Best 1911 Red Dot Mounts (2022) – Reviewed

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Red dot sights are some of the best additions you can make to your 1911. However, no red dot sight is complete without a solid mount that adds to its accuracy-enhancing properties. There are so many kinds of mounts on the market for you to choose from; how can you tell which is worth your time and investments? Let us help you settle with that with some of the best additions for 1911.

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JP Enterprises Jpoint Mount Adapter

Most Recommended Option

1. Solid construction
2. Made from quality milled pieces of metal

Sightmark Mini Shot Pistol Mount

Premium Option

1. Allows for wide field of view
2. Weatherproof

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Vector Optics Tactical Mini Red Dot Sight Pistol Mount1. Perfectly constructed for G.I. Style rear sights.
2. Made from aluminum alloy
9.5/10SHOP NOW
​Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Mini Red Dot Sight Mount1. Replacement for picatinny mount
2.. Fits Colt 1911
7.0/10Currently unavailable
Burris Mount1. User-friendly mounting
2. Fits Novak
7.0/10Currently unavailable

Benefits of Red Dot  Mounts For 1911

So, why go to the distance of mounting a red dot sight on your 1911 gun anyway? There are actually several great benefits that come with making this easy modification to your already-powerful weapon.

Faster Sight Picture Acquisition

Red dot sights allow you to exclusively focus on your target and involve much more quickly than with traditional sights, with which you will have to keep the front portion of the sight brought into line with the rear portion. With these, all you have to do is to have a look at the dot. 

Easier Long-Range Engagement 

Taking on targets long-range is a lot more stress-free with a red dot sight because you’ll be able to see where your 1911 round will best hit much more visible than with a traditional type. This can be chiefly helpful with novice shooters who are still working on their accuracy techniques. 

Better Low-Light Shooting

Shooting in low light is also a lot more stress-free with a red dot sight because it’s super easy to distinguish in dark settings. If your vision is starting to dilate, then this best benefit is even more important.

To get all of these benefits, you’ll need a great mount that will allow you to take advantage of a red dot sight without throwing off the balance of your 1911 guns.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying 1911 Red Dot Mount

Before we get into our list of favorite red dot mounts, let’s go over a few of the best important factors to consider that can help us differentiate the best mounts from all the others. 


Consider where you are going to base your best red dot sight before you start looking for a mount. There are several different kinds of mounts or positions where you can place a device, such as on the dovetail, on the slider, or on an isolated mounting system altogether. Each has its own benefits, and most people prefer one or the other based on their own experiences. 


Some mounts allow you to regulate the position of your best red dot sight after it has already been fitted. If this functionality is significant to you, then you obviously need to find a mount that lets you fiddle with the exact location of the best sight after installation. 


You will also want to find a mount that’s durable enough to take on and to endure wear and tear. A badly made mount will eventually waver and your best sight will go with it. Get something long-lasting, even if it costs a bit more out of your budget range. 


Most mounts are best made from some kind of polymer material. This is all right, but mounts made from more durable materials are often a great option because they last a lot longer and can survive more pressure. Steel or aluminium alloy mounts are best choices if you’re looking at lifespan. However, these can be slightly more problematic to properly install. 

The Best 1911 Red Dot Mounts – Case Review

Now we can take a look at some of our favorite red dot mounts that are all perfect (as of this writing) for combining with the best red dot sight.

1. Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Mini Red Dot Sight Mount

​Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Mini Red Dot Sight MountFor a leading tier mount that will not also break your bank, consider the Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Mini Red Dot Sight Mount. If it’s really a best standard Colt 1911 frame, which is super common among 1911 users. 

If you don’t have a perfect Colt frame, it’s still adaptable enough to function with a lot of other typical 1911 frames. This optics frame can conveniently replace a standard Picatinny Rail Mount models that can usually come with the best red dot sights. 

It’s made from extremely high-quality material and, as soon as it is attached, is extremely safe and firm so that you can be self-assured in its consistency no matter how many optics shots you take. The optics mount is very stable, which will assist with the general optics accuracy you receive pros. 

It’s adjustable too, although there isn’t a lock for the finger switch pros. That means you will have to be careful not to accidentally unlatch the mount while you’re in the middle of a shooting situation. A warranty for your whole life is included with the purchase, and since the asking price is so great, there’s a lot of value packed into the product. 

It’s stable, standard, as it is versatile. It’s the ideal mount for red dot sights for nearly every 1911 user idea. This adjustable mount is stress-free to install and is very secure once it’s settled. It’s made from high-quality materials pros money options and is super affordable for virtually every 1911 shooter handgun battery option. 

2. JP Enterprises Jpoint Mount Adapter


The JP Enterprises Jpoint Mount Adapter mount is another pretty good choice, although it’s a little more expensive than our other leading suggestion. With that being said, there’s a lot of value in the acquisition that’s resultant from the overall durability of this mount. In terms of total lifespan, this is one of the longest battery lasting mounts you will ever find. 

This Novak-fitting mount does need the rear sights to be expurgated from your 1911 red dot battery before it can be fully installed. Since this needs a little more machining than other mount installations, there’s a slightly higher fence to entry for using this mount. If you can handle the cut, however, you’ll find the mount is really steady and stable and is potentially even more safe choice than the one we choose as the best overall. 

The screws here are a little bit long, so be careful when installing and be conscious that you may need to machine the screws down just a notch to make it fit your particular model of 1911. This is another high-quality red dot mount that can be conveniently installed, provided that your 1911 red dot frame is the right size for screws. You will have to eradicate the rear sight, but if you can manage this you’ll be satisfied with a very durable battery, very stable sights mounting system.



3. Burris Mount

Burris MountThe Burris 410322 Mount is another Novak style red dot mount. It is adjustable too, and is a little bit raised compared to a lot of the flat models that you currently see on the market battery. This elevated style may be what you like, although getting used to the new location of the red dot will certainly take some adjusting. 

The mount is super steady even if you are firing really quickly, speaking to its overall security as soon as it’s been properly installed. Mounting it, in general, is super quick and adjusting its position doesn’t take too much effort at all. However, you will need to be careful that they do not accidentally adjust in the heat of the moment. Although this is likely not a problem that many 1911 red reflex sight gun shooters may run into clarity batteries. 

This mount is a little bit more on the more expensive side, however it’s a great choice if you’re after complete quality and aren’t too worried with the asking price. It’s manufactured by Burris, so you know that you’re getting excellent quality and great quality for your money. This can be paired with a Burris red dot sight for an even more definite quality. 

This is an adjustable sight that’s boundless for maintaining accuracy through long periods of continued fire which secures itself to your 1911 very firmly. Adjusting it is extremely easy despite its security and it’s made of high-quality materials.

4. Sightmark Mini Shot Pistol Mount

Sightmark Mini Shot Pistol Mount


Here, we have a more exclusive sight that’s made from aluminium alloy, which is both lighter and stronger than many of the standard materials red dot mounts are usually made of. The Sightmark Mini Shot Pistol Mount is made to fit a standard Colt 1911 design and is shockproof and weatherproof. 

These are great qualities to have on because it means that you can use this mount with your 1911 for many years to come without having to worry about its durability and reliability. No matter the intemperate weather, you can be rest assured that your mount is not going to weaken anytime soon and take your red dot sight with it. 

Even better is that it’s shaped specifically to meet the expense of yours with a wide field of view to assist with the accuracy, The accuracy benefits that are already implemented by your red dot sight. Put it together and you’ll see great accuracy improvement right away. 

One minor error it does have is that the screws tend to be a bit long no matter what frame you choose to use. This means you’ll quite likely have to trim down the screw length manually. However, if this isn’t a deal breaker, this is one of the best sights you can get your hands on yet, especially since it’s so affordable. 

This sight is a lightweight model made from aluminium alloy that is still rough enough to be both weatherproof and shockproof. It’s made for standard Colt designs and offers an enormously wide field of view.



5. Vector Optics Tactical Mini Red Dot Sight Pistol Mount

Vector Optics Tactical Mini Red Dot Sight Pistol Mount


Last but not least, let’s have a look at the Vector Optics Tactical Mini Red Dot Sight Pistol Mount. This is also made with an aluminium alloy, which imbues the mount with extra strength and durability yet is lighter weight than most usual mounting materials. This can help with overall balance and accuracy when using your 1911, especially if you’re used to a specific weight or feel for the firearm. 

It was designed specifically for use with mini red dot sights, however you can use larger versions as well. This is provided that they are not so large as to overpower the mount. Since most mounts aren’t made for smaller-sized sights, this can be predominantly helpful if you have a small sight you by this time want to use. 

The mount is tremendously durable and built to last through thousands of shots. Even with all of these exceptional qualities, it looks amazing. It has a great black matte finish that can easily fit with the military visual that a lot of people like to emulate with their personal 1911s. 

The only real issue is that it can only be used entirely with the G.I. style rear sight. This, along with the fact that it is sized for miniature red dot sights, radically limits the number of people who can make use of its great functionality. 

This smaller mount is made to last with excellent materials and has an appreciable black matte aesthetics that can combine with many military-style firearms. It’s made from an aluminium alloy that allows it to retain durability without adding way too much weight.



With all of this information on here, you should be all set to mount your red dot sight and take it to the shooting range. With the augmented accuracy available to you thanks to the newly acquired sight, you should have no trouble breaking your previous marksmanship records. Have fun out on the shooting range! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should you choose a red dot sight? 

When you imagine buying a reflex sight or red dot you probably think about mounting it to a rifle. The rise of the AR 15 brought a whole generation of improvements in the red dot industry.  Red dots have rapidly pushed traditional iron sights out of the way.  Thanks to their flexibility and ease of use red dot sights have become a must have addition. 

Throughout the years technological progressions have made red dots a lot smaller.  Modern manufacturers are packing a lot of tech into more solid packages. As a result, more manufacturers are providing affordable choices for pistols. Initially red dots are only used on hunting pistols, however they are later on quickly adopted by competitive shooters.  Red dots don’t really add a lot of bulk, and significantly increase shot placement. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a red dot sight: 

  • Faster Sight Picture Acquisition – With traditional sights, you will have to focus on keeping the front sight aligned with the rear. With a red dot, you only have to focus on your target. Without having to align sights you will be able to quickly engage your targets. 
  • Easy Long Range Engagement – Perfecting long range target shooting takes a lot of hard work and rehearsal. With a low MOA red dot you’ll be able to meaningfully extend your target range. Red dots won’t fix bad techniques, however it will work as a crutch for the inexperienced. 
  • Helps With Poor Eyesight – As you grow older, your eyesight will most likely get worse.  It gets a lot harder for you to focus on close up objects like front sights. With a red dot, you can focus on the target and align the red dots reticule. 
  • Increased Awareness – There’s a very good reason why competition shooters all have red dots on their pistols. As a shooter, it will be a good thing if you don’t have to move focus between every target. With a red dot, you don’t have to unceasingly focus your sights through multiple targets.

Can you get red dot mounts for pistols?

Yes of course, it is even advisable to get dot mount as it’d increase accuracy and precision of your shots with proper training and technique. You’d manually install dot mount onto your pistols, but gunsmithing skills is the most ideal for ease of installation.

Is pistol sight mount red dot worth getting?

Yes, but it is not necessary if you’ve a tight budget. Regardless, 1911 red dot sight are excellent for competitive purposes and military applications. These 1911 red dot sights are designed to provide highest accuracy and precision of your shots because it helps you to aim better with the presence of the red dot.

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