Best .357 SIG Pistols Review (2022)

Best 357 SIG Pistols
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SIG Sauer P226 Legion

Most Recommended Option

1. Full-size gun
2. Lightweight
3. SIG Sauer Electro-Optics X-RAY high visibility sights
4. Added weight has aided in better recoil control and muzzle flip
5. Cerakote elite coating for the slide and frame

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Glock 31 Gen 4 .357 SIG 1. Unloaded weight of 26.1 ounces
2. Standard magazine is able to hold 15 rounds
3. Multi-purpose firearm
4. Customized barrel can fire .40 S&W rounds
5. Steel and polymer frame
9.5/10 Currently unavailable
Glock 32 Gen 4 .357 SIG 1. Compact design
2. Modular Back Strap design
3.Ddual recoil spring assembly
4. Ambidextrous magazine catch
9.0/10 Currently unavailable
Glock 33 Gen 4 .357 SIG 1. Small size
2. Easy to use
3. Great concealed carry weapon
4. Small grip frame
9.0/10 Currently unavailable
SIG Sauer P320 Compact 1. Has the most amount of customization that is available
2. Reliable pistol for defense
3. Smooth trigger pull
8.5/10 Currently unavailable

If you are looking for a good round to use for duty and protection functions, the .357 SIG cartridge is definitely the best cartridge to go for. The .357 SIG cartridge has remarkable ballistic performance when compared to other cartridges on the market. 

To be able to fire the .357 SIG cartridge, you will need a good pistol to bring out the full potential of the .357 cartridge. Before we go through the list of some of the best .357 SIG pistols, it is helpful to understand some things about the .357 SIG cartridge and what to look for when choosing the best pistols for the .357 SIG. 

Definition: The .357 SIG Pistol

The .357 SIG cartridge is one of the products of the famous manufacturer, SIG Sauer, back in the early 1990s. This round was a collaboration between SIG Sauer and Federal Premium Ammunitions or was known as Federal Cartridge. It was made to be an alternative to the .357 Magnum round but the time that it was released was not the best time even though the .357 SIG cartridge performed better than the .40 S&W and 9mm. 

How good is a .357 SIG Gun?

The .357 SIG cartridge does deliver some exceptional ballistics, but some may wonder just how good it is and we are going to take a dive into it. The muzzle velocity of a round of 125-grain .357 SIG is able to reach up to 1475 feet per second. As for the muzzle energy of a 125-grain .357 SIG bullet, it can reach up to 620 foot-pounds of energy.

The muzzle velocity and energy that is recorded is consistent throughout standard chamber pressure and a 4-inch barrel. When in comparison with the .357 Magnum revolver with a 4-inch barrel, the performance of the .357 SIG is on par. If you were to compare the power of a 9mm round or a .40S&W round to a .357 SIG round, the .357 SIG round with its 4-inch barrel is significantly more powerful. 

Let’s Be Real: The Disadvantages of .357 SIG Pistol

While the .357 SIG cartridge can achieve a good velocity of up to 1475 feet per second, there are still a number of drawbacks of this cartridge when compared to other common cartridges like the .40 S&W, 9mm and .45 ACP. 

Firstly, due to the high chamber pressure of 40,000 psi, the wear and tear of your pistol are very high. Both .40 S&W and the 9mm round, and also the .45 ACP has a significantly lower chamber pressure that causes less wear on your pistol. Another disadvantage of the .357 SIG  cartridge is the price of it. Besides,  unlike .45 ACP with a smaller round and obviously, you can’t easily find it at the store shelves of a gun store, you will have to pay much more to access this handgun round. 

Important Factors of The Best .357 SIG Pistol Options

In order for you to be able to pick the right pistols, there are some things that you need to look out for when browsing through some of the best pistols on the market. Here are the things to look for in a .357 SIG pistol. 


The most important criteria when looking for .357 SIG pistols is that it has to be able to handle the .357 SIG ammunition. If the guns are not made for this caliber then it’s not really a .357 SIG pistol. Not all guns are made for this type of ammunition and it is very likely that guns that are made for other types of ammunition cannot handle the .357 SIG ammunition. 

Because of the differences in design by different manufacturers, not all the guns are able to handle the pressure that is required to fire this round. On the bright side, .357 SIG pistols have barrels that can be customized to handle other types of ammunition. 


Using different ammunition will change the size of magazines and the impact of that is the change in the capacity of your pistol. How many rounds a person would like to have in their pistol is a personal preference, there is no good or bad capacity for your mag so it will have to depend on what application you are using it for. 

Having a higher capacity means you can fire off more rounds and can give you more oomph when firing at the range and can also give you the confidence knowing that there are many rounds in your pistol. The trade-off of having more ammo is the weight of the pistol will be increased so make sure you find a good balance. 

Accessories Availability

The availability of parts for guns is also an important factor in deciding whether it is a pistol that is worth your money. Some things that you should take into consideration is how easily you can gather parts like a different length of the barrel or barrels that can handle different ammunition. If you are unable to get the accessories that you want easily, then you should go for other options. 

Size and Weight

The overall size and weight of pistols can affect comfort when you are using it. An unloaded pistol and a fully loaded one can give you a different feeling when you hold it. Which is why it is important to have guns that you can hold comfortably in your hand and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable after using it. The size and weight of pistols is also an important factor, especially if you are planning to use it as a concealed carry.

Trigger Pull

The final thing that you should keep an eye out for is the trigger pull of the pistol. Even if you have just bought it, you will still need some time to get used to it. A good way of making sure that the trigger is the right for you is to just test it out before buying it. Some may prefer a lighter pull while some may want the pull weight to be on the heavier end. 

Top Selections: The Best .357 SIG Pistol

Now that you have a better understanding of the round of 125-grain .357 SIG, let’s go through the list of the best .357 SIG pistols on the market.

1. Glock 31 Gen 4 .357 SIG


This model of Glock is one of the best pistols on the market that is not only lightweight but also has a big magazine capacity. With an unloaded weight of 26.1 ounces, many people find this pistol to be very manageable and comfortable. The standard magazine is able to hold 15 rounds of .357 SIG which is enough for whatever purpose you intend to use the gun for.

Other than being able to fire 15 rounds of .357 SIG making it good for different situations, the customizability of the gun also makes it a great option for people that are using it as a multi-purpose firearm. Just like other SIG pistols, this gun is great for home and self-defense as well as bringing it to the shooting range and firing the .357 SIG round with some friends.

This pistol also has the ability to fire .40 S&W rounds because the barrel can be customized to shoot .40 S&W rounds, making it a good choice for law enforcement and military use. This pistol has a steel and polymer frame that employs Gen 4 cutting edge rough textured technology making it as durable as possible. 

One of the reasons that this is the best .357 SIG pistol is the long sight radius that gives a good shooting experience all the time. In order for this .357 SIG gun to function even after a long time, a dual recoil spring assembly is used on the inside of this .357 SIG pistol to make sure it lasts for a long time. 

If you are hoping to mount some accessories, you can definitely do it with this pistol. It comes with a Glock accessory rail that allows shooters to mount accessories that can potentially improve the performance of the gun. 

Bottom Line

Glock has a reputation of offering the best reliability of their guns and is the reason why many law enforcement agencies and military uses this gun. Apart from that, Glock 31 offers the best capacity of 15 .357 SIG rounds which is great for firing some .357 SIG at the gun range. With little to no drawbacks, the compact design and the remarkable grip makes this a good alternative to the P226 pistol.


  • High standard capacity
  • Polymer-framed so it is lightweight 
  • Can be customized to shoot .40 S&W rounds 
  • Has a built-in rail
  • Offered at an affordable price


  • Doesn’t help with recoil and muzzle flip from a .357 SIG using polymer for the frame

2. Glock 32 Gen 4 .357 SIG


If you were to compare the Glock 32 with other .357 SIG on the market, this model is made to be a compromise between capacity and carry size or weight. This is the best .357 SIG pistol to use if you are looking for something with a compact design and to be used as a concealed carry gun. Since it has a compact size, fitting it into holsters won’t be an issue. 

For shooters out there that are looking for grips that are fitted for their hands, this Glock 32 is able to deliver it with its Modular Back Strap design. This design allows the grip to be customized to the shooter’s hand size instantly giving the shooter a comfortable grip. Besides comfort, this pistol uses the dual recoil spring assembly that ensures the longevity of this gun which is why it has gained so much love and attention in the industry. 

One feature that is often unnoticed by many people is the ambidextrous magazine catch that this Glock 32 has. As a left-handed shooter, you will find that this is a feature that can make a difference in the overall feeling and performance when shooting. 

Just like most Glocks that you will see, this is a popular gun that you will see in law enforcement as it is a very effective .357 SIG gun. For people that are looking for a weapon for defensive purposes, this gun is a great choice too as it can stay in concealment very well. 

Bottom Line

Although the Glock 32 may have a simple and plain design, its functionality is definitely not so plain. This .357 SIG gun can be kept somewhere that no one will realise easily as it is compact and easy to carry too. Not only is it easy to conceal, but it also has great ergonomics and ambidextrous design that accommodates left-handed and right-handed users. 


  • Good customizability with the Modular Back Strap design
  • Have features that ensure its durability
  • Lighter weight than some other Glocks
  • Decently high capacity 


  • Not so easy to control recoil and muzzle flip

3. Glock 33 Gen 4 .357 SIG


There is a wide range of reviews about the Glock 33 and while some may not like how small this pistol is, some find it really nice to have. Despite the comments about the size of this .357 SIG gun, one thing that stood out the most is the power that it is able to deliver for a pistol with such small size. 

This pistol is designed to be small and easy to use and because of that, it only has a barrel length of 3.43 inches and gives an overall length of 6.42 inches only. With the short barrel, the accuracy of this pistol may take some time for users that are used to shooting longer barrels. Nevertheless, it is still a great concealed carry weapon that offers good personal protection.

This gun is one of the best options for people with small hands because it has a small grip frame and it will be easier for smaller hands to handle this gun. The small frame is also a reason why some may find it hard to use especially those that are used to holding larger frames. 

While this gun may not be the best firearm for police officers or military units, it is still a great gun to be used for concealed carry or for someone looking for a firearm to be used for personal protection. Other than that, this is also a great option for your practice sessions or as a backup firearm. 

Bottom Line

If you had a gun that has a big frame and would like to try something smaller for a change, the Glock 33 is a good place to start. This .357 SIG gun can give a feel of what it’s like to fire a small yet powerful gun and if you worry that a small gun might make it harder to hit a target, don’t worry, the sights are good enough for you to aim and hit a target with decent accuracy.


  • Good concealed carry
  • Can be used as a backup weapon
  • Decent ammo count for a small-sized gun
  • Easy to use


  • Small frame size and barrel affects accuracy
  • Not meant for users that prefer bigger grip sizes

4. SIG Sauer P226 Legion



The SIG Sauer P226 Legion is a full-size gun that you will see a lot in the law enforcement and this .357 SIG gun is considered as a high-end handgun that can cost you quite some money. Although it cost more than other .357 SIG pistols on the market, the features that you are getting from this .357 SIG handgun will be worth it. 

This handgun is made by SIG Sauer, a company that pays attention to detail and finishing of the duty pistols just like the details of this handgun. Since this .357 SIG handgun is made to be a duty weapon, the weight of it has to be kept at a minimum to make it easy to use and carry around by a police officer. This handgun weighs in at 34 ounces only which is fairly lightweight for a full-size pistol and is lighter than some other full-size pistols on the market. 

Maybe not everyone will find the sights that are included to be helpful but most owners of this .357 SIG handgun really appreciates the SIG Sauer Electro-Optics X-RAY high visibility sights. These sights are able to help improve the accuracy of your shots regardless of the lighting conditions and can enhance the overall performance of your gun. 

Even though this .357 SIG handgun is heavier than some polymer firearms, that additional weight has aided in better recoil control and muzzle flip. One of the minor downsides of this gun is the long reset time, but it is not a major factor that causes people to not buy it. 

When it comes to the build and finish of this .357 SIG gun, many other .357 SIG pistols are not able to match it. The use of cerakote elite coating for the slide and frame has given this pistol the toughness and durability that you are looking for in a good pistol. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for high versatility firearms, this SIG Sauer .357 SIG gun is an ideal choice. The result of high-quality build and finish is the popularity it has gained in secret service agencies and police departments. This means that functionality and reliability won’t be a problem that you need to worry about. 


  • High-visibility day/night sights
  • Chambers different rounds and has an average 12-round capacity
  • Double-action semi-automatic pistol
  • Used by military, law enforcement and some secret service agencies
  • High quality and durable finishing


  • More expensive than some .357 SIG pistols
  • Hard to conceal


5. SIG Sauer P320 Compact


Out of the list of .357 SIG pistols, the SIG Sauer P320 Compact has the most amount of customization that is available. Before buying this pistol, buyers should understand that there are some customization kits that contain specifications that you are looking for on the market. These kits can sometimes cost less than the pistol itself so buyers should take note of this before making a purchase. 

About the customizability of this .357 SIG pistol, there are different modifications that can be made to the pistol such as changing the grip size and modifying the barrel. What this means is that you can have a custom pistol easily. Because of that, it makes this .357 SIG handgun the best option for many firearm enthusiasts.

Other than having good modification capabilities, this pistol is a reliable pistol for defense. Firstly, the reliability wouldn’t be much of a problem considering that this pistol is made by a trusted company, SIG Sauer. Secondly, the smooth trigger pull of this pistol makes it a good firearm for defense because it ensures that the user of this pistol can fire off a shot of .357 SIG smoothly in a state of emergency.

Bottom Line

The SIG Sauer P320 Compact is the best .357 SIG pistol for people that enjoy firing custom made guns. It also doesn’t cost too much to get customization kits and the overall build is of good quality too. Using this pistol for self-defense and range shootings will allow you to gain the most value from the pistol.  


  • Has a decent 13-round capacity
  • Great customizability
  • Doesn’t cost too much while maintaining quality
  • Good ergonomics with customization of grip sizes, barrel length and others


  • Caliber exchange kits can cost a fortune
  • Slightly high recoil

Conclusion – The Best Overall

The best .357 SIG pistol out of this list would be the Glock 32 Gen4. This Glock is one of the best pistols for the .357 SIG round as it has a good balance between the number of rounds and size or weight. It also offers decent ammo count which is one of those advantages that anyone would like to have. This model Glock is made to be durable and customizable and the benefits that you can gain from customizability is quite significant. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is .357 SIG better than 9mm?

Depends. When comparing a 9mm projectile to a .357 SIG, the 9mm rounds have more magazine capacity and lesser recoil. In comparison to .357 mag, the 9mm projectile generally produces less muzzle blast and flash compared to a .357 SIG round. However, an advantage that the .357 SIG rounds have is that it is usually 125-grain bullet that is designed to expand at higher velocities and can travel faster than a 9mm+P of similar bullet weight. 

Is the .357 SIG worth it?

If you are looking for something with more power than the 9mm, the .357 SIG will be a great pick. The .357 SIG is also a good pick if you do not want to carry a large-frame pistol around or a revolver with .357 Magnum. However, there are some drawbacks for the .357 SIG round so it’s up to you to decide if the .357 SIG is worth it or not. 

Why is .357 SIG ammo so expensive?

The. 357 SIG is a niche cartridge and delivers similar ballistics as a .357 Magnum. Unlike the .357 Magnum, the .357 SIG is like a premium cartridge that gives good ballistics in a shorter package and that is the reason why the .357 SIG ammo is so expensive. 

Is it safe to fire .357 SIG rounds out of a gun made for .40 S&W or 9mm?

Many manufacturers have addressed this question before and it is the safest to shoot guns that are made for the recommended cartridges. But that doesn’t mean you can’t shoot a .357 SIG in handguns made for .40 Smith & Wesson or 9mm, it just means that the manufacturer is not held responsible if anything were to happen. 

Luckily, there hasn’t been any cases where something bad happened from shooting a .357 SIG out of firearms made for the .40 S&W or 9mm round. However, it is still highly recommended by us and all the manufacturers to shoot the caliber that firearms are made for. 

What are the Difference Between .357 SIG and Magnum?

The .357 SIG round was designed to mimic and replace the ballistics performance of the 357 Magnum for semi automatic pistols. Hence the 357 SIG uses the same bullet sizes as a 9mm but it is in a cartridge casing that resembles the .40 caliber options. The .357 SIG has a sleek bottleneck design which allows easy load into the barrel chamber of your SIG pistol and you’d experience higher velocity.

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