Best 450 Bushmaster Scopes [Must Read]

Reasons To Get The Best Hunting Scope For 450 Bushmaster 

If you are one of the big game hunters using the .450 Bushmaster, then you may want to consider getting a great scope. If you are hunting without a scope, the chances of you missing your target is higher and we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want to waste your ammo. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best .450 Bushmaster scopes that you can get. 

However, before we move on to the list, there are some things that you should know so that you can make the best decision when you choose the right scope for your .450 Bushmaster rifle. 

What Scope Magnification for the .450 Bushmaster?

Deciding what is the ideal magnification can be challenging for new hunters but there isn’t one best magnification for all applications. If you want a clear reference, zero to 4x magnification may be used for short ranges and for long ranges, you may go up to 8x magnification. 

What Makes A Good Scope For 450 Bushmaster?

In order for you to pick the best and the right one, you will need to know what makes a good .450 Bushmaster scope and here are some of the things that you need to take a look at. 

High-Quality Construction

Having a good-quality scope should be the top priority no matter what. It has been evident that cheap scopes won’t last for a long time so it is highly recommended to get a good one that can last for a lifetime. Bear in mind that the .450 Bushmaster produces a heavy recoil so it is important that the scope is made to withstand the shock.


Magnification is one of the keys in determining if you can hit your target accurately whether in a long or short range. If you have no intention of shooting longer ranges then there’s no point in getting a scope with high magnification levels but if you do, a typical 3-9x magnification range will be enough. Ideally, the scope should give you a wide field of view for quick target acquisition. 

Battery Life

Scopes nowadays are more advanced and has electrical components in them which means it will need a battery. However, there is no saying that if batteries last longer then the scope is better. It all depends on personal preference and selecting the one that is the best for you. 

Type of Reticle

The most popular reticle is the BDC reticle but using it for a .450 Bushmaster it is absolutely unnecessary. The .450 Bushmaster round is best for hunting at a short-range so you will find that either a plex or duplex reticle is enough. If you tend to hunt under low light conditions, then you should get yourself an illuminated reticle.   

Light Transmission

A scope with good light transmission allows you to stay in the field for a few extra hours and can make a big difference in whether you get to hunt for what you want or not. 

The Best 450 Bushmaster Scope Recommendations – Reviewed

Now that you have a better understanding of what a scope for .450 Bushmaster should have, here are the 6 best .450 Bushmaster scopes that are available on the market.

1. Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot


  • Hard-anodized finish
  • 30mm Aluminum alloy chassis
  • Nitrogen-purged
  • 1x Magnification


The Vortex Optics Strikefire II is a red dot sight that is best for hunting at short to medium ranges. As for long-range shooting, it will highly depend on your skill level. Even though this .450 Bushmaster sight has a fixed magnification there are still ten brightness settings that you can choose from. The two lowest settings are great for night vision as well. 

This red dot uses a 4 MOA dot and is adjustable for windage and elevation with an adjustment click value of 0.5 MOA. The sight also has unlimited eye relief and you won’t have to worry about parallax too.

The Vortex Optics Strikefire II is manufactured to be shockproof with its aluminum construction and has great protection against water and fog. 

The Vortex Optics Strikefire II is not only available in a red dot, but is also offered as a green dot sight. The green dot sight works better during the day as compared to the red dot but works just as well as the red dot at night. Doesn’t matter if you pick the green or red dot, if you don’t shoot long-range then this will be the best scope for your .450 Bushmaster gun. 

You will like this if:

You prefer to have a sight with brightness settings. This product has ten brightness settings with two of the lowest ones compatible with night vision. 

You want something with a high-standard construction. The aluminum build ensures that it can withstand shock and has proper protection against the environment so its longevity can be preserved. 

You will dislike this if:

You want to have an accessory with levels of magnification. There is only a single setting for magnification and is only a 1x magnification. 

2. Trijicon AccuPower 3-9×40 


  • Trijicon’s Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC)
  • LED reticle illumination
  • MOA Crosshair reticle
  • Up to 9x Magnification 


Trijicon is a company that has a reputation of making excellent glass to use in the battlefield. The production by Trijicon all these while was making scopes with high magnification but Trijicon has come up with this accessory at a more affordable price and lower magnification which is the Trijicon AccuPower.

The AccuPower lineup has scopes that range from $400 to $1000 and regardless of which model, you can expect all of it to produce an accurate and crisp picture without disruption. When magnified to 9x, the MOA Crosshair reticle can act as your own BDC reticle. 

The LED illumination of the scope comes in either red or green and an additional contrast can be added to your targets using the Trijicon’s Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC).

This is considered to be one of the best scopes for .450 Bushmaster rifles because of its aluminum build which ensures excellent durability and can most likely last for a lifetime. 

You will like this if:

You want something with excellent battery life. You can expect to use this item for up to 31 hours. 

You want a good quality product. The Trijicon AccuPower is constructed with high-grade aluminum and has excellent durability. 

You will dislike this if:

You have a strict budget. Compared to the price of other scopes for .450 Bushmaster, the price of the Trijicon AccuPower is definitely above average. 

3. Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9×40 .450 


  • Scratch resistance lens
  • Matte black finish
  • Non-illuminated
  • Magnification settings up 9x


The Leupold VX-Freedom can be considered as the best hunting scope for the .450 Bushmaster that is currently available. This is an excellent scope that is offered at a reasonable price range which is a great balance for most hunters and casual shooters. 

The magnification of this Leupold VX-Freedom .450 Bushmaster scope goes from as low as 3x to as high 9x which is great for a wide variety of applications. It has 0.25 MOA click adjustments that are adjustable for windage and elevation and there are little to no problem when you dial it in. With the Twilight Light Management System and a crisp lens, this Leupold scope can maintain its performance under any kind of lighting. 

Even if it’s offered at a low price, the quality of it makes sure that it’s the best rifle scope for .450 Bushmaster. This accessory for the .450 Bushmaster is made with rugged aluminum and has a black finish that is anti-reflective to keep hunters hidden from their prey when they are hunting. 

You will like this if:

You are looking for a scope for hunting at short-range or mid-range. This hunting scope is designed to help hunters take down a target even at 200 yards out. 

You are looking for a great scope at a low price. This .450 Bushmaster accessory does everything it should and is offered at a reasonable price that will match the budget of most shooters. 

You want a durable .450 Bushmaster accessory. This piece is built with high-quality materials and you also get a lifetime warranty from Leupold, the best optics company in the industry.  

You will dislike this if:

You prefer to own something with higher magnification. If you prefer to go hunting at long-range and want to get an accurate scope with something like a 12x magnification, then the Leupold VX-Freedom wouldn’t be the preferred option. 

4. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane 2-7×32 


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Machine-locked lenses
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Capped reset turrets
  • 2-7x Magnification


The Vortex Optics Crossfire II is the best .450 Bushmaster scope that you can get at even if you have a tight budget. This is a great option for hunting large game at close to mid-range with up to 7x magnification. It is possible for long-range shooting as well but it will depend more on your skill levels. 

This Vortex Crossfire II is highly durable with its aircraft-grade aluminum construction and gas-purged with O-ring sealed so that it is waterproof, shockproof and fog proof.

The single-piece construction and machine-locked lenses can keep everything in place even with the heavy recoil from the .450 Bushmaster. If it does fail you, there’s still a lifetime warranty so there isn’t much to worry about. 

The windage and elevation adjustments turrets have a fast reset to zero function and a fast-focus eyepiece that allows you to stay on your target at all times.

The Crossfire II also employed a V-Plex style reticle that ensures optimal precision. Besides that, the multicoated lenses ensure that the image is clear despite the lighting situations. 

You will like this if:

You are looking for something with an economical price. Out of all the rifle scopes in this list, the price of this .450 Bushmaster accessory is the lowest so if you don’t plan to spend too much then this would be the best option for you. 

You want to look for products with great durability. The way that this accessory is constructed gives it excellent durability, allowing hunters and shooters to use it under any environment. 

You will dislike this if:

You do not prefer choosing from multiple models. The only minor downside about this product is that it is not offered in one model only but several different variants so if you don’t like to choose then Vortex scopes might not be the right choice for you.

5. EOTech Vudu 2.5-10×44 FFP Precision 


  • XC High-Density Glass
  • EZ Chek Tactical turrets
  • Type III anodized finish
  • 2.5-10x Magnification 


EOTech Vudu scopes are not meant to be cheap and they are the best scopes for .450 Bushmaster rifles if you are starting a premium build. The price of their scopes can go up to $1000 but this version if not as expensive as the others so it’s perfect for you if you want something premium but don’t want to go all out. 

These scopes are some of the best scopes for hunting with the .450 Bushmaster rifle because of its XC High-Density Glass that improves the light transmission and provide a lucid picture. The non-reflective coating reduces the glare as well so hunters can constantly stay on their prey. 

Besides being an excellent hunting scope for .450 Bushmaster hunting rifles, it is also an incredible accessory for competition purpose. It has all the traits that competition scopes should have and it’s fairly lightweight so you can carry it around easily. The only small issue that you might encounter is eye relief. Since the tube length is not very long, there’s very little room to adjust it. 

You will like this if:

You are building a premium .450 Bushmaster rifle. This is a premium scope for .450 Bushmaster guns and it will definitely match the standards of your premium gun. 

You plan to hunt for a prolonged period of time. Not only will this accessory be around for a lengthy time, but you also can use it from morning till night with exceptionally clear picture. 

You are looking for a scope for shooting long-range shots. The magnification is more than enough even if your mark is at a far distance. 

You will dislike this if:

You do not want to spend so much money. This is a premium accessory with a premium price tag so this may not be the right accessory for you if you don’t plan to spend too much.  

6. Primary Arms 4-14x44mm FFP 


  • Finger adjustable turrets
  • First Focal Plane
  • Waterproof and fog-resistant
  • 4-14x Magnification


This Primary Arms accessory is an excellent scope offered at an affordable price for most hunters and shooters. It is ideal for shots at a close-range with 4x magnification and perfect for long-ranges at 14x magnification. It’s also very rare to find such a high magnification accessory that is offered at low price ranges.

The picture that this Primary Arms FFP rifle scope produces may not be as good as other well-known brands like Vortex especially if it’s at 400 yards and above. However, it is still reliable with its shockproof design because it will be able to withstand the recoil and won’t break easily. 

One of the best features that you get from this accessory is the reticle. It is illuminated and a feature that many other scopes at a similar price range don’t have. Yes, there might be some flaws about this accessory but it will still be worth the price you are paying. 

You will like this if:

You are planning to get something cheap but practical. You may consider this accessory if you want something cheap and don’t need a very high-quality build. 

You are shooting preys at a distance of 1-300 yards. This scope is best for shooting a close target and the picture produced is still lucid. 

You will dislike this if:

You prefer to have a clearer picture even at far distances. The image starts to get blurry at more than 400 yards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the maximum effective range of a .450 Bushmaster?

Most shooters and hunters found that the most effective range of this round is 250 to 300 yards for a medium-sized game.

Will a .450 Bushmaster round kill a grizzly?

Yes. This powerful round can take down a grizzly if your shot hits at the right spot but there are better options available to take down a grizzly. 

What distance should I sight in my .450 Bushmaster?

Ideally, you want to sight it in for 1.5-inch high at 100 yards so if your shots are at 200 yards out, you will still be in the kill zone. 

How hard does a .450 Bushmaster kick?

For comparison, the Winchester 150-grain Deer Season XP creates 8.52 foot-pounds of recoil while the .450 Bushmaster creates 22.99 foot-pounds of recoil. 

What Is The Best Scope For 450 Bushmaster?

The best 450 Bushmaster rifle scope would depends on your purpose and personal preference. However, I’d highly recommend the Vortex Strikefire 2 because red dot sights are excellent in assisting you to hunt for hogs especially when they’re very quick in general. Besides that, you’d opt for Vortex Crossfire II, Burris and Leupold scopes if you’re hunting for medium-sized or large game.

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