easily.

You might not like this product if:

  • You want a universal mag loader that fits a variety of calibers.

5. Glock Magazine Speed Loader 9mm/.40/.357/.380 Auto/.45 GAP Mags – The Best for Cost Efficiency



  • Glock Factory OEM
  • Made from Durable Glock Polymer
  • Compatible with Multiple Glock Magazine Calibers
  • Loads All Calibers
  • Single and Double Stack Mags
  • No Inserts, Spacers, or Adjustments


  • Operating Function: Push Slider
  • Magazine Types: Single, Double Stack Mags
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Overall Size: 1 x 1 x 2 inches

Last on our list is the Glock Magazine Speed Loader that’s one of the best options out there for the money. Aside from its affordability, Glock also prides itself on ease of use and strength as their well-designed speed loader delivers on every promise.

Though it is not the fanciest 9mm speed loader available, it is made from a very durable polymer and is the best bang for your buck. With no mechanics or confusing parts to deal with, the Glock 9mm speed loader is designed to go easier on the hands and fingers. All you need to do to use this Glock mag is to simply slide the ammo in and push the handle down.

Other than that, the Glock mag speed loader is compatible with the 9mm, .40, .357, .380, and the .45 calibers. Just do take note that there are a few Glock products that are not compatible with this, such as the Glock G42 single stack and 10mm magazines.

You would like this product if:

  • You want a cost-effective 9mm Glock polymer speed loader that won’t burn through your wallet.

You might not like this product if:

  • You want a speed loader that is compatible with all Glock magazines.



Conclusion – The Best Speed Loader

We’ve come to the end of our article on the best 9mm speed loaders available and we must admit that we’re pretty impressed at how cheaply we’re able to get a useful gun accessory such as the mag loaders. These accessories not only help you save your thumbs, but they also mean you don’t have to waste any valuable range time to slowly load in your mags. Getting the best speed loaders are going to make you feel like it is a godsend for shooters who enjoy high volume shooting and training courses. Hopefully, today’s review article has given you enough insight and knowledge to make a solid judgment on which is the best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do speed loaders damage magazines?

No, gun magazine loaders exist for a reason which is to assist you in loading and reloading effortless. Therefore, using mag loaders are more advisable and could be more cost effective in the long run as magazine loaders would certainly contribute less damage to your magazines.

Is a magazine speed loader worth buying?

Yes, magazine loaders are convenient and easy for your thumb in extended long period of time hence, this ensures higher level of comfort during your shooting applications.

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