The Best 6.8 SPC Magazines (2022) – Reviewed

Best 6.8 SPC Magazines

Developed by Remington and some military marksmanship gurus, the 6.8 SPC round is one that would kill better than NATO standard 5.56x45mm rounds. Designed based on experiences in Iraq, the round’s design has been optimized for shorter urban ranges and shorter barrels. This was even done without compromising on bulkiness or recoil.

Though the 6 .8mm Remington round has been around for a while, it is an open question about whether the military adopts it or a competitor to replace the 5.56. Nonetheless, most major manufacturers offer AR uppers and magazines to help you quickly and easily convert your existing AR systems to 6.8 SPC.

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CMMG, Inc 6.8 SPC/224 Valkyrie Complete BCG

Most Recommended Option

1. Lifetime warranty
2. Exclusive chrome-lined
3. Affordable

Aero Precision .224 Valkyrie/6.8 SPC BCG, Complete

Premium Option

1. Features forward assist serrations
2. HPT tested and MPI marked
3. Black nitride coated

9.5/10SHOP NOW
ToolCraft 6.8mm SPC Nitride Bolt Carrier Group1. Lifetime warranty.
2. Nitride treated
3. Made out of different types of durable metals
8.0/10Not Available
Brownells – M16 6.8mm SPC BCG1. Been magnetic particle inspected
2. Features a black nitride finish
3. Complete BCG set
8.0/10Not Available

Why You Should Get Spare 6.8 SPC Magazines

The military is currently looking for a new weapon system that allows a highly mobile soldier to carry two sets of 10-rounds magazines with ease. In fact, soldiers might want to go on patrol with a dozen or so more than that.

Aside from preparing for the zombie apocalypse, there are many reasons why a civilian should also keep spares of 6.8 SPC magazines. One consideration is that varmint hunting can eat up rounds, especially true for varmints like the prairie dogs. In this case, having an extra mag or two could certainly go a long way on a hog hunt.

Having extra 6.8 SPC magazine spares will not only fulfill your practical needs for any anticipated use cases, but will also be a great idea for planning for the long-term, meaning being ready to replace anything lost, broken, or worn out.

Another best reason one should keep plenty of mags around is that it could make you a better shot. It will also let you enjoy a full day at the range without having to stop and reload your mags. This enjoyment and efficient use of range time will inspire you to go to the range and practice even more often.

The more you shoot, the better you get. It is advisable for you to load and mark different mags with different types of ammo to see what works best for you. Each individual gun features its own barrel harmonics that will produce the greatest accuracy with a specific load and finding the right one for you will require trial and error.

Features of the Best 6.8 SPC Magazine

As you’re searching for the perfect 6.8 SPC magazine, do remember to keep in mind the following aspects that will help you determine 6 .8 SPC magazines that are unreliable from those that are great:


Magazines obviously need to be durable and up to spec, both of which will be indicated by the reputation of a make and model. You need to check that the feed lips, spring, and follower work effectively together. If you load a mag up, it should be strong enough to be able to take some knocking around without any rounds popping free. However, don’t go too crazy crash testing it, all you need to do is knock it from various angles with your hand.


The 6 .8 SPC magazine should also work seamlessly with the magazine release on your AR and hold it level. Both full and empty mags should drop free once you hit the release button. However, don’t let the loaded mags drop onto a hard surface. If something goes wrong, an exploding shell won’t send the bullet far and you may end up getting hit with shrapnel from the brass case.

Lock Back

Check that your AR’s bolt is able to bolt back on an empty 6 .8 SPC magazine. Drop the bolt on an empty chamber, then insert an empty mag. After that, you can pull the charging handle to check and ensure that the bolt catch engages smoothly.


With a wide variety of choices available on the market, you need to choose between polymer and steel. It’s a classic trade-off between durability and weight. Some polymer 6 .8 SPC magazines come with steel feeder lips to prevent wear but it will also increase complexity and the potential of breakage. A 6 .8 SPC mag with an all-steel construction will negate this problem.

Review of the Best 6.8 SPC Magazines For Sale in 2022

Now that we’ve discussed the basics as well as the aspects to take into consideration while finding the best 6 .8 SPC magazine, let’s dive into our selection of the top 6 .8 SPC magazines you can get your hands on now.

1. C-Products – AR-16/M16 6 .8 SPC Magazines The Best 6.8 SPC Mag Overall

The AR-16/M16 6 .8 SPC magazine by C-Products is a bomb-proof design that’s made with stainless steel and Teflon-coated for better protection, smooth operation, and glare elimination. SPD boasts its adherence to ISO-9001-2008 standards to demonstrate its top-quality manufacturing hallmark.

Additionally, these 6 .8 SPC magazines can accept cartridges with an extra overall length of up to 2.295 inches, making them great for performance-enhancing hand loads. As a standard, these AR-15 6 .8 SPC magazines feature an anti-tilt follower and high-quality springs. They’re also available in 5, 10, 20, and 28-rounds capacities.

Despite the availability of high capacity magazines, you need to check with your local regulations before purchasing them to make sure you’re not in violation of any local laws. Nonetheless, another reason why these 6 .8 SPC magazines have made it on the top of our list is that it’s made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

The bottom line is that these 6 .8 SPC magazines by CPD are top-quality mags that offer great value. The Teflon-coated stainless steel will never rust and are perfect if you hand load your own rounds or just want a big stash of ready-to-go mags in your bag. If you’re searching for a large number of very reliable mags on a budget, then these will be the ones for you.

You would like this if:

  • You want 6 .8 SPC magazines that are made in the U.S.A and a lifetime warranty.
  • You prefer 6 .8 SPC magazines that are able to accommodate extra-long loads to suit a wide range of applications.
  • You want 6 .8 SPC magazines that are made with Teflon-coated stainless steel construction.

You might not like this if:

  • You want a 30-round magazine capacity instead of a 28-round version.

2. Barrett Firearms Mfg Inc – Barrett AR-15 30-round 6 .8 SPC Magazine – The Runner-Up


Famous for producing the first civilian .50 BMG rifle that later became the military’s M107, Barrett has created the REC7 AR Upper in 6 .8 SPC, which has been reviewed by the military back in 2008 when they were considering a replacement for the 5.56x5mm M4.

Barrett features a rock-solid reputation for its product quality and is even a major force behind the 6.8 round’s popularity. The company is also uncompromising on second amendment rights, which is why their 6 .8 SPC magazines only come in 30-round magazine versions.

These second-generation 6 .8 SPC magazines are improved and supplied with the venerable REC7 AR rifle. The 30-round capacity matches the mil-spec requirement. As mentioned before, do check with your local regulations to ensure that 30-round magazines are actually legal in your area.

These all-steel Barrett 6 .8 SPC Magazines feature a polymer follower and are also Teflon-coated to resist scratching and smoothen seating in the magazine-well. The Barrett magazine is also made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty, which goes to prove its unsurpassed quality. However, they may require a bit of breaking in, so don’t fret if you find that they seat a bit stiffly the first trip or two at the range.

The bottom line is that Barrett has set a high bar in terms of quality and innovation. If it is legal in your area to own 30-round magazines, I’d stock up on as many of this as possible. You can even tape them in pairs for quicker reloading much like the troops on deployment.

You would like this if:

  • You want a top-quality 6 .8 SPC magazine that’s made in the U.S.A with a lifetime warranty.
  • You want a 30-round capacity 6 .8 SPC Magazine

You might not like this if:

  • You want a magazine that’s light.

3. Precision Reflex, Inc. – AR-15 Magazine 6.8/.22 Nosler/ 224 Valkyrie


These Precision Reflex 6 .8 SPC magazines are constructed with extra-tough hardened steel with a nylon composite, an anti-tilt follower from Magpul. The anti-tilt follower is stamped with “6.8” to avoid mixing the mags with those for other calibers. These 6 .8 SPC mags are available in 10, 15, or 25-round capacities and come with tempered feed lips and spring for reliability.

Since they’re tempered, you’ll find that this best 6 .8 SPC magazine has no sharp edges. The welding, rather than folded steel, leaves extra room for longer loads that use heavier grain bullets. The 6 .8 SPC magazine will also need some time to break in, so don’t worry if the mags fit a bit tightly in the mag-well at first.

The 6 .8 SPC magazine also has a floor plate that’s designed for quick disassembly for cleaning. These best 6 .8 SPC magazines have even recently been redesigned to reduce noise and follower drag.

In addition to the 6 .8 SPC round, these PRI mags work well with .224 Valkyrie and .22 Nosler, in case you have a gun or an upper for either of those rounds lying around. The 25-round magazine is 7.2 inches long, the 15-round magazine is 4.7 inches long, and the 10-round magazine is 3.7 inches long. You just need to subtract 1.9 inches from these figures to estimate how far each 6 .8 SPC magazine hangs out of the magazine-well at the rear.

Do also take note that the Precision Reflex 15 and 25-round magazines feature a gentle curve much like the AK magazine, but less pronounced. This is also necessary given the dimensions of the 6.8 shell. The PRI mags are one of the most robust 6 .8 SPC magazines on the market today as the design gives you a bit of extra space to fit extra-long loads.

You would like this if:

  • You want a very reliable 6 .8 SPC Magazine that’s made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.
  • You prefer a magazine that’s fully welded together with tempered feed lips and spring.

You might not like this if:

  • You want a magazine that’s light.


4. E-Lander Magazine 6 .8 SPC 10-Round


Out of all the countries in the world, the special forces of Israel is the one country whose special forces you can trust to be supplied with the best, no-nonsense equipment. These 6 .8 SPC Magazines are made in the holy land and supplier to the Jewish state’s elite units.

Having been in operation for over sixty years, E-lander’s current factory is a state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly facility used to manufacture the best firearm products. In use by the IDF, it goes without saying that this best 6 .8 SPC magazine has been field-proven in some of the toughest real combat situations you could find.

E-Lander’s business is focused almost entirely on cutting-edge magazines and has developed advanced anti-tilt self-leveling followers which are used in all their high-performance, steel-body magazines. These followers come in a variety of colors, including green, red, black, or white, depending on your own preference.

The best 6 .8 SPC magazines have been unique salt-spray tested against their proprietary steel body coating that they’ve claimed to be able to withstand 96 hours of constant spray. The magazine’s floorplate is also a refined, reinforced design.

The bottom line is that this 10-round 6.8 SPC magazine is the one that will stand up in the toughest conditions and features cutting-edge follower with tough steel construction. 10-rounds magazine capacity is a great capacity for almost every practical civilian use, at least until SHTF.

You would like this if:

  • You want a 6 .8 SPC mag that has an advanced anti-tilt and self-leveling follower.
  • You want a 10-round capacity to offer the perfect balance between lightweight and firepower.
  • You want a 6 .8 SPC magazine with a robust design that has been combat-tested in some of the roughest conflict environments.

You might not like this if:

  • You want 6 .8 SPC magazine that’s built in the USA.


5. Pro Mag 6 .8 SPC Rifle Magazine


ProMag is a top-quality firearm components maker that’s based out in Phoenix. This is yet another fantastic 10-round magazine that features a traditional military aesthetic and a heat-treated steel body. Again, the 10-round capacity of this 6 .8 SPC magazine offers the perfect balance between lightness and firepower.

This best 6 .8 SPC magazine model has similar aesthetics and functionality as the standard 10-round Ruger factory model but at half the price. Inside the best 6 .8 SP magazine is a chrome-silicon spring to prevent corrosion and a precision-molded polymer feeder.

ProMag products are made in the USA and are also covered by a warranty against factory defects, making this the perfect mag for those looking for a moderate capacity with a traditional military aesthetic at an affordable price.

The corrosion-resistant 6 .8mm SPC mag is an excellent, low-cost option for shooters who treat their magazines as disposable items. The aesthetics are also nice, especially if you prefer the old-school army look. You might even like to find a way to polish the follower to increase reliability.

You would like this if:

  • You want a corrosion-resistant 6 .8 SPC mag that’s made in the USA and guaranteed against factory defects.
  • You want a 10-round magazine that’s the ideal balance between weight-saving and firepower.
  • You want a hard-finished steel body that gives you tough reliability with an old-school military look.

You might not like this if:

  • You want a magazine that’s as reliable as the magazines from Ruger.


6. ASC 6 .8 SPC & .224 Valkyrie Stainless Steel 10-Round Magazine 10rd Mag 6.8mm


The one thing that ASC magazines offer that the other options on this list don’t could be the choice of color. These best 6 .8 SPC magazines come in black, dark earth, or even ‘St. Patty’s green’ as a gift option for the very special IRA member in your life.

The floorplate is powder-coated black. Otherwise, the specs on these 10-round 6 .8 SPC mags are very much in line with the other choices. After a chemical treatment to ensure superior corrosion resistance, the stainless-steel magazine body is coated in ASC’s proprietary finish, Marlube.

The internal length of the 6 .8 SPC mag is 2.13 inches, great for accommodating hand loads. And they even include a chrome silicon spring and polymer anti-tilt follower. This made-in-the-USA magazine’s every design feature is chosen to ensure durability and smooth operation. The extra length also means that you can use these with the .224 Valkyrie rounds.

You would like this if:

  • You want the best 6 .8 SPC mag that’s made in the USA and features three color choices.
  • You want a corrosion-resistant 6.8 SPC magazine that can accommodate extra-long loads.
  • You prefer magazines that feature an innovative design for greater reliability and longevity.

You might like this if:

  • You want a 6 .8 SPC mag with more than 10-round capacity.


7. Franklin Armory DFM 10-round Magazine


The Franklin Armory is a manufacturer out of Nevada that produces a variety of firearms components. However, they are focused more on producing guns and components for anti-2nd Amendment states such as California, Connecticut, and New York State.

This magazine is a good example of their work as it features limiting tabs on top to prevent it from coming out of the mag-well unless the upper receiver of your modern sporting rifle or AR-15 rifle is tilted up or disassembled.

This also gives you the opportunity to remove and reinstall your bolt catch. However, this procedure will make your 6 .8 SPC rifle a fixed mag design. So, if you reside in California or Connecticut, you will also require a modified bolt catch that happens to be separately available from Franklin Armory.

Installation of this magazine requires no modifications whatsoever to your rifle. This magazine is also intended to be used with a bolt catch in order to operate correctly and prevent it from scratching your lower receiver. The tough steel mag is high-quality and has a USGI-reminiscent aesthetic and polymer anti-tilt follower.

The bottom line is that this magazine will give you innovative ways to exercise the Second Amendment rights even if you reside in an anti-2nd Amendment state like New York, Connecticut, or California. The best features of this best 6 .8 SPC mag are the ease of installation, lack of permanent alterations required, and the ability to switch back to detachable mags.

You would like this if:

  • You want a mag that only takes a few minutes to install.
  • You want rifle magazines with tough steel construction that looks similar to a USGI mag.
  • You don’t want to make any permanent alterations to your AR-15 rifle.
  • You want to turn your AR-15 into a fixed mag rifle for use in restrictive states like NY, CT, and CA.

You might not like this if:

  • None



Magazines are much like guns themselves and you can always use more than one. Whether you’re a varmint hunter, a prepper, or just someone who enjoys being at the range, the more quality mags you have, the more fun and peace of mind you will enjoy.

These magazines also make great gift options and are a safe bet that will put a smile on your dad’s face. Each of the quality, all-steel options on our list will last a lifetime. Hopefully, the review article today has given you enough information and details required to make the right decision on the best 6 .8 SPC mag for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to use the 6.8 SPC Magazine with the AR 15?

Well, it is incredible simple to use your 6.8 SPC with the AR 15. Begin by switching the barrel, bolt and muzzle brake in the upper receiver of your AR 15. Alternatively, you’d opt for the complete 6.8 SPC Complete Upper Receivers rather than individual components to save yourself some hassle. 

To convert 5.56 AR 15 to a 6.8 SPC, you’d just have to remove the 5.56 upper receiver and proceed to install the 6.8 SPC upper which allows you to be able to continue to utilize the 5.56 lower. As for the mags, you’d use your 5.56 mags with the 6.8 SPC round. 

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