Best 1911 Grips in 2022 – Rated & Reviewed

Best 1911 Grips

1911 pistols have been a long-time favorite among gun enthusiasts and shooters thanks to their attractive classic design. However, what makes them even more popular is the fact that their grips can be changed out to suit anyone’s taste and personality

Aside from aesthetics, the best 1911 grips will even make a dramatic difference in aiming, firing, and hitting your targets. Hence, it is important to be careful when picking out the perfect pistol grip for your 1911. The grip should fit in your hand nicely such that it seems and feels like the gun was designed and manufactured to suit you personally.

This can be done by making sure the 1911 grip fits your hand perfectly - not too small or too big for your hand. This is critical as it could impact the performance and accuracy of your gun. If you are looking for other parts, click here.

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Crimson Trace Front Activation Green Laser Grips

Most Recommended Option

1. Comes with bright green laser
2. Highly durable material
3. Easily adjustable

Recover Tactical 1911 Grip & Rail System

Premium Option

1. Easy to install
2. Durable polymer construction
3. Easy accessory attachment

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Pachmayr American Legend Grips1. Wood and rubber hybrid
2. Provides great control and comfort
3. Wrap-around design
9.5/10SHOP NOW
Magpul Industries 1911 Magazine Release Cut Out Grip Panels1. Made from heavy-duty reinforced polymer
2. MOE 1911 grips
3. Features unique diamond shape patterns
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Pearce Grips1. Affordable
2. Features finger grooves
3. Checkered pattern
8.5/10SHOP NOW
VZ Grips Operator II Standard Full Gun Grip1. Made from highly durable G10
2. Available in different designs
3. Features dynamic golf ball patterns
8.5/10Currently unavailable
LOK Grips Spec OPS 1911 Grips1. Lightweight material
2. Variosu color options
3. Good recoil management
7.0/10Currently unavailable

Types of Grips

There are different variants of grips available for purchase on the market, it is best to understand the types to know which would be more fitting for you. Some common grip styles you may come across include the following:

Wood Grips

These would make a great option for those who love the conventional military detail on their 1911 pistol, especially with the classic diamond pattern on top of the wooden material. These grips are usually thinner, making it ideal for those with small to medium-sized hands. Wood 1911 grips are also best for engraving or etching personal marks than any other style. Other major advantages of wood grips include a traditional classy look and feel on top of a professional quality.

Tactical 1911 Grips

You can easily find various tactical 1911 grips in different grip textures available at relatively low prices. They come in either textured or non-textured style to serve different purposes. Non-textured grip options provide better comfort while textured grips improve grip and handling of the gun. These highly durable grips are perfect for those looking for an everyday carry or concealed carry purpose with their 1911 pistol.

Rubber Grips

You can’t find anything more reliable than 1911 rubber grips if you’re after performance and durability. The rubber grips also provide ease of use and high-quality to help a shooter maintain a strong hold. The fact is that the rubber grips work excellently to resist slippage, making them ideal for use even during extreme weather conditions. Although rubber grips do not come with added value features you’d commonly find in fancy grip styles, these are a solid accessory for frequent shooters. So, if you shoot more frequently than usual, you will be more than happy to find that these grips are durable, affordable, and excellent.

Simulated Ivory Grips

If you happen to have blued guns, then simulated ivory grips may be the best fit for you. Although these grips are rather expensive, they are well-known for their durability and strength. So, if you are someone that plans on using the same 1911 gun for years to come, then the simulated ivory grips should be the one you get simply for their ability to resist wear and warping.

Decorative Grips

Others who prefer something good-looking and appealing should consider getting decorative grips. These grips come in various unique designs and materials such as aluminum, etched, pearls, and more. Their unique look, showpiece status, and appealing style are what make these grips interesting as it lets any owner reflect their own individual personality.

How to Choose the Best Grips for 1911?


This is one of those things that you should hold to a high standard. You should feel comfortable with your gun even after you’ve blasted 10 to 20 rounds at a go. If it feels good, you’ll be able to fire as many rounds as you want for the day.


If you happen to have sweaty or clammy hands, then you should get grips with aggressive texturing and checkering to prevent the gun from slipping out of your hand.


Aesthetics matter to most gun owners and could make a huge difference in picking the best 1911 grips for you. A classic look with dark wooden grips would do nicely for blued guns while black rubber or plastic grips may be worth considering for stainless steel guns.

The Best 1911 Grips Review = Evaluated

If you’re on the hunt for the best 1911 grips for your pistol, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the top picks for you to purchase now.

1. VZ Grips Operator II Standard Full Gun Grip

VZ Grips is one of the most popular companies for manufacturing grips for Colt 1911, Springfield EMP, CZ 75, Browning Hi-Power, Beretta 92, Colt Double Eagle, and more! The Florida-based company has even ventured into producing specialty products. What really boosted our confidence in the fact that the owner of VZ Grips is a shooting enthusiast and an active member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), which leads us to believe that the company’s 1911 grips can deliver their claims and meet customer expectations.

VZ Grips understands the importance of customizability and that’s why their 1911 grips come in twenty-five different designs for customers to choose from, some of which include: Aztecs, Slants, Elite Tactical Carry Grips, Hex, Micarta, Carbon Fiber, FRAG Grips, Specialty, VZ Recons, Smooth, Operators, and Operators II.

The Operator II Standard Full-Sized 1911 grips come in the same design as the Operators with a slight change in the fact that it has a dynamic golf ball pattern next to the front strap instead of the large checkering pattern. You can opt to buy the Operator II 1911 Full-Size VZ grips in G10, carbon fiber, or Micarta material. Additionally, the model now even comes with an added thumb recess for the easier magazine release.

The high-end tactical grip is both designed and manufactured in the United States, so you can rest assured of its high quality and durability. The Operator II Full Size 1911 grips are even designed to be highly aggressive to give you the confidence that your gun will not slide or twist while shooting. Considering their excellent functionality, we believe that the Operator II grips are a fine choice for both high-speed tactical environments and tournaments or competitions.

One thing to note is that those with softer hands may find the aggressive texture of the 1911 grips a little inconvenient. Some users have also found that the grip screws do not always stay tight, which is also another potential issue.

Nonetheless, the G10 VZ Grips Standard Full Size 1911 grips are durable and deliver all-around excellence. They even come in various colors including black, black cherry, army green, earth brown, dirty olive, green canvas, military brown, tiger stripe, predator green, and more.

You would like this if:

You want grips that are made from highly durable G10 construction.
You prefer custom grips available in different designs and colors.

You might not like this if:

You have soft hands as you may find the aggressive texture somewhat uncomfortable.

2. Magpul Industries 1911 Magazine Release Cut Out Grip Panels


Magpul Industries Corporation was established in 1999 and has had a strong presence within the industry and is popular for producing simple yet innovative and efficient firearm accessory products. While many other companies in the market are fighting to produce complicated and highly expensive products, Magpul is known for its simple and intuitive designs that are also affordable. One such product is the manufacturer’s 1911 Magazine Release Cut Out Grip Panel that is immensely efficient without sacrificing either performance or quality.

The 1911 Government Magazine Release Cut Out grips are actually part of Magpul Industries’ Magpul more affordable alternative – the Original Equipment (MOE) line of accessories for firearms. Despite the cheaper price, the accessory is anything but cheap in terms of quality. The grip side panels are made with reliable materials that have been tested for durability and safety.

The Cut Out grip side panels from Magpul are also a new and temporary take on the traditional 1911 grip design. It features a reinforced polymer construction, making these MOE 1911 grips light in weight but still strong. The cross-section takes the form of a diamond-shaped cross-section that works to prevent twisting when with the gun in hand. Furthermore, the grip also has a nice eel that does not feel too rough yet still manages to give you a nice and firm grip.

Although the grips may feel stickier than usual checkered wood grips, they are certainly not as aggressive as the other models you may find on the market. The two most vital features that make this Magpul grip model stand out from the rest are its slime design and cut out style for the magazine release. The deep cutaway is definitely something that will appeal to most shooters since it makes it easy and convenient to pop the magazine out.

The 1911 grips have a sleek overall design to fit extra large hands. However, despite the excellent gripping ability, we’ve seen several reports where users felt that the material could’ve been softer.

You would like this product if:

You like MOE 1911 grips made from heavy-duty reinforced polymer build.
You want something with a unique diamond shape pattern in order to prevent twisting.
You prefer grips with a slim profile that also allows for easy and convenient magazine changes.

You might not like this product if:

You want something with a little softer texture.



3. Pachmayr American Legend Grips


The Pachmayr brand has been taken over by the Lyman Products Corporation in 1996 and has been respected by gunsmiths, law enforcement professionals, and shooters alike. The rubber handgun grips introduced by the company in the 1960s have completely revolutionized the market and acts as the foundation of all Pachmayr’s grips today. The manufacturer’s tradition is still apparent in their American Legend 1911 grips which have become one of the best go-to models for shooting enthusiasts.

These sleek looking grips let users enjoy the best of both worlds: the conventional look and feel of wood 1911 grips with the excellent functionality of rubber 1911 grips. While the wood part offers an elegant look and styling, the rubber part ensures greater handling capability for perfect control and optimum performance. This exact combination is what makes the Pachmayr grips set excel in functionality and style compared to other models of the same category.

The American legend grips also feature an ambidextrous fit to suit both left and right shooting hand. The grip has a wrap-around design to make it easy to install and is even available in three different finishes: Charcoal Silverstone, Rosewood, and Heritage Walnut. Whether you opt for stainless, blued, or other finish of 1911 guns, the American Legend Grip is sure to enhance the looks and performance of your firearm.

All that aside, the Pachmayr grip does come with a few shortfalls. Even with an ambidextrous safety, you may find that you need to still make some modifications to the grips set to ensure they fit your gun perfectly. There are also chances for the rubber grip to wear down quickly and may even dissolve when you use solvents to clean them.

You would like this product if:

You enjoy a rubber and wood grip hybrid that has unique design combinations and a sleek look.
You want a rubber grip that provides great control and comfort.
You want a grip with a convenient wrap-around design.

You might not like this product if:

You don’t want to make modifications to your 1911 grip for a perfect fit.
You don’t want a rubber grip that can wear down quickly.



4. Pearce Grips


This is yet another well-known manufacturer that specializes in designing and supplying replacement grips for various firearms. For the 1911 pistol, the Pearce Grip model is constructed with rubber with finger groove inserts for a better grip. Included in the package is a pair of black 1911 rubber grips featuring a checkered pattern that is designed to fit under any 1911 pistol side panel grip with the addition of rubber finger grooves to provide greater levels of flexibility, comfort, and better handling.

The side portion of the Pearce 1911 grip is designed with only 1mm thickness to ensure the overall width does not differ too much, making it a great compact solution that can be used with any type of side panel grip you prefer (simulated ivory, wood, etc.). However, the panels are still thick enough in areas where you fix the screws in, meaning you won’t have to install screw bushings just to support the thin grips.

Overall, the Pearce Grips have an extremely comfortable design that makes it fun to shoot. Despite the high degree of comfort and control offered, it is worth remembering that these grips will likely require trimming, especially if your 1911 gun has an ambidextrous safety. As with other rubber grips, these may also tend to feel sticky during cleaning.

You would like this product if:

You’re shopping with a tight budget. This highly affordable rubber grip price tag makes it a great option for most budgets.
You want something that has finger grooves to offer a great level of control and comfort.

You might not like this product if:

You don’t like the sticky feeling when cleaned.
You don’t want to spend time trimming the rubber to fit your gun.



5. Crimson Trace Front Activation Green Laser Grips


Crimson Trace remains as an irrefutable industry leader when it comes to producing and selling laser sighting products. They’re so reliable that they’re been trusted by different law enforcement agencies, the United States military, sportsmen, target shooters, private security personnel, and many others.

While there are plenty of laser grips for 1911 guns on the market, what makes the Crimson Trace model unique is that the grip comes with a green laser. Green lasers are more advantageous to traditional red lasers as they have a brighter light to work well in ambient light conditions.

Other appealing factors of the green laser grip set from Crimson Trace is that installation is a complete snap. These grips fit perfectly into the gun once you’ve taken the original gun grips off. You can even activate the laser without involving any type of switches, levers, or other parts replacements.

The laser on the grip activates via a pressure switch available on the front of the grip panels that are conveniently located to make activation effortless for gun owners. If you don’t like that, the grip also comes in other versions in which the button is placed in the middle of the grip or on either sides of the panel to make activation easier for shooters with smaller hands. Another thing we love about the grips is that they’ve been designed to let you adjust the laser sight elevation and windage according to your preference.

You would like this product if:

You want a 1911 grip that has an excellent design and bright green laser for better sighting.
You like a highly durable and easily adjustable pistol grip.

You might not like this product if:

You want to use it with weapons that feature ambidextrous safety.
You have small hands.



6. Recover Tactical 1911 Grip & Rail System


If you have been searching for the best 1911 grips for a long time now, then you may have likely come across the Recover Tactical Grip and Rail System. Despite the cheap price, the CC3 H 1911 tactical grip and rail system is a surprisingly useful and strong piece of gear.

The Recover Tactical grip has a simple concept behind its design. It allows the shooter to use custom 1911 side pieces to replace the grip panels with the screws you’re already using without making any changes to your gun. This non-detrimental adjustment makes it quick and easy to remove the grips from the gun.

The rigidity of the rail system on the custom 1911 grip is enhanced with the help of cross-bolt screws. The grip is made from high-grade, lightweight reinforced polymer materials to resist all kinds of damage without breaking. This also makes it easier for you to install the system without making permanent changes to your 1911 gun. On top of that, the aftermarket grips even come with a lifetime warranty to cover any defects.

You would like this product if:

You want something that’s easy to install and provides great comfort.
You want a durable polymer construction.
You want custom grips with excellent design to enhance control.

You might not like this product if:

You don’t want to have to make adjustments for the perfect fit.



7. LOK Grips Spec OPS 1911 Grips

LOK Grips is a fairly new brand in the firearm industry considering it’s only established in 2014. No matter what variation of the 1911 gun you have, you’re sure to be able to find a suitable 1911 grip model from LOK Grips. Some of their famous grip varieties include Classics, Mayhem Ridgebacks, Semis, Specialty, and Bogies.

The Spec Ops Custom 1911 grip panels have golf ball patterns on the front surface with slanted ridges at the back. This unique design provides excellent grip while also making recoil management easier.

Just by the looks of it, any shooter might feel like they’re too aggressive, but once you hold them in your hands, you’ll find that they’re actually very comfortable to use. The LOK Grips even offer shooters the option to choose different specifications to customize their grips to suit individual needs. After you’ve chosen the preferred texture and style, the company then lets you move on to choose specs such as Ambi Safety Cut, Bottom Cut, Thickness, Size, and Mag Release.

These functional, attractive grips even cost much less expensive than other similar products on the market.
Although they have very few flaws, some users did feel that the texture does not feel as aggressive as it should be. Plus, the ambidextrous safety may not be long enough for certain 1911 gun models.

You would like this if:

You want 1911 grips made from lightweight material with good texture.
You want to customize your grips in various color options.

You might not like this if:

Your 1911 gun requires a longer Ambi safety.


Although there are plenty of 1911 grips available on there, finding the best 1911 grips doesn’t always have to be a struggle. All you need to know is the size of your hands as well as the intent and purpose of your 1911 gun. If you happen to see one or two that you like, it is best to figure out which one you might want the most and why. It may all boil down to one unique feature or a priority that will help you make the final decision for the best 1911 grips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Grips For Kimber 1911?

I’d recommend the Kimber Rosewood which has a diamond cut texture and offers better grip and allowing you feel more control when using your shotgun. Of course, even the best grips are subject to the natural wear and tear so do change it over from time to time to ensure the best shooting experience.

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