The Best 7.62×39 AR Barrels (2022) – Get the Right One

Barrels are essentially the heart of a weapon and without them, your rifle would be rendered useless. Barrels ensure you achieve the best possible accuracy you can get out of your gun. However, shopping for the best 7.62x39 barrel might be a challenge for those who aren’t sure which one will make a good fit for your AR-style rifle. Plus, you’ll also need a barrel that’s made of tough materials to handle all kinds of applications.

To make it easier for you, we’ve done the hard work and shortlisted the best ones available on the market right now. But before we get to the list of our top barrel suggestions. Let’s take a look at the ideal barrel length as well as a few characteristics of a great 7.62x39 AR barrel for your AR-style rifle.

Will a Barrel Affect Accuracy?

Whether a barrel will improve your gun’s accuracy or not will depend on a few factors. The first one to keep in mind is the barrel twist ratio and the other is the ammo weight.

A barrel twist ratio of 1:10 is common, however, they probably won’t be as accurate if you’re firing off with lighter rounds. If you’re firing off rounds that are 80 grain or above, you might notice that you get better accuracy since it’s better suited for 1:10 twist barrels.

Barrel Length – What Is The Best Barrel Length For 7.62×39 AR?

The question that almost everyone looking for a new barrel will be: what barrel length is best for me? The answer for that is not very straightforward and will depend on many considerations to ultimately determine which length to settle for.

For example, a shorter barrel length like an 18-inch barrel could be enough for those planning on using their rifle in a tactical situation. Those who want to go hunting or long-range shooting might prefer a longer length instead.

However, you should also keep in mind that there are several states in America that actually restrict certain barrel lengths. For example, the State of New York does not allow anyone to own a barrel that’s less than 16 inches in length. If you have any concerns on whether your barrel length is legal in your state or not, it’s best to consult your local, state, and even federal laws for more information.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Quality 7.62X39 Barrel

When picking a barrel for your rifle, you need to make sure to choose them based on a few characteristics that stand out. Here are a few aspects that you can take into consideration while your search progresses:


As mentioned above, a great barrel can come in various lengths to suit different applications. If you’re planning on using your AR-style rifle for long-range shooting purposes, you might want to go for a longer length. But if you’re using it for hunting or target shooting, then a shorter barrel could be your best possible option.

Ease of Installation

Many gun owners prefer to shoot at the range and not have to worry too much about gunsmithing skills, if you’re one of those, then you’ll do well to find barrels that are easy to install. It’s important to find a barrel that can be installed onto your rifle with the right kind of tools in just minutes. If you pack proper gunsmithing skills, you can also opt for a drop-in barrel instead.


Of course, the price of a barrel is a very important factor if you’re shopping on a budget. Whether you’re looking for something more affordable or something more high-end, you should still remember to hold some of the other traits of high importance. It is recommended for you to find the best quality barrel that fits your budget. Make sure not to sacrifice quality to save money.

The Types of 7.62×39 AR Barrels

There’re various types of rifle barrels in terms of length and different system’s lengths. The compatibility of your gas system and barrel must also be considered.

Pistol Length

Generally,  a pistol length barrel which is usually lesser than 10 inches is great in assisting to craft an AR or AK pistol and short barreled rifle. This must be accompanied with the shortest possible pistol-length gas system. The bullet velocity is very high upon leaving the barrel while the gas pressure is similarly high so the recoil would be slightly more substantial than the rest.


The carbine-length gas system has evolved from the original pistol-length and was invested to accommodate short barrels, 10.5 inches. Besides that, you can observe this system being used in M14 with the 14.5 inches to bear the bayonet which would interface with the gas block and barrel. The carbine-length gas system is commonly utilized with 10 to 18-inch barrels. 


The mid-length gas system was made when there is a demand to enable  bayonet to interface on a 16-inch barrel. The mid-length gas system must be accompanied with 14 to 20-inch rifle barrels.


A rifle-length gas system is used in barrels of 20 inches or more, which makes it the longest gas system. This system was adopted during the Vietnam War in the original AR 15 and M16 rifles that have 20 inch barrel.

Review of the Best 7.62×39 AR Barrel For Sale

Below is a list of the top 7.62×39 AR barrels currently on the market for you to get your hands on now. As you go through each one on the list, make sure you take note of their unique features and functions. It might just happen to be the perfect match for what you want on your AR-style rifle.

1. 16” Gunner, 7.62×39 Mid-Length, 4150 QPQ – The Best 7.62×39 AR Barrel 16 inch

This 7.62×39 AR barrel comes with a unique ability to be able to dissipate heat much faster than most barrels on the market today. So, if you somehow accidentally touch the barrel, you won’t have to worry about accidentally burning your hands. Aside from that, we also like how durable this barrel is to be able to handle all kinds of abuse and has the potential to last you years, or even decades!

This mid-length AR-15 pistol barrel is a great choice for plenty of applications. However, this will also depend on the length you choose. Longer barrels are ideal for hunting and long-range shooting applications while shorter barrels are used for target shooting or competitive shooting. Regardless of which length you opt for, you will get the same top quality performance from Gunner that your rifle deserves.

Despite no obvious cons, one minor improvement we’d like to see on this 7.62×39 AR-15 pistol barrel is for it to come with a muzzle brake or flash hider to help significantly reduce the recoil from their rifle. This could even have the potential of being a very effective gun barrel for self-defense applications with a flash suppressor as it won’t give away your position when facing attackers or prowlers.

Most recent buyers have reported back satisfied with their purchase. The top-quality barrel works well with most carbine gas system rifles and has the ability to hit targets from a good distance away (up to 300 to 400 yards out).

The bottom line is that this AR barrel from Faxon Firearms is one of the best 16-inch barrels around with the ability to work on all kinds of applications and can hit targets from short or even mid-range distances. Either way, this barrel is set to give your rifle a boost in accuracy.

You would like this if:

  1. You need a 7.62 x39 barrel that works with older model rifles.
  2. You want an easy-to-install gun accessory that will only take minutes to set up.
  3. You prefer a barrel with finishing for better corrosion resistance.
  4. You want lightweight barrels that won’t introduce additional weight on your rifle or pistol.
  5. You want a barrel with different lengths to suit carbine rifles and AR-15 pistols.

You might not like this if:

  1. You want gun barrels with a flash suppressor or muzzle brake.

2. DEZ Arms AR-15 Straight Flute 7.62×39 Barrel w/HBAR Contour – The Best 7.62×39 AR Barrel 18 inch

This barrel features a unique design that is able to dissipate heat quickly and easily. While the chances of accidentally touching a barrel are unlikely, it’s still a good idea to have a barrel that will cool off quickly after every shooting application. This is especially true if you enjoy extended shooting sessions at the range. With this barrel on, you can trust that it will cool off completely in a matter of minutes.

This barrel will be favored by hunters everywhere as it gives you the best probability of landing a kill shot if you’re a big game hunter or varmint hunter. A one-shot, one-kill hunting day is always a good day for you and this barrel can make that happen.

One of the things that could make this barrel even better is for it to be made with lighter materials. While it does dramatically improve your rifle’s accuracy, it does also add some weight to the overall setup, which might be a little uncomfortable for some shooters. Overall, the lighter the barrel, the better the likelihood of handling the rifle will be.

Many buyers have reported back saying that they’re very happy with the overall performance of this barrel. It’s unsurprising to find that most of them were hunters who wanted to get the best accuracy out of their rifles. Specifically, hunters aiming for varmints or deers. Regardless of their target, they were able to hit with precise accuracy from distances ranging from 100 to 500 yards out.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for an 18-inch barrel, then the DEZ Arms straight flute barrel might just be the one for you. Not only will this give you top quality accuracy, but it will give your AR-15 rifle a good deal of overall length. This is a great choice if you want your rifle to stand out better than the rest.

You would like this if:

  1. You want an easy-to-install accessory that will only take minutes to set up.
  2. You want barrels that can accept most flash hiders and suppressors.
  3. You want a barrel that’s made from stress relieved steel material and is battle-tested for durability.
  4. You want something easy to clean to get rid of any debris that might have gotten into the barrel itself.

You might not like this if:

  1. You want a barrel that fits all AR-15 rifles.
  2. You want a lighter option as this barrel’s weight might be heavy for some.

3. PSA Gen2 KS-47 16” Carbine-Length 7.62×39 1/10 Nitride Barrel

This KS-47 barrel makes for the best fit for carbine gas systems since it has the right length to work with all kinds of carbine AR-style rifles. At 16 inches, this barrel also fits the legal requirements in most states for those who live in areas with strict gun laws to purchase this.

This will mostly be purchased by varmint or small game hunters and also deer hunters who want to land their bag limit from distances like 200 yards away. This isn’t just a hunting barrel by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s definitely long enough to fit this application perfectly.

One improvement that we’d like to see on this AR barrel is to have a chrome lining added to it. This will boost the longevity of the accessory by many years considering the fact that corrosion is one of the most common enemies of rifle barrels. But as long as you take good care of your rifle and clean it regularly, you’ll stand a better chance of using it longer than most barrels.

Nonetheless, recent buyers are pleased with how this barrel is able to consistently fire off accurate shots even when tested out at the range with targets situated at different distances. Most of the shot groups were tight for targets at about 100 to 200 yards away.

All in all, this 7.62×39 16-inch carbine length barrel can be considered as one of the best in the business. It’s made of tough materials to handle most of its intended applications and delivers accurate follow-up shots with amazing performance.

You would like this if:

  1. You want an AR rifle accessory that is super durable and aesthetically sharp.
  2. You want a product that’s easy to install and is very accurate for most AR-style rifles.
  3. You want tight shot groups with targets 100 – 200 yards away.

You might not like this if:

  1. You want something lighter as its weight might be heavy for some.
  2. You prefer a barrel with a chrome lining and is not susceptible to corrosion damage.

4. PSA Gen 2 KS-47 10.5” Carbine-Length 7.62×39 1/10 Barrel

This is a short length barrel and is more suitable for an AR pistol or short-barreled rifles. Nonetheless, this is tough, accurate, and all-around reliable for most applications, making this a must-have for any AR-style build project or existing rifle/pistol.

Most AR-15 pistol owners will consider this as a possible barrel upgrade compared to their existing factory or stock version models. In terms of applications, this barrel will most likely suit target shooting or competitive shooting where accuracy is the one thing that a shooter holds to high standards.

Similar to the one discussed above, it’d be great to see this barrel featuring a chrome lining inside to prevent the AR barrel from suffering an early death due to corrosion. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to frequently clean the barrel to get rid of any debris or corrosion that may affect the overall performance.

Most buyers purchased this for their 7.62×39 pistols and SBRs and have found that it delivers superior results for short-range shooting. Shooters reported back accurate shootings from even as far as 150 yards out.

So, if you’re looking for a barrel to match your AR-15 pistol or Short-barreled rifle, then this is the perfect length for you. Not only that, but you can get all kinds of consistent accurate shooting in target practice or competitive environment. This is definitely the one for you if you need something that you can rely on in the heat of competition.

You would like this if:

  1. You need a barrel for AR-style pistols and SBRs.
  2. You want a super durable accessory that can handle all kinds of abuse while being super accurate for short distance targets.
  3. You want an accessory that is easy to install.

You might not like this if:

  1. You prefer AR barrels that suit long-range shooting applications.
  2. You prefer a barrel with a chrome lining and is not susceptible to corrosion damage.
  3. You live in a state with strict gun laws.

5. PSA Gen2 KS-47 8.6” Pistol-Length 7.62×39 1/10 Barrel

This is a short choice that’s suited for AR-style pistols and SBRs. It is short, durable, and definitely gets the job done in applications it’s made for. If you live in an area where it’s legal for you to own it, then this is certainly the barrel to go for.

Target shooters and competitive shooters looking to get the best accuracy possible out of their AR-15 pistol will enjoy this gun barrel. An improvement for this is to add a sight on it for better accuracy.

Overall, this is still among the best on the market for pistols and SBRs and if you’re looking to maximize the accuracy of your firearm, then you might have just found a winner to suit your needs.

You would like this if:

  1. You own AR-style pistols.
  2. You want an accessory that’s very accurate for most shooting applications.
  3. You want durable steel material and an added finish for better longevity.

You might not like this if:

  1. You don’t want an accessory that might be susceptible to corrosion damage.


You can trust that the best 7.62×39 AR barrel is out there for you and it’s simply up to you to find the right one for your pistol/rifle. Whether you’re looking for a specific length or need one to fit a specific purpose, it’s crucial to get one that best fits your personal preferences and needs too. Hopefully, today’s review article has given you enough knowledge and comparison to find which quality barrel will work best for you and will stick with you for a long time.


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