Best 1911 Compensators (2022) – Reviewed

Best 1911 Compensators

If you are looking for tools to upgrade your 1911, a compensator is one of the best attachments you could be giving to your pistol. In this article, we will be putting together a list of the top ones in our opinion. These will serve to enhance your pistols and ultimately your shooting experience through greater accuracy, reduce recoil and reduced muzzle rise. 

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Wilson Combat Full Size Multi-Comp Bushing Compensator

Most Recommended Option

1. Pairs well with government style frame and barrel
2. Great recoil control
3. Easy installation

Tactical Precision Manufacturing 22 Cal 1/2X28 TPI Titanium Muzzle Brake

Premium Option

1. Titanium construction
2. Affordable
3. Easy to install

9.5/10SHOP NOW
EGW 1911 Hybrid Titanium Compensator

Premium Option

1. Strong titanium construction
2. Many exhaust ports
3.  Aesthethically pleasing

8.5/10SHOP NOW
Clark Custom 1911 Drop-in Compensator Kit1. Simple installation
2. Improve accuracy
3. Good for target practice and competition
8.0/10SHOP NOW
Punisher Muzzle Brake (Government Size)1. Strong construction
2. Quick installation
3. Affordable
7.5/10Currently unavailable

1911 Compensator Review : The Introduction 

A compensator can be attached to the end of your 1911. This will benefit the user by enhancing your overall firearm experience.

Upon firing your firearm, what happens is that there will be a gas explosion and the end which leads to the muzzle and barrel kicking upwards. The negative effect of this is that the accuracy of your shot will very likely be impacted.

With the use of a compensator, the gas will be redirected outwards or downwards of the barrel. This will lead to a more even spread of recoil, as well as reduction in vigorous upward kick of barrel. As a result, the precision of shooting will be enhanced. Therefore, investing into compensators will be an investment to improve precision and accuracy.

However, you may want to know that this will not reduce recoil directly but rather strategically redirects it in another direction. The main purpose of compensators are essentially the reduction of muzzle rise and the improvement of linear movement, while mitigation of recoil will be the indirect benefit.

One thing to take note of is to be careful not to place your hand too near the barrel of the 1911 as you may suffer burns if your hand is too close to the source of emission. After all, the energy is being directed away from the front of the pistol.

In terms of installation of the compensator, this can be done by yourself if you have the skills to do so and if the model has an easy installation process. Another option is that you can get a professional gunsmith to install it for you in order to obtain the best results. While relying on a gunsmith would take up your time and money, their expertise can lead to a better fit.

What To Consider When Buying 1911 Pistol Compensators?

When it comes to choosing the best 1911 compensators for your pistols, there are some factors you should consider before making your choice. This is so that you do not choose one being uninformed of the important considerations to be made. These important factors are: weight, type and thread.


This is an important factor to consider because the weight will affect the vertical recoil when firing. Compensators that are heavier will help with the reduction of vertical recoil. Hence, it is good to pick a compensator for 1911 that’s of good weight, yet not too much that will affect your shooting performance when you use it.

Types – Traditional vs 1911 Bushing Compensator 

The two types of compensators are the traditional and bushing compensator. The difference is that traditional compensators attach to the barrel, while the bushing type replaces the barrel and attaches to the slide.

Traditional compensators tend to be favoured by many 1911 users because they extend the barrel length and can also be threaded. Furthermore, it provides added weight and balance which provides ease of use when handling the 1911.

However, bushing compensators offers its own advantages too such as a sleeker appearance and cheaper price. The bushing compensator differs from one to another by design and features. Some bushing compensators can even come with chambers and baffles like that of a traditional design to help to trap gas. But overall, bushing compensators are known to have slightly effectiveness in terms of recoil management.


1911 enthusiasts typically opt for threaded compensators. This is because a threaded compensator can further extend the accuracy of shots. This usually comes with traditional compensators which have threads that spin around as it leaves the barrel.

Ease of Installation

Generally, compensators are relatively easy to install but some 1911 compensator requires gunsmithing skills. Gunsmithing skills would require some time and resources but the outcome is more promising and lasting as compared to doing it manually. However, the option to engage a gunsmith is solely your personal preference as some gun owners prefer to do it by themselves.

The 5 Best 1911 Compensator – Reviewed

We have put together a list of the 5 best 1911 compensators to help in your search for the best compensator for your 1911!

1. Wilson Combat Full Size Multi-Comp Bushing Compensator



  • Pairs well with government style frame and barrel
  • Great recoil control
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable


  • Fitting must be done carefully

The Wilson Combat multi-comp compensator has received a lot of great customer reviews on its performance. Buyers have been impressed with the positive impact on the muzzle jump that this compensator brings. Everyone seems to be pleased with it and we have not heard any negative reviews and everything seems to be good about it so far.

The installation of this compensator for the 1911 pistol is also really easy which will not require you to go to a gunsmith. This will save you the time and money. Do take note that the fit should be done carefully with a rod to ensure that everything is aligned. However, some minor fitting may be necessary if you are not using a government length frame or barrel but it will be done in no time.

Besides, this multi-comp compensator is machined to fit the calibers of any government length barrel. Hence, it is known to be a great addition to any government style 1911 that you may have. It is also a good tool to pair especially in terms of aesthetics and appearance.

In addition to aesthetics, this piece by Wilson Combat has great functionality for recoil control. This is impressive for a bushing type compensator. The multi-comp compensator has as many as 7 exhaust ports for maximum recoil suppression. This releases as much recoil energy as possible, allowing for the maintenance of slim appearance and yet it offers good reduction of recoil.

This compensator is also a good fit for pretty much every 1911 model, with its full length two piece guide rod. It is also fairly priced, a good pick for a buyer on a budget.

Bottom Line

The Wilson Combat full multi-comp compensator is really something special. For a bushing type compensator, most users find it impressive. If you are a user of a government fashion 1911, this piece will be really suitable in terms of its aesthetics. Overall, a top recommendation.



2. Clark Custom 1911 Drop-in Compensator Kit



  • Simple installation
  • Improves accuracy and reduces recoil
  • Good for target practice and competitions


  • Little pricey

The Clark Custom Drop-in compensator kit is a combo which offers both compensator and barrel. The compensator is a bushing type, a pre-fit for the barrel. Hence, it is useful for those who want to put together their own custom 1911 and need these two pieces to finish their build, saving them the trouble from buying the two pieces separately.

However, this does mean that if buyers wanted to use this compensator with another barrel, they would need a minor gunsmithing to ensure the fit is well done. But overall, users only need a simple drop-in installation to use this compensator kit on their 1911 with no gunsmith required. You can get the job done in no time.

Customer reviews on this product have been positive, indicating that the barrel dropped right in with no fitting issues. They have also reviewed that the 1911 drop-in compensator is a very appropriate device for target practice as well as shooting competitions.

One of the most impressive part about the Clark custom 1911 drop-in compensator kit is probably the match-grade finish. The only downside is that it is on the pricer end of the price range. However, the quality that you enjoy makes it worth your money.

Bottom Line

This compensator kit is great for anyone looking to build their own custom 1911. It helps you to avoid any tedious installation during your home build, while also providing reduced muzzle rise, enhanced shot accuracy and faster follow-up shot.



3. EGW 1911 Hybrid Titanium Compensator



  • Strong titanium construction
  • Many exhaust ports to reduce recoil
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Little pricey

The EGW 1911 hybrid titanium compensator is among the best in terms of durability thanks to its titanium construction. Titanium is by far the best metal that can be used for a compensator. It is not only durable but also balanced, weighing a good amount without being too bulky for your 1911, providing a good fitting.

We also particularly enjoy the sharp look of this 1911 hybrid titanium compensator. But beyond just the look, the compensator is also simple to install and great in fulfilling its purpose to reduce muzzle flip and recoil.

Additionally, it has many ports which are properly aligned to maximize porting effect while also keeping the gun stable as well. The size of comp also stays in line with the barrel. This eliminates any snagging or holstering issues.

The EGW 1911 hybrid titanium compensator is a traditional compensator. Hence, it will rest at the end of the barrel and also make the weapon longer. This ultimately enhances the accuracy of the shooter at range and does a great job at reducing vertical recoil.

Furthermore, a threaded interior comes with this 1911 compensator. The effect is that this will cause the bullet fired by the shooter to spin a little longer which further improves accuracy.

According to the manufacturer, this compensator is purposefully designed for famous tournaments such as the Steel Challenge and Bianchi Cup shooting. This means that it does a good job for competitive shooting. It also performs well for hunting, self-defense and others.

Bottom Line

This 1911 hybrid titanium compensator is really suitable for competitive shooters due to the accuracy and high quality finish offered. It also has a lot of port to release the gas and energy for that purpose. Although this device is a little on the pricey side, its performance is definitely up to par and with that improvement in your weapon, this will be worthy of your money.



4. Punisher Muzzle Brake (Government Size)


  • Strong construction
  • Quick installation
  • Affordable price range


  • Not compatible with bull barrels

This Punisher device is CNC machined billet hardened as well as is constructed of Aerospace grade stainless steel. As a result, this provides greater durability and strength to the piece, allowing it to serve your 1911 for a longer time. It also comes in a few finish options. This includes stain less, black oxide, and satin pieces.

Overall, the customer reviews are positive on this piece as well. The comp is said to be a very nice and solid device. It fits perfectly and provides no hassle for removal to clean guns. Furthermore, it only takes about 3 minutes to complete installing it onto the 1911! This is very handy and makes things easy.

The comp gets the job done well too in terms of its functionality. It suppresses recoil by venting gasses and adding weight to the edge of the barrel. This also means less muzzle rise for shooting. Not only that, this piece has a sharp look to it too.

Lastly but not least, this model is the best in this list in terms of pricing! It has the most affordable price out of the other options. The only thing is that it is not compatible with bull barrels, and the length of spring plug may need to be shortened or opt for a Commander recoil spring plug.

Bottom Line

This is the best device for those who look for a good compensator for their 1911, and also looking for an affordable option within their budget. It is really cost effective while its features meet your needs of less muzzle rise and greater accuracy of shots.

5. Tactical Precision Manufacturing 22 Cal 1/2X28 TPI Titanium Muzzle Brake



  • Titanium construction
  • Affordable price range
  • Easy to install


  • None

The compensator is the perfect addition to any semi or full auto weapon with a top port placed in conjunction to the side ports. The spiral ports along with the parabolic internal taper is designed to reduce recoil while not making it too loud as well.

Furthermore, the high-grade titanium construction provides the compensator with durability. Yet, it is not too heavy that it should affect the accuracy of shooting negatively. On the contrary, accuracy is enhanced through its features.

This is the second most affordable option on the list, obtainable at a good price. It is a purchase that has great value for money because titanium is a top metal that can be used for a compensator.

It is also easy to install, not requiring a lot of time and effort. Hence, it can be set up in no time by most people without needing a hand from a gunsmith. So far we find no issues using this tool as it is pretty effective overall.

Bottom Line

This is a simple yet effective piece by Tactical Precision compared to some other ones in the market. It is suitable for everyone looking for a good compensator with titanium finish to enhance shot accuracy and yet at a budget price.



Final Thoughts

Overall, we highly recommend considering a compensator to enhance the performance of your 1911. You will find the accuracy and speed of shots improved as compared to without a compensator. We hope that our review of the best 1911 compensators have helped you in your comparison between the different pieces in the market and hopefully helped your decision making.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the difference between a compensator and a muzzle brake?

A muzzle brake is also often referred to as a compensator. It is connected to the edge of the barrel which reroutes the expelled gases to essentially combat muzzle rise, linear movement and recoil. The compensator is much like the brake. The difference is that the primary goal of the brake is to reduce recoil, while the primary goal of the compensator is the reduction of muzzle rise and the secondary goal to mitigate recoil.

Are all compensators the same?

No, not all compensators are the same. Compensators can vary depending on their material, weight, and even where the gas outlets are located. Two types of compensator are the traditional and bushing types. The former attaches to the barrel and thus extends the overall length of the pistol, while the latter will fit over the barrel and not extend its length. Some compensators have added features like threaded barrels. These will continue the threading pattern in the 1911 barrel which will enhance the accuracy of firing as the round travels through a slightly longer barrel.

Is it legal to use a compensator?

Yes, using a compensator is legal in most states. However, some gun laws do differ based on each state, so it is important for buyers to check with their state laws before going ahead to make the purchase.

Can a compensator be put on a threaded barrel?

Yes, a compensator can be placed on a threaded barrel. In most cases, you need a threaded barrel. However, some devices do not require threads to be mounted.

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