5 Best 450 Bushmaster Magazines (2022) – Pick the Right One

The .450 Bushmaster is a respectable and yet hugely overlooked caliber on the market today. Though originally designed to provide the AR-15 platform with a lot more firepower to bring down a big game, the .450 Bushmaster ammo is now available for many different firearms beyond just the AR-15, including bolt action rifles such as the Ruger GSR and Ruger American.

450 Bushmaster magazines provide hunters with extra carrying capacity to take down larger game and in some states, it may be the only way for people to legally hunt with a rifle. However, before you purchase a new magazine to achieve this capability, you need to understand the basics behind these magazines and make sure you’re purchasing only the best.

Benefits of Carrying Extra 450 Bushmaster Magazines

It is a well-known fact that carrying spare magazines is always an excellent idea. In the case of a .450 Bushmaster, it’s an even smarter idea to carry extra mags. Here are a few reasons why:

Better Versatility

One possibility with the 450 Bushmaster is that you don’t have to carry the same magazines every time. The .450 bushmaster can be rather unwieldy, so having mags that perform differently is a great way to adapt to any situation.

More Rounds

Though many states don’t allow this and have a cap to the number of rounds you can carry, anytime you have an opportunity to increase your magazine size, it is highly recommended for you to seriously consider it. More shots will mean less time and effort spent on reloading.


450 Bushmaster magazines can sometimes jam and if something goes wrong with your existing magazine mid-shot, you may just lose the target if you aren’t able to quickly swap out with a spare magazine on hand.

Learning Curve

Many hunters that have upgraded to the .450 Bushmaster will know that there’s a bit of a learning curve to mastering this firearm. In other words, you’ll probably need extra shots at first to practice and you’ll save yourself the time with spare mags.


Guns and firearms can occasionally be an expensive sport/hobby. However, having magazines is one of the most affordable ways to make your life easier. So, you should definitely take advantage of cheap upgrades whenever you can.

Aspects to Consider when Buying .450 Bushmaster Magazines

When shopping for a new .450 Bushmaster magazine, you shouldn’t just purchase any one right off the shelf. You should get the right product that’s perfect for your needs. To help you decide, here are a few factors you can pay attention to:

Feed Performance

The .450 Bushmaster is one type of magazine where reliability really matters. For too many .450 Bushmaster magazines have been reported to not feed properly. Fortunately, we’ve gathered some of the best .450 Bushmaster magazines available on the market that you can count on in this article.


The design of a .450 Bushmaster mag will tie in directly with its feed performance. The geometry of most ammo brands features a taper that does not feed well in certain rifles such as the AR. While it’s not to say that these are bad brands, you need to check that the .450 Bushmaster magazine design is compatible with your gun’s design for reliable performance. You shouldn’t encounter any problem with a quality bolt action magazine or single-shot rifles but it may be a different story altogether when it comes to semi-automatics.


One of the most important aspects of a magazine is obviously its capacity. Be sure to get the right number of rounds in a magazine that you want or desire to fit your requirements.


Fortunately, magazines are not very expensive. So, make sure you’re not spending an arm and a leg for what should be a good value component of the firearm.

Review of the Best .450 Bushmaster Magazines

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of spare magazines as well as a few factors to look for when it comes to choosing a .450 Bushmaster magazine, we should delve into the best .450 Bushmaster magazines on the market today. In our list below, we’ve also singled each out as the best for a particular use case, so do pay attention to decide which magazine is the right one for your needs.

When you’re out shopping, you might also notice that some steel magazines feature feed lips that are spaced too widely for the .450 to be able to properly hold the magazine. Of course, you wouldn’t have this issue if you’ve picked a .450 Bushmaster mag from our list but do be careful if you’re using other mags that we haven’t recommended.

1. Magazine Follower for .450 Bushmaster Caliber – The Best 450 Bushmaster Mag Overall

It is obvious that having a great magazine follower for the .450 Bushmaster is an important aspect of the firearm. Fortunately, this magazine follower is designed to match the original magazine follower that’s included with the .450 caliber rifle during purchase.

Though you may occasionally need to find a smart, independent gunsmith to produce high-quality parts, Mouse Gun has successfully filed that important niche here by producing acceptable single-shot .450 caliber followers that were designed for slow fire stages of the NRA high-power matches.

This quality magazine follower functions perfectly when used both for a multi-round .450 magazine or single-shot magazines in a .223. Just like a standard magazine, this magazine follower locks back the bolt.

The durable design of this magazine follower will ensure that it lasts for many years to come. This magazine follower was an injection-molded design created from Delrin plastic to an exacting gun owner’s standard for excellent construction. The design also meshes beautifully with aluminum or steel magazines. However, this is not compatible with plastic magazines like the Magpul.

While the magazine follower might seem unimportant to some readers, having a great one is a simple investment, especially since this one is very well-priced. Ensuring great and smooth feed is important and this custom-made solution is peanuts compared to what so many components cost in the grand scheme of things.

The bottom line is that this magazine follower has been custom-made for the .450 Bushmaster to produce an efficient and flawless feed with minimal investment required.

You would like this if:

  • You want an affordable solution that is custom-fit for the .450 Bushmaster.
  • You want a mag follower that’s well-made from injection-molded Delrin Plastic that works with both aluminum or steel magazines.
  • You want an easy and super-fast installation and uninstallation process that takes only seconds.

You might not like this if:

  • You use a plastic magazine as this follower is not compatible with them along with some steel magazines.

2. D&H 450 Bushmaster Magazine – 4 Round – The Best for the Money

Manufacturer of high-grade precision aluminum and steel magazines, D&H operates out of Wisconsin and has constructed this particular .450 Bushmaster mag that’s made from heat-treated aircraft-grade aluminum similar to that used for more AR-15 receivers. The black Teflon hard coat anodization features on the magazine are also pretty standard in the world of modern sporting rifle components.

You can rest assured knowing that D&H performs rigorous stress tests on the spot welding used to finish the magazine body. Though the four-round .450 Bushmaster mag capacity may seem low, it is great for most types of hunting. An ethical and skilled hunter really shouldn’t require more than one shot to kill a target. In fact, four-round mags are pretty standard for hunting rifles as this gives you more than enough follow-up shots without needing to suffer through a cumbersome long appendage that’s sticking out of your rifle.

The 17-7PH .450 Bushmaster mag spring is also designed to be completely corrosion-proof. The follower is a proprietary D&H model that’s designed to function reliably with big bore cartridges such as the .450 Bushmaster.

The bottom line is that these best .450 Bushmaster magazines are great mags with an aesthetic that seamlessly matches your aluminum upper and lower modern sporting rifle receivers. The top features of these mags are the choice of materials and rigorous testing conducted by the manufacturer. Though these mags were designed for hunting, they make for a handy compact option in situations where you only need to fire off a couple of shots.

You would like this product if:

  • You want a .450 Bushmaster magazine that’s made of top quality materials and have gone through strict testing to ensure great operation and reliability.
  • You want a totally corrosion-resistant magazine spring that’s best in terms of reliability.
  • You want a low capacity four-round mag that’s ideal for almost every hunting scenario.

You might not like this product if:

  • You plan to use the gun for applications other than hunting as the capacity may be too low for it.

3. C Products Defense .450 Bushmaster 5-Round

With state-of-the-art facilities, C Products Defense uses some of the most advanced manufacturing processes available in producing their magazines. They have fully automated robotic welding stations to give them the ability to control every single weld, ensuring zero mistakes in weld dimensions.

Each CPD .450 bushmaster mag even has a snap-on anti-tilt follower. The company uses a unique 0.02 gauge stainless steel to provide greater interior dimensional space to ensure better stacking of the rounds and to greatly reduce the potential for jamming.

CPD uses 400 series heat-treated stainless steel that’s finished in an advanced proprietary matte black coating to reduce glare and visibility. The coating also bonds to the steel at a molecular level to greatly decrease the coefficient of friction, thus increasing smooth operation and service life.

One of C Products Defense’s design goals is to prevent the best .450 Bushmaster magazines they’ve created from jamming even when paired with dirty ammunition. That’s why they have ensured that these stainless steel mags outperform the mil-spec aluminum mags in every single test during quality control. Despite only a small increase in weight over standard aluminum mags, the durability of these magazines can simply not be beaten.

Overall, these stainless steel magazines are some of the most durable mags on the market, especially if you are allergic to polymer. The best features of the magazine include the little details that are designed to extend service life and deliver outstanding reliability.

You would like this if:

  • You want magazines with a stainless steel body that gives you outstanding reliability and service life.
  • You want greater internal dimensions to give you smooth operation, no matter how dirty your .450 bushmaster rounds are.
  • You prefer a magazine with CPD’s proprietary black hard coating to give smooth functioning and extended service life.
  • You want a snap-on anti-tilt follower.

You might not like this if:

  • You want external dimensions that work smoothly with all AR-15s as this may not work with some.

4. Ruger American 450 Bushmaster Magazine 3rd – The Best .450 Bushmaster 3 Round Magazine

Having three rounds may be ample if you’re just looking to have spare magazines at a low cost.
Often, stocking up on three-round magazines can also be a great way for you to increase your ability to fire off .450 Bushmaster rounds once you’ve grown accustomed to the .450 Bushmaster setup.

The Ruger American .450 Bushmaster mag is the perfect solution for those who are just getting used to this rifle caliber as having spare magazines to load after every third shot will quickly get you moving more efficiently.

When searching for a value solution, you should try to stick to factory standards such as a hard polymer-molded construction and black finish that will blend with your build. The ability for you to grab a firm hold on the extra girth provided at the bottom to extract the magazine from the .450 Bushmaster rifle mag well is another feature that you may not see in low-cost products.

Furthermore, another benefit of sticking to a factory standard is to ensure that you don’t have to be concerned about potential feeding problems anymore. The hard polymer body will last a long time for a budget solution. So, stocking up on the quality Ruger American .450 bushmaster factory 3-round magazine makes a lot of sense.

You would like this if:

  • You want a magazine that’s affordable and has a durable polymer body to last you a long time.
  • You want a .450 Bushmaster mag made with polymer-molded construction that’s excellent in performance and reliability with a non-reflective black matte finish that blends with your rifle finish.

You might not like this if:

  • You want a magazine that will be available for a long time.

5. Bushmaster .450 Bushmaster 5-Round

Founded in 1973 in North Carolina, Bushmaster has since become a classic name in the modern sporting rifle world. This five-round mag has a single stack follower and is a great option if you need a compact, lightweight option where you won’t need to get off more than a couple of shots, especially relevant for hunting deer or medium to large game.

This weight-saving measure will help you immensely when you’re packing a gun around the bush all day in search of a buck. The low magazine capacity is also handy if you’re living in anti-Second Amendment states with restrictive laws such as California or New York.

Featuring a classic USGI-style aesthetic, this mag is made of a heavy-duty stainless steel body with a standard black finish to give you absolute protection against corrosion and a non-glare, low visibility finish. This is the perfect match for a modern sporting rifle from Bushmaster.

The bottom line is that aftermarket mags from the same company that made your gun is always nice. Even if you don’t own a Bushmaster rifle, this makes for a great, durable mag for any modern sporting rifle for hunting or use in restrictive states.

You would like this if:

  • You want a stainless steel single stack follower that gives you smooth feeding and excellent reliability.
  • You want a magazine that’s made of a stainless steel body and is absolutely corrosion-resistant.
  • You want a low capacity 5-round magazine that’s ideal for hunting or use in states with strict gun laws.

You might not like this if;

  • You want a larger capacity as the five-round capacity may not be ideal for all applications.


Choosing the right magazine for your .450 Bushmaster rifle is not an easy task and you need to ensure you pick one that offers a smooth transition and efficient performance on the range or in the field. However, there have been many reports where far too many magazines were found to have produced feeding problems. So, to avoid headaches and frustrations, you should use our guide on the best .450 Bushmaster magazines and list to get a powerful shot without all the common problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best 450 Bushmaster Magazine Capacity?

The best 450 Bushmaster magazine capacity would depend on the purpose of your rifle. However, the best 450 Bushmaster magazine capacity for hunting would be around 3-5 rounds but bear in mind, 7 rounds would be an option as well. Also, note that those gun enthusiasts which prefer higher capacity and live in regions where there is no legal magazine capacity restrictions then they could ideally go for 30 round 5.56.

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